Natascha Zhuravylova
Natascha before she lost her eye.

Basic Info:

Player: DiePotato

Position: Partisan Sniper/Counter-Wetwork

Demeanor: Natascha keeps it professional more often than not. Not to say she can't crack a smile, she just thinks she should act like she's in a workplace when she's in a workplace.

Nature: A woman built up by devout servitude to her country that she now sees as slightly misguided, Natascha works for the Foundation with the thinking that she hopes to return to the Soviet Union while it's still the Soviet Union. Her views on socio-politics put her more on the socialism side than the capitalism side, which she often keeps quiet in order to actually live a semi-decent life in the mostly Western Foundation. Behind that though she's someone that values fairness and is sad to see the current state of her homeland. Natascha also holds a soft spot for clever thinking and enjoys looking for things that require some wits to understand, like riddles and puzzles.

Description: Woman with overall average Slavic features about her face and in her body. There are nods here and there to her staying fit, and being a sprinter is evident in both her height which is on the lower side (5'6) and her legs being toned with a decent amount of muscle. Paler skin, moderately brown hair, and a single dark blue eye, the other having been lost due to a bullet shattering the scope of the rifle she was using years ago. She often either wears a plain eyepatch over the eye or has her hair across her face to cover it. Most days around the Site she wears plain blouses and slacks, sometimes skirts, but during missions she wears fatigues and combat gear.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 2
  • Melee: 2
  • Ranged: 5
  • Survival: 4
  • Sneak: 4
  • Engineering: 3
  • A Disarming Touch: 3. Natascha's been trained in hand-to-hand combat extensively by both experiences in war, and by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Soviet Union. One of her most favored techniques was the use of disarming because of the disadvantage it always leaves hostiles afterwards. (Functions as a counter system that only applies to humanoids using some sort of handheld weapon to attack, such as knives, handguns, or even rifles. Can only be used when in melee range. Whenever Natascha successfully passes an AGILITY check to avoid an attack from the humanoid wielding the weapon, she may roll MELEE with a +3 to roll to try and disarm. Opposing roll may be AGI in order to move faster than she can or STR in order to hang onto the weapon.)
  • Do… You Feel That?: 2. After a few years of being a part of ambushes and being ambushed herself Natascha developed a more secondary feeling for whenever these things were going to happen. She would pick up small things, such as the convenience of a path, or the feeling of being watched. (+2 to PERCEPTION towards passively spotting hidden hostiles. Not traps.)
  • Fire, Cycle, Fire: 3. Firing for a lethal shot at long ranges is difficult to do. There's always the chance small deviations due to external factors can cause the bullet to miss the heart, or even the target altogether. Additionally, when you make said first shot you usually do not have time to readjust to fire again. Natascha has remedied this by honing herself to be able to fire two rounds within extremely quick succession of each other. However the second shot is almost always worse off then the second due to recoil and other factors. (This functions as a successive Ranged roll that can be made on a target that a normal Ranged roll is being used on. It must be declared before the ORIGINAL roll is done that she intends to use this spec. If a target that is being fired upon by the ORIGINAL roll fails their AGI roll to dodge, then Natascha can roll a 4df+3 that functions as a second Ranged roll against the same target. The second roll must always be used on the same target the ORIGINAL is being used on, and it has a 3 turn/15 minute cooldown before it can be used again.)
  • Nesting: 2. The best place for a sniper to be is in a suitable nest/perch. Said perch is most usually set up in an area with a superior elevation to the place the sniper intends to be firing on, has an easy spot to set a rifle in order for it to have the best vantage point, and is discreet. Natascha with enough time and enough set up to a potential perch can be able to make even the most difficult of targets easy to hit. (Allows the use of a Base Engineering roll to set up a potential sniper's perch into a usable one. Engineering roll determines the length of time it takes for the perch to be set up, a higher roll taking less time and a lower roll taking more time. Said times can vary between a few minutes to a half-hour. When a proper perch has been set up Natascha gains a +2 to RANGED and SNEAK, for as long as she remains in the perch.)
  • Dust In The Wake: 2. Since she was a little girl running has been what Natascha is consistently good at. Running away from the mean girls around her, running away from home, running from the Germans, she was not one to slow for an easy reason. As such she's been built for it, even if she doesn't have the endurance for it. (+2 AGI to short ranged, high speed dashes. Such as re-positioning quickly to another window in a building, quickly running from an environmental hazard, and such. If used more then twice in a row, AGI rolls will be reduced by 2 points until a rest can be taken.)


  • Mosin–Nagant M91/30 PU Sniper, PU scope has been replaced with a re-engineered variant of a standard scope from a Winchester Model 70.
  • Browning Hi-Power pistol kept in a hip holster.
  • NR-40 Scout Knife kept in a webbing sheathe.
  • If she's wearing field wear:
    • Fatigues
    • Military boots
    • Webbing vest/belt containing varying compartments that hold ammunition, utility items such as a compass, and holsters/sheathes for weapons.
  • If she's wearing casual wear:
    • Blouse/shirt
    • Slacks/skirt
    • Whatever footwear
    • Holster for Browning Hi-Power and the pistol itself.
  • Cigarettes
  • Lighter
  • Hip flask
  • Hairpins
  • Eyepatch depending on the day


  • Clothing
  • Varying footwear
  • Pictures from both wartime and from her time at the Foundation
  • A shattered 3.5X PU scope placed on a mount on a wall, a German Karabiner 98k rifle with an equally shattered scope hanging underneath it.
  • TT-30 pistol with magazines
  • Dress uniform
  • Cartons of cigarettes
  • Books of riddles

Personal History:

Born April 13th, 1922 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Natascha was always mildly infatuated with the ideals that surrounded her as she was growing up. Daughter of a Red Army officer and a tailor, she saw how much good the Soviet Union could do in their time. She wanted to help her country in any way she could. She worked hard through her schooling in order to achieve higher then average marks, and also participated in athletic activities, particularly speed running. As time passed on, her mother taught her how to sew in order to work in the tailor shop she worked for in order to assist in paying bills. Natascha took to it, but thought there was some other way she could help her country other than mending tears and making uniforms. So when Poland was invaded on both sides by Nazi/Soviet forces she knew what she could do.

She went to her parents with the proposition of leaving to go fight in the war that had begun to brew in the West and they immediately told her no. She remained adamant against the idea of staying to sew while other fought and died, and her parents remained adamant against sending their daughter to go fight in a war. Eventually, she decided to run from home in the dead of night with a uniform she sewed in secret and waited until morning for the first recruitment office to open.

Natascha was denied any positions on the front lines against Germany and was instead placed in the Soviet partisan forces, being parachuted into the Nazi-occupied Ukraine. She slowly grew to be one of the more accomplished snipers in her force, at the cost of losing her eye from a showdown with a German sniper in the outskirts of Luhansk. After the war ended she was picked up by the Soviet Union's Counter-Intelligence Agency SMERSH (later dissolved with the introduction of the KGB), as anf overseer of questionable assets of the Communists who they thought might try to defect to the West. While she was fine with her orders in the beginning she slowly began to realize some of the individuals she was assigned to were sometimes mere farmers who wanted to escape the purges or war veterans who realized that the Union wasn't all that it wass cracked up to be. After awhile a few years of service she defected from the Soviet Union with the belief her country had become more of a hindrance to the people than a benefit,

Soon after defecting she was picked up by the Foundation due to minor ties to the GRU-P and inducted into Delta-5 'Stormchasers' who dealt with anomalous weather patterns as a member of their security team. On account of the need for more manpower at Site-77 however she was soon served transfer papers to PSI-7.


  • English
  • Russian


  • Loves riddles and puzzles

XP: 22

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Daed Run 3 XP 12/29/16
Birthday XP 6 XP 03/10/17
Artyom's XP 14 10/19/17
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