Mike Kirowa

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Basic Info:

Player: dafatskin

Position:Biomedical design specialist/Medic, researcher on site but medic on field. Usually makes cool equipment to help fix people up.

Demeanor: Him being withdrawn makes him hard to work with but he is quite good at his job when it comes to skills and keeping cool under stress.

Nature: Slightly afraid of field work because of war experiences but prefers to keep that secret. Loves helping people and animals. Doesn't like guns but will use them only if necessary.

Description: A man in his 30s, average build although slightly larger at the middle. Tall at 1.83 meters with short black hair. Has many white hair at the back. Strange blend of Asian-American makes for a very unique look, hard to forget face. Slightly tan with small black eyes and a uni-brow. Prefers to wear plain T-shirt and pants with signature white lab coat, worn even on field. Always carrying a small sling bag.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 2
  • Strength: 2
  • Melee:3
  • Ranged:3
  • Survival:2
  • Sneak:3
  • Academics:3
  • Science:4
  • Engineering:4
  • Medical:4
  • Make and don't break: 4. Having lots of experiences with making equipment, Mike can be quite creative and teach others too! Not too many though, people are not his thing. (Mike reduces number of materials needed to craft by one for each type of material only when number of material needed is <1. For advanced crafting, if in a team of four or less, reduces time taken to craft by two days.)
  • Stress pressure: 4. When Mike feels the adrenaline and stress to do better, he does! Regular application of pressure to do better by his father has shown its usefulness in field. (Outside site, whenever a teammate drops below 4 health, Medical + 2)
  • Friends help each other: 4. Its easy for Mike to share information whenever he's around a trusted friend. Mike likes to tell people about what he knows, mostly for the better(If a person has been close to Mike for two weeks or been with him on two missions, they gain +1 Engineering and +1 Medical during subsequent missions)


  • Sling bag
  • Lab coat
  • Standard Issue Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Standard Med-kit containing…
    • His special scalpel that looks like a pen to cut tissue(Or the PenPalTM)
    • Bandages
    • Tweezers
    • Painkillers
    • Three shots of adrenaline
  • Three days worth of rations
  • Small bottle of water
  • Watch
  • Notepad and pen
  • Polaroid Picture of him and his parents

Nothing yet…


  • Table with attached drawer made by his father
  • Another framed picture of him and his parents
  • Framed picture of Elizabeth and Thomson
  • Blueprints of his various inventions
  • Trophy for first place in "Rankine College Annual Science Competition".
  • Multiple hardcover books

Personal History:

Born on 8th July 1925, Mike Kirowa was the result of an uncommon sight in the rest of the world but common in the borders of Singapore. Born to Roger Smith and Akari Kirowa, American and Japanese respectively, Mike Kirowa took on a name combining the two nationalities. He was born to two immigrants, one an aspiring mechanic and another a woman looking for simple work, who fell in love and inevitably made Mike. Mike was born into a poor family. By the time he was born Roger had already started his mechanics store and Akari became a house wife to take care of young Mike.

With no money to send Mike for education, Mike stayed with his dad and slowly helped his dad more and more. Roger was educated slightly and knew his son was missing out a lot. So Roger made up for it by teaching Mike everything he knew about fixing and building things. Since Mike could stand he was always around machinery and tools and his dad made sure Mike learned all the ins and outs of being a mechanic.

It was Akari which started off Mike's love for Medicine. Akari was a practitioner of Asian medicine before she came to Singapore but had to stop because of Mike. Again, seeing he had no education she made sure he got it as was the responsibilities of a mother. Home schooled by his Mike learned simple Math, language and most importantly, medicine.

Being surrounded by machines and his mum's knowledge for his entire childhood made him extremely distant and awkward around other people. When he turned 13, his parents’ business boomed and they finally had enough money to send him to a school. It was there that his parents saw that he was in fact, gifted and learnt things very quickly. Scoring consistent A pluses, he was due for a good future. His only flaw was his inability to socialise with others as a result of having little to no contact with other children of his age at youth.

Taking on what he had missed out quickly, he spent time with his books every single day, taking on from his mother to be enrolled in the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. His love for both engineering and medicine grew tremendously and he excelled greatly.

However, all good things come to an end and in 1942 the Japanese invaded Singapore. Akari, being a Japanese married to a foreigner, was considered a traitor to the Japanese and after simply days of hiding, Mike and his father watched her at gunpoint, dragged away screaming into the forest, where a simple gunshot rung through the air. He held his mum's favorite lab coat, his heart shattered.

In grief and in pain Mike and his father struggled during the Japanese occupation. Mike was threatened and bullied having a Japanese surname and his social life became worst and worst. Finally Mike and his father could not handle the sharp oppression in Singapore and fled in a boat across the sea to Australia. They barely survived.

From there they escaped again to America on a biplane and hid there, living on scraps. In 1945, the war finally ended but the hate for the Japanese did not. Mike was again, bullied by the kids in his school, perpetually coming back home with a black eye, or a bruised stomach. Mike slowly hated others, despite some people’s good intentions and he retreated again into his books, away from the world.

His father, stricken with grief and broken from the horrors of war, started taking his rage and piling it onto Mike. Mike, continuously shouted at to do better, that he needed to work harder, tears falling from his eyes as he scribbled on his paper, his dad just behind him, the sounds of metal against metal and shouting, and more shouting. The years went by and Mike slowly adapted, his father’s shouting becoming just slightly more violent words of encouragement.

He blossomed in the rapidly industrializing America, becoming well known as a designer for medical technology. He published multiple patents, some of which became wide spread and money started rolling in. His father, recovering each day, started his mechanic career again to help Mike pay for his many many equipment.

The hate of the Japanese wore off and Roger opened ever so slightly, letting in two great friends into his life, Elizabeth Walker and Thomson King. They pushed him on, getting him through his toughest times, especially when his dad passed away quietly in his bed. Roger finally knew what it was like to have a friend.

Mike was gently tightening a screw in his latest invention, a small pen that could painlessly cut skin and muscle, when the telephone rang, a black car pulling up to his driveway at the same moment. It was the Foundation. Hearing about his ability to fuse both medicine and engineering, the Foundation requested him to help them. Accepting their offer, he was sent to Italy and his job as a Foundation employee started.


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Very simple Italian


Likes cheese with potatoes(And maybe bacon bits if he's feeling up to it).

Blew up his lab once while testing a gasoline powered cauterizer. Some say they are sure "that one part of the left eyebrow" never grew back.

Once accidentally took out his PenPalTM instead of his pen to write. Needless to say, that didn't go down very well. (Locks to his med kit were attached to prevent further damage to Foundation property.)

Cannot sing or dance for his life.

Can chug tic tacs at an amazing rate. "They're nice! I prefer the green ones."-Mike Kirowa

XP: 0

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