Nicolaas van Buskirk

Basic Info:

Player: Fae

Position: Giant Hunter

Demeanor: Generally good-tempered and nice once you get to know him, though his size might make him seem uncharacteristically intimidating at first glance. A jolly old warrior. Makes for a good drinking buddy. If you do manage to tick him off, he'll generally get kind of quiet and intense. Unfamiliar with certain aspects of our Earth's culture.

Nature: Nicolaas' will has been strengthened over the decades through combat, though the nature of his missions spared him from many of the horrors associated with full-scale war. He has a strong sense of duty and loyalty. Cares about his coworkers, and even some of those under their guard. Places great value in a personal sense of responsibility, both in himself and in those around him.

Description: A speck over six feet and very widely built. Has some fat built up around his belly and arms, under which is a layer of firm muscle. Long and bushy grey hair and beard. Icy blue eyes. Has some tattoos across his arms, marking his different victories.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 6
  • Melee: 5 (2+3)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Engineering: 4
  • Medical: 3
  • Giant Hunter: 3. Nicolaas made his living as a hunter of vicious giants and trolls. As such, he has become quite skilled at attacking foes vastly outside his own weight category, whether through finding their weak points or by advanced weaponry. Bonus when attacking giant-sized enemies.
  • Nicolaas the Brave: 3. Fighting giants requires a certain amount of mental fortitude in the face of danger and uneven odds. Bonus to rolls against fear and pain.
  • Colossus Climber: 3. Climbing is an essential skill to hunting giants, whether to scale the beings themselves, or to climb into a more tactical position to make your strike. Bonus to climbing, scaling, and leaping.
  • Armorer: 3. Over the course of his career, Nicolaas has had to craft a variety of unique weapons to help him overcome his foe, from swords to axes to guns. Since joining the Foundation, he has received some training in more modern weaponry. Bonus to repairing, creating, or setting up weaponry. This bonus is +1 for modern weaponry, becoming a +3 for more archaic/magical weaponry, or weaponry that was specifically crafted by Nicolaas.


  • Light clothing. (He wasn't expecting Italy to be so warm.)
  • Good work boots.
  • Silver crucifix.
  • Reading glasses.

None yet.


Personal History:

Nicolaas was born to a postmaster father and a housewife mother in the Holland of an alternate universe. Growing up, he admired his father and apprenticed under him, along with his older brother, in the art of deliveries. However, growing up Nicolaas also felt the need to do more in service to his village and his country. And so, when he came of age, he joined the Holland Reus Verdediging Militie, dedicated to fighting rogue trolls, giants, and occasionally other nasties, as a messenger and deliveryman to their outposts.

Over time, Nicolaas was gradually moved up in ranks and duties as positions were opened, going through additional training as the positions required it. Eventually, he was given a job as one of the outpost hunters, working alone or in small squads to take down the colossī.

Meanwhile, the Foundation was working to build minor connections with some select countries in this other world. Eventually, these connections opened the way for the exchange of specialists to help the various forces on the other side, while the Foundation acquired people with experience handling certain categories of anomalies. And thus, Nicolaas found his way to Site-77.


  • English
  • Dutch


  • Nicolaas is from the same universe as Dr. Vayl.
  • Nicolaas' battle cry is "Ga rechtop staan, en antwoord!" ("Stand tall, and answer!")
  • Nicolaas enjoys gardening tulips.

XP: 5/5

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
TheArcanist's Hunting Wumpus Run +3 September 17, 2016
DSJ's Rebuilt Repurposed Run +2 January 2, 2017
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