Nathan Thompson

Basic Info:

Player: RupturedAneurysm

Position: Cognitive Anomaly Specialist

Demeanor: Mostly laid back and just a bit casual, although can be slightly intimidating at times due to size. An aura of calm and relaxing seems to follow him, though not to an extreme extent. Easy to talk to, will laugh at jokes.

Nature: Attempts to be kind and fair in everything he does. Has some difficulty with deadlines. Under extreme duress, however, he may lose himself to incredible anger which he has suppressed over his entire life. Tries to keep a neutral expression, but is capable of consciously manipulating his own emotions easily.

Description: A tendency to blend into the crowd has followed Nathan around his whole life. His slouch in posture, blond hair, brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin cause him to unintentionally pass himself off as generic, despite his admittedly impressive full height of 6'3". He tries to keep his hair short and easy to manage. Ever since he was hired by the Foundation, he wears his lab coat everywhere he goes, even to sleep.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Melee: 5 (Base 3, STR +2)
  • Ranged: 3
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 4
  • Just Like The Painting: 4. Researching Anomalous Item #845 for three years personally and another three in the Foundation has bolstered his resistance to ocular perception based hazards. (+4 to MDEF when confronted with visual perception based anomalies)
  • Not Always What It Seems: 3. His line of work and area of expertise dictates Nathan must be able to never take reality at face value. Maybe that door could twist inward? Perhaps the downward stairs actually take you up? However, he does not always remember this rule like he should, and only remembers it when faced with a reason or cause to be more suspicious than normal. (+3 to PERC when given adequate reason to be overly paranoid with a situation they have been presented with.)
  • Steady Breathing 3. The ability to resist cognitive anomalies comes only with years of practice in controlling one's emotions and mental state. This has some additional perks, too - as it turns out, reducing your own stress slows your heartbeat and breathing, thus enhancing Nathan's ability to utilize ranged weapons. This emotional response is highly conditioned, though. (+3 to RNG when actively exposed to cognitive anomalies)
  • Infohazardous Dissonance 2. Normally, it's virtually impossible for Nathan to reliably lie or bluff about anything. It's part of the reason why he always gets invited to poker night, and the complete reason why he always says no. But he's found it's slightly easier to pretend you have an ace in the hole when you're the only one who knows what the hell it could be - not everybody is as well versed in cognitive jargon as he is. (+2 to BLUFF when specifically referring to cognitive-based anomalies. Negated if the one being bluffed has sufficient knowledge regarding said concept.)


  • Black-rimmed prescription glasses. When not being worn, stored in outside lab coat pocket.
  • Self authored handbook entitled, "Anomalous Mind-Affecting Entities: Beat Them At Their Own Game." Stored inside other pant packet.
  • Golf pencil and small notepad, just in case. Stored in other lab coat pocket.



  • Miscellaneous incident reports to remind him what is at stake. Stored in desk.
  • American Flag (48 stars.) Kept pinned up on wall opposite bed.
  • Viewing devices (Telescope, binoculars, goggles, etc.) for use in testing Item #AI845 and other visual-based anomalies. Stored on top of desk.

Personal History:

Born in 1929 as an only child to a middle class family in Pennsylvania, Nathan was better off than most. His high intelligence, genetic predisposition to muscle growth, and fluency in social situations made it clear that the stars were aligned for this bright young man to become hugely successful in life. Which made it all the more jarring to those around him when he completely failed. Initially high marks in school gave way to average, then middling, then failing. It was not even that he did not enjoy school - which he did - or that he did not want to be successful - again, which he did. He simply could not summon the focus and determination to actually finish these things. It was only in a stressful state he could accomplish anything of note. He just barely scraped by with his high school diploma, and his parents kicked him out of the house when he was 18. (1947) He made his home in a run-down tiny building, and worked a minimum wage job with the intention of one day regaining what he had squandered. Over the course of half a decade, he had amassed an amount of approximately two thousand dollars for his live savings. (1952) However, the course of his life changed upon going to an art gallery on a whim. Seeing how many people were clustered around a particular work, he decided to check it out. On first inspection, the painting appeared to be blank, but as his eyes scanned the work, he saw lines and colors form, almost as though the picture had been there the whole time. The picture continued to fluidly change, and Nathan felt himself more entranced by the second. However, his mind yelled at him to look around. An entire half hour had gone by since he had begun looking at the painting: the crowd clustered around the canvas were slackjawed, and some were even drooling. Although many came, none left, until the painting finally went up for auction. Nathan knew he couldn't let the work go to any person but himself, so he aggressively drove up the price until he bought it for fifteen hundred dollars - almost his entire life savings. He took it to his ruined house and painstakingly researched every aspect of it personally for three years, culminating with a successful miniature replica identical in effect (1955). These efforts eventually got him noticed by the Foundation, who made him the offer he couldn't refuse. The painting and replica have been confiscated (both designated Anomalous Item #845), and Nathan has developed a personal improved resistance to their effects. He is now being shipped overseas for work in Site-77. (1958)


  • English
  • Limited Spanish


  • Minor discomfort around insects
  • Will eat almost anything
  • Morning person
  • Still bitter about spending most of his money on the painting

XP: 0

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