Nesmah Tantawi

Basic Info:

Player: TheArcanist

Position: Infiltrator

Demeanor: A quiet, cold, or even angry individual with strongly-held beliefs.

Nature: Exhaustedly determined to do what she can to help people, wherever and whenever she can.

Description: Nesmah stands at 5'7", with a good deal of muscle on a small frame. She has lighter tanned skin and wears her black hair in a single braid, usually dressed in sleeveless shirts and cargo pants or similar, with a small crucifix dangling from her neck. Her skin bares various smaller scars from shrapnel, gunshot grazes, and two low-calibre bullet wounds - one in the right collarbone, another on the left side of the lower back. Now has a massive slash scar across her belly and two large former bulletholes in her chest. Her eyes are a relatively dull shade of green.


  • Physical Health: 4.5/7
  • Mental Health: 4/7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 6
  • Strength: 5
  • Melee: 5 (3+2)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Sneak: 4
  • Academics: 1
  • Engineering: 3
  • Cascading Dominance: 4. Training lets Nesmah hit hard and, more importantly, keep hitting. She gains +1 Melee against an enemy each time she hits it, to a maximum of +5.
  • Roof Rat: 3. Nesmah gains +3 to Agility checks made to climb, and also to jump over gaps or land safely from a fall.
  • Like a Thunderbolt: 3. Nesmah gains +3 to Engineering concerning the use of explosives or the construction of improvised ones.
  • Tactical Advantage: 2. When attacking an enemy from the high ground (her centre of mass above the target's head or other topmost point or higher) she gains +1 Ranged. She can instead use this bonus for +2 Melee, but doing so means dropping down on her opponent and losing the advantage.


  • US Marine Raider stiletto
  • Springfield M1903A4 scoped rifle, six spare 5-round 30-06 clips
  • Remington 870 Express shotgun, eighteen spare 12-gauge shells, six spare 12-gauge slugs
  • M1911A1 pistol, one spare 7-round box magazine
  • Small backpack
  • Sturdy flashlight
  • Radio
  • Binoculars
  • Roll of bandages
  • Small crucifix necklace


  • Sterling L2A3 submachine gun, three spare 34-round box magazines
  • PPS submachine gun, three spare 35-round box magazines
  • Several copies of the Bible with different translations/interpretations
  • Various books on ancient philosophy
  • Small collection of books and a bible from Izumi
  • Moderate weight dumbbells
  • Chin-up bar

Personal History:

Nesmah grew up in a time of great political instability as part of a minority religion in a country that, despite longing for secularism, had faith maintaining a firm grip on its governance. She was brought up as a Copt in Cairo, among many Muslim neighbours - many of whom didn't appreciate her family's odd, but not yet demonised church, and soon enough she was getting into fistfights with other students in school, at first coming home blackened and bruised, but soon learning the patterns of movement in others and building bodily strength. In practically no time at all, she became the bully and the aggressor - but this phase soon faded at chiding from her parents and punishment from teachers, and she became withdrawn instead.

As a teenager she took a personal interest in the philosophies of Christianity and its sister religions, as well as the works of the great thinkers of the past, eventually lingering on the phrase "Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy." With the political tensions brewing around her over the incompetent and vain King Farouk, Nesmah became increasingly belligerent against authority, along with some of her peers. She ran through alleys and across rooftops to vandalise property with anti-government messages and symbols, and even fought against some police officers looking to victimise the citizens they ought to protect, and ran from the gunshots of those that discovered her late-night raids.

When the revolution began in earnest in July of 1952, she fought alongside her classmates, who once viewed her with indifference or even hate, against the corrupt officials of the king, some of whom clung to his power even after he had been deposed. She was hampered by uncorrected nearsightedness and was never able to pick up skills with firearms, but swiftly became acquainted with the art of the close-quarters ambush. While others rioted, she moved along in silence to strike at those distracted by the chaos - or caused some chaos in her own right with self-taught chemistry and ingredients like various cleaning agents stolen from the rich and powerful.

And despite the successful revolt, Nesmah looked at what had been accomplished: many lives had been lost to topple this regime, yes, but the one after that didn't look much more promising. She'd become part of the endless cycle of politics, and realised that little would change for those on the ground level, such as herself. Looking at the oppression of Egypt, she decided that she could do better, and set off to the nearest parts of Europe. After a short few years of defending herself from the criminal underground that plagues Catanzaro, Italy, she was picked up by the SCP Foundation at age 22 for her skills of infiltration and knowledge of chemistry.

In late 1957 and early '58, Agent Tantawi left for specialised training before returning to Site-77 as a more effective and better-armed agent.


  • English
  • Egyptian Arabic
  • Arabic
  • Italian, but not fluently
  • Small amounts of Hebrew


Birthday on 6th of December. Has an unhealthy love of baharat, caraway, and dukkah.

XP: 10

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Slaves to the Hypnoboat 4 XP 9/8/16
Please, No Thank You 2 XP 9/10/16
Ioanna 4 XP 11/10/16
Strength +1 -10 XP 04/03/17
Тульский оружейный завод Отгрузка P 4 XP 04/07/17
An Anomalous Tip 2 XP 05/06/17
Blackshields 3 XP 05/17/17
Bonus XP for "Most Rekt" in Blackshields 1 XP 05/17/17
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