Muirenn Devlin
Muirenn Devlin circa 1957.
Oh, and this is her too.
Also her.
Her again.
Still her.
Guess who.

Basic Info:

Player: Fae

Position: Selkie Zoologist

Demeanor: Usually comes off as outgoing and energetic, if a bit mischievous.

Nature: Same as her demeanor. In addition, she can have a very short and harsh temper, though she tries to watch it carefully and keep it under control. Most of the time.

Description: Below average in height at 5'0". Thick, wavy black hair which reaches down to her mid back. Bright blue eyes and pale skin. Speaks with an Irish accent. Most often dressed in practical clothes, but also has some dresses for casual wear and special occasions. Carries around a large duffel bag full of animal skins and other things.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Survival: 5
  • Sneak: 3
  • Science: 3
  • Wild Soul [Anomalous]: 3. Muirenn belongs to a very old family of anomalies with deep ties to the natural world, making them capable of transforming into animals by covering themselves in the skins of those animals. Muirenn's anomaly is activated when she wraps an animal skin around herself or as much of her as the skin will cover. The following effects will occur once this condition is met.
    • In order to activate her anomaly, Muirenn must have physical contact with an animal skin.
    • Muirenn physically transforms into that type of animal.
    • Muirenn can communicate with that type of animal, at the cost of being able to speak human languages for the duration of her transformation. This communication can take the form of verbal cues, body language, pheromone, or other relevant forms of communication for that animal.
    • The effects of transforming into an animal are mostly flavor-based, but the player may request roll bonuses in certain situations where it would be realistic for that animal to have an advantage. In addition, GMs and the player can apply certain debuffs to rolls as would make sense for the form (e.g. a mouse would be significantly weaker than a human.)
    • Muirenn may retain very faint aspects from the last animal she turned into.
    • Call of the Wild [Anomalous Disadvantage]:
      • Between being caught in a net, contained, and her natural draw towards freedom in the wild, Muirenn does not like being trapped. She will begin to panic if she feels that she is cornered or trapped. If she begins panicking in this manner, she must roll Mdef with a DC of two higher than her base Mdef if she wants to avoid freaking out. If she does freak out, she will either be unable to act or will receive a -3 to her skill rolls for as long as she is panicking. (Note: this is not the fear of small spaces, it is specifically the fear of feeling trapped.)
      • Muirenn also shares a strong connection with the skins that she uses to transform. This weakness can be used to exert an extra amount of influence over her. Someone in physical possession of one of Muirenn's skins gains a +2 bonus in persuasion towards her. This bonus becomes +3 if it was the last skin she used to transform.
  • Zoology Nerd: 5. Due to her connection with animals, Muirenn has in-depth knowledge of their behavior and biology. Extends to knowledge of animals and their behavior, and caring for and treating them.
  • Circle of Life: 4. Sometimes, nature just boils down to one thing eating another thing. As such, Muirenn has learned from the animals and become adept at hunting, gathering, trapping, skinning, swimming, fishing, and other similar skills.


  • Survival knife.
  • Silver ID tags with adjustable-length chain.
  • A bag for carrying stuff.
  • Clothes.
  • Seal Skin
  • Swan Skin
  • Deer Skin
  • Mouse Skin
  • Tiger Skin
  • Wolf Skin
  • Mythology: A reprint of Edith Hamilton's Mythology, first published in 1942. Includes details about Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, plus an addendum about Egyptian Mythology penned by one Aqil Huety. +4 to academics checks involving mythological entities or stories from the Greek, Roman, Norse or Ancient Egyptian mythologies.


  • Hunting rifle.
  • Shotgun.
  • Fishing pole.
  • Fishing net.
  • Clothes.
  • Stuffed seal.
  • Radio.
  • Books of Irish fairy tales.
  • Commendation medal for gallantry in the field.

Personal History:

Muirenn was the third child (eventually out of eight) born to Peadar and Pádraigín Devlin. She was born on February 13, 1930 in a small fishing town in Ireland. She attended the local school and helped with the family trade of fishing when it was not in session. Unlike normal fishermen, the Devlins had an added asset in their business;Their family had long been able to transform into various animals, most often seals. Eventually, she traveled to a nearby college to study zoology.

After graduating, Muirenn returned home to help her parents and siblings with the fishing business. While she still helped with the fishing itself, both in and out of the water, she also helped to sell and barter with the fish. Unfortunately, she eventually got trapped in the net of another fisherman as a seal before being forced to change back. After this, Muirenn confined herself entirely to sales in hopes of keeping news of the incident from spreading. In spite of her efforts, the news did spread, making Muirenn something of a local legend; a legend that the Foundation eventually caught wind of. Muirenn was captured and placed in containment at Site-23 in Ireland.

Eventually, Muirenn was transferred to Site-77 for further study. After several further months of containment and study, she was offered a job working for the Foundation as a zoologist. Eager to leave containment, she readily accepted.


  • English
  • Gaelic
  • Rough Italian


  • Muirenn's first name translates to “sea white, sea fair.” Her surname translates to "someone who has bad luck."
  • Anomalies like Muirenn are the basis for the legends of both Selkies and Native American Skinwalkers.

XP: 4/14

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Roget's In God's Name Run +2 June 3, 2016
Roget's Côtes de Genève Run +4 June 17, 2016
Nemi's Finding Emma Boucher Run +2 July 5, 2016
Roget's Under The Sea Run +4 July 29, 2016
Mythology Purchase -10 July 29, 2016
Alivi's Secrets of the Earth Run +2 August 20, 2016
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