Moira Bellemonte

Player: Varren_Erelim

Position: Reconnaissance Agent

Demeanor: Generally angry a good portion of the time. Moira is not keen on unknown people and tends to be more sarcastic or ‘salty’ around them. Even when she gets to know someone her shows of friendly nature are snippy and can be physical like light punching and headlocks. She can come off as sarcastically flirty when poking fun at people.

Nature: Moira is defensive about herself more than anything, playing the bad guy to keep anyone away who she feels might not really care for her and only allowing those willing to deal with her shit long enough to get close. She is a loud and excitable person with a short fuse and explosive temper, often speaking before she can think things through is social situations. When people are not present in large groups Moira is withdrawn, being more introspective and negative minded. Because of this she will deflect any romantic options as soon as she is aware of them.

Description: Moira is an somewhat muscular built thirty-four year old female standing about 5’10” tall. He skin is dark as if perpetually tanned and generally clear complexion. Her eyes are a light amber color and her hair a dark brown. The hair style she has is thin dreadlocks at shoulder length, mostly pulled into a high ponytail with a few hanging loose.
She has A horizontal scar across the bridge of her nose from cheekbone to cheekbone and a few smaller ones in various places on her body. Only one tattoo on the back of her left shoulder on a single ‘M’.
She dresses in the Security uniform often and when not she wears gray cargo pants, black boots, any comfortable shirt, and a burgundy jacket with a fur-lined collar if it is cold. She also owns a cowboy hat.
While on missions she wears a stealth suit.


  • Physical Health: 12
  • Mental Health: 12
  • Strength:1
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness:2
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed:2
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm:1
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence:2
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education:1
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Reflex! Saving Throw: 3. Moira training as a scouting and recon agent has sharpened her reaction times and muscles memory, allowing her to move quickly enough to save herself some deep shit. When breaking from a dark hiding spot or she/a close teammate is noticed while trying to sneak if the target is within 7 meters she can roll Acrobatics to close the distance (1-5m DC of 3, 6-7m DC of 4). If successful she gains a +3 to Melee against a targets Determination to render them unconscious in a flurry of hand to hand strikes. Cannot be used on certain enemies, mainly ones that can't be knocked out and grappled well.
  • Self Help: 3. When you are a scout, you are often on your own at the start. Moira has learned this very well and in a pinch can help herself solve her own problems by preventing them as best she can. When alone and in danger Moira has three times she can gain a +3 to Resilience when taking damage, can’t be used in consecutive turn.
  • Eagle Eyes: 2. Moira is well used to noting things of interest in new places due to her role as a scout for both the Foundation and her father’s team. When in a place that is new to her she gains a +2 bonus to Perception for her first look.


  • Beretta 93R handgun (Light Weapon: +2 to ranged - Imporved Weapon: rolls 2D2 damage)
    • Ammo/magazines
  • Mark III Steal Suit: +1 darkness, +1 urban environment
  • Four knives (Fairbane fighting knives/Gerber mark II)
  • Internally Modified G11 Rifle (Normal Weapon: 1D6 damage)
    • Ammo/magazines
  • Ziptie cuffs
  • Tape
  • Rope
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Food/water
  • Flashlight


  • Factory/Wondertainment Challenge Coin -given to the her by the doctor that saved her life when she earned that scar on her face.
  • Sleeping eyemask.
  • Blueprints for a few odd weapons and vehicles.


  • Gambling Dice [always rolls 1's] (The Thing From Beyond The Stars, Part 1)
  • Hair Ribbon (The Thing From Beyond The Stars, Part 1)
  • 20th Century Dress (The Thing From Beyond The Stars, Part 1)
  • Black Hooded Cloak (The Thing From Beyond The Stars, Part 2)
  • Diamond Ring (The Thing From Beyond The Stars, Part 2)
  • Crystal drinking glass and a fancy pen (Stitching the Wound)
  • Russian style hunting rifle (stolen from Rasputin in Disco Fever)
  • Silver teaspoon (Admit One)
  • Sword Swallower's knife (Admit One)
  • Gaudy as fuck men's gold Ring (Admit One)
  • Handful of gold and silver in a plastic case (Never Go Mining With A C-Section Baby)
  • Ivory chess set and board (Ashes to Ashes)
  • Metal intricately made Hercules Beetle statue (Ashes to Ashes

Personal History:

Years ago Moira Bellemonte was born in Guatemala from Benedict Bellemonte and a girlfriend he had while on an extended vacation there. In the end he decided to take the child and mother with him back to the United States and have them as a family. Benedict was part of a lesser known mercenary group that his father and brother had been part of so he was away and sent Moira off to school when she was old enough. She was given a decent education and taught about her home country by her mother. By the time Moira was a young teen, her school had been less of a focus because of her usefulness to the mercenary group. Children can move around nonmilitary places easily and not be noticed so she was used as a spotter of sorts and only when it wasn’t dangerous. She still went to school when not working with her father and he always kept her safe when he borrowed her.

When old enough she joined the mercenary group in her same role of spotter and reconnaissance only in an official capacity. She had been taught by her father to trust no one unless they earned it, a lesson she took to heart because you need to learn a person you fight by in a mercenary group. She got her training, worked with her father mainly in the western hemisphere, and earned a reputation within the group. Always on the lookout for well-trained individuals, The Foundation scoped out Moira along with a handful of people from the group after a few more high-profile jobs in Bolivia against a cartel while working with the military. She wanted to leave a bigger footprint in the world and do more than just be a gun for hire so she accepted and joined the Foundation.

Over her employment they rounded out her training more and even gave her more up to date education lessons to get her fully up to speed with how they work. Once all her training was complete and she had field experience with them she was seeded into a task force as a reconnaissance agent. She gained her exposure to the world through files and after mission reports, but nothing prepares you for what is out there. In her first few missions she had a few encounters with Sarkic anomalies. The one leaning closer to flesh monsters rubbed her the wrong way and caused her a slight but understandable fear of them. She grew closer to only a handful of people. They were at her former site before she transferred to this current site due to her previous site holding large amounts of Sarkic anomalies.


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  • English [fluent]
  • Spanish [fluent]
  • French [intermediate]
  • Portuguese [fluent]


  • Improved Weaponry: Beretta 93R - rolls 2d2
  • Mark III Steal Suit: +1 snk in darkness and additional +1 in urban environments


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Equipment Points


Runs Completed

Run Name GM EP points Date
A Strange Glow DSJ 1 7/15/2018
The Thing From Beyond The Stars, Part 1 SpookyBee 1 7/22/18
The Thing From Beyond The Stars, Part 2 SpookyBee N/A 7/25/18
Corporate Bloodsuckers DSJ .25 7/28/18
Stitching The Wound DSJ 2 9/1/18 - 9/2/18
Disco Fever ArseneLupin 1 11/17/18
Admit One ArseneLupin/Odocoileus 1 1/8/19
Never Go Mining With A C-Section Baby Hankolijo 1 1/13/19
Ashes to Ashes ArseneLupin 1 2/24/19
The Scent Of The Old Ocean Soulless 1 3/2/19
Song's Final Assignment Veied 1.75 3/18/19
With A Bow And Crown It Rode ArseneLupin 1.5 6/7/19
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