Mira Kallinikos

Basic Info:

Mira Kallinikos, photo taken and recoloured by Agent Tasker.

Player: Aiden Eldritch

Role: Water Shaper

Demeanor: Cold, vengeful, well-trained.

Nature: Formal, awkward, broken.

Description: Without her glamour, a wiry blue woman with long blue hair combed to the side of her head and intense bluish-green eyes. With it on, she's a pale brunette with grey eyes. Typically dresses in a cream-coloured button-up shirt, brown slacks and suspenders. Her neck (and associated gills) are covered by a copper collar inscribed with intricate Greek lettering: said collar's only removed when she's in the water.

Has a number of noticeable scars and badly-healed wounds on her wrists and ankles as a result of her confinement by the now-dead splinter AWCY faction.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 2
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 4
  • Ranged: 4
  • Academics: 5
  • Science: 3
  • Occult Sociologist: (3) Prior to her capture by the AWCY splinter faction, Mira studied the practices and behaviour of other anomalous civilisations and can pretty accurately identify the age and origins of most anomalous relics.
    • Mira gets a +3 bonus to Academics when trying to recall knowledge to do with anomalous civilisations.
  • Nothing Out of the Ordinary: (3) Having spent most of her time forced out of the water, Mira's learnt the art of covering up an anomalous person or object when the occasion requires it.
    • Mira gets an additional +3 to Bluff checks made to conceal anomalous items or otherwise disguise their anomalous nature. This does not apply to herself.
  • Deals Warlock: (3) The ruthless drive of her days post-confinement have taught Mira the value of ingratiating yourself with people who don't hate you. Yet.
    • Every time Mira makes a consecutive successful social roll against an non-hostile NPC, she gets a +1 to such rolls made against that NPC, up to a maximum of +3. This bonus is nullified when she fails a roll or when the NPC becomes hostile.
      • Example: Mira attempts to Bluff to an NPC that she can remove all the water from their body using her mind, and succeeds. She then gets a +1 bonus to Bluff: if she succeeds on a subsequent Bluff roll against that NPC, she then gets a +2 bonus, and so on, up to a maximum of +3. If she fails the Bluff roll, however, the bonus gets reset to 0.
  • Anomalous - [Ocean Breathes Salty]: (3) Mira's not just a magical fish lady, she's a really magical fish lady.
    • Mira can turn reasonably pure water into a magical substance that allows her to change the appearance of people who come into contact with it. She can only change their appearance to resemble that of people whose faces she's seen.
    • The amount of water it takes to disguise people is proportionate to the area being disguised: you might just need a couple handfuls to change someone's facial appearance, but you'd need a bucket-load to change someone's entire body.
    • This disguise lasts up to an hour, with time to convert the water and duration of the disguise being determined by the anomaly roll. It can also be washed off before it fades with enough water – it'll fade slowly in the rain, but will dissolve almost instantly if they enter the water, for example.
    • Mechanics-wise, those who change their appearances in this way get a +3 to Bluff checks made to pass themselves off as the people they've impersonated, with a GM-decided penalty depending on whether or not undisguised parts of their body would give them away due to skin colour differences, their height being too short, etc.
    • She can also breathe in water!
  • Disadvantage – Green Around the Gills: While Mira's collar does a good job of helping her breathe, she also has to negotiate the fact that people don't expect fish people to be walking about on dry land.
    • Mira needs to supplant her glamour every hour with water so that her fish-like appearance doesn't scare those she's talking to. If her glamour expires (an in-game hour passes) without her finding a source of water to replenish her glamour with, she makes every social roll with NPCs as a 4df-1 until such time where she can find water to fix her glamour.
    • When the glamor wears off or is washed off, the character experiences feelings similar to seasickness. They roll a 1d3, and receive a -1 debuff to agility for that number of rounds.
    • In addition, Mira will start to dry out if not supplied with enough water, experiencing an intense burning sensation around her skin that worsens as more and more time passes.


  • Flechette gun, anomalous rounds replaced with ordinary steel darts.
  • M1 Garand rifle and ammunition.
  • A waterproof satchel filled with:
    • Notebooks filled with copious notes on assorted anomalous civilisations.
    • Several sticks of chalk for magic circles, etc.
    • Blank note-books for note-taking.
  • A flashlight.
  • Some paracord.
  • Nada


  • A number of books on anomalous civilisations:
    • "Double, Double, Oil and Trouble: Mekhanite Religious Customs"
    • "Advances in Retroactive Archeology and Re-interpretations of the Daevite Mystery"
    • "Blood Red Summer - An Anthropological Examination of the Courts"
    • …among others…
  • A draft of a book on Atlantean linguistics penned by her adoptive mother.

Personal History:

Adopted by an archeologist mother and an occultist father in 1925, Mira was raised in a secluded coastal community in Greece as an only child. During her childhood, Mira spent most of her time helping her mother recovering relics from the nearby bay and studying what she could of her Atlantean heritage. As war approached, Mira's family struggled to migrate to Allied territory in an attempt to avoid having her father conscripted into the Nazi Occult War effort - their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful and her father was lost when she was 16. They eventually managed to secure transport to Britain, but in the process attracted the attention of Marshall, Carter & Dark, who were interested in Mira's mother's research, as well as Mira herself.

Mira's elation that her mother had found steady employment with the group soon turned to horror as she was sold off to an anartist collective looking for "models". Held under captivity for most of the war, Mira eventually escaped during a Global Occult Coalition raid on the anartist sect. Having killed the Marshall, Carter & Dark agent that sold her to the group in the first place, Mira spent years obsessively stalking the anartists who had captured her, before eventually tracking them down to the town of Phoenix, Arizona, where they'd been held under protection by MC&D. Five corpses later, she was ready to declare her vendetta over.

However, the anomalous murders of multiple persons of interest drew the attention of the Foundation and she was subsequently brought into custody after being convinced to go with the Task Force by Hanna.


  • English
  • Ancient and Modern Greek
  • Very poor Latin


  • Sunburns badly, handles alcohol even worse.
  • Hates wet socks. Which is a shame, since every piece of footwear she owns inevitably becomes squelchy and gross.

XP: 0

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