Merrill Reyes
Doctor Merrill Reyes, DThaum

Basic Info:

Player: Sax

Position: Thaumaturgical Engineering Doctor

Demeanor: Spooked, wraith-like, otherworldly beautiful. Seemingly aloof of everything happening around her, and snobbish to people she perceives as below her.

Nature: Beyond the mask, cheerful and amicable, easy to make friends. Insightful and introspective.

Description: What your character looks like, etc.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
Basic Skills
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Intimidation: 3
  • Bluff: 4
Pseudo-Specialty Skills
  • Academics: 4
  • Science: 4
  • Engineering: 5
Specialty Skills:
  • Sophisticated Elegance: 4. Merrill, having been raised in the company of nobles, has learnt a thing or two with respect to carrying herself in an uplifted manner. (Persuasion when dealing with high-class)
  • Arcane Engineering: 5. Merrill is a master in deciphering the flow of the infused energies of mundane and magical objects - measuring the exact amount and type of energies and mystical quantities required to reverse-engineer and craft wondrous and ominous items. (Engineering when dealing with magical objects)
  • Arcane Knowledge: 3. Merrill has spent many years of her life studying and working on proto-theories and theories with regards to thaumaturgy, and has some sort of theory and manner of practice when it comes to any so-called "unexplainable" phenomena. (Science when dealing with "magical" anomalies)


  • Ash cane, capped with a ruby gem and silver caps;
  • Stationery tools;
  • Wand of unknown crystalline construction;
  • Charms;
  • Tags and chalk necessary for creation of wards;
  • Purple-tinted glasses;
  • Special goggles for her work;
  • Ceremonial armor-robes with runed mask;


  • Even more jars of assorted parts;
  • Watchmaker's lathe;
  • Microscope for fine work;
  • Papers with scribbled ideas and writings scattered everywhere;
  • Pots of small trees;
  • Ashes of her father.

Personal History:


  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Passable German


Merrill wears a silver ID bracelet on her left arm. This is written in an unknown language -only the agents of the Serpent's Hand are able to understand it, as well as acquaintances in the Library.

XP: 13.5

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Transfer from Forrest 4.5
Blackshields 3 05/17/17
Sparkle And Shine ✨ Sequin And Glitter ✨ Hopes and Dreams 2 05/20/17
Witch Hunt 2 05/26/17
Raised Academics -8 05/26/17
Stitched Souls 10 06/14/17
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