Mehrdad Khayyam

Basic Info:

Player: Aiden Eldritch

Position: Psych. Ward

Demeanor: Almost unflappably calm and quiet, Mehrdad prefers to be mostly unseen when he's not needed. When he is, however, he's an engaged and talkative individual who tends to trust and assume the best of everyone he meets. Despite his seemingly unbreakable social facade, his brief moments of hesitation and flashes of self-deprecation point to something slightly askew beneath the surface.

Nature: Whether or not Mehrdad does actually have an internal self to speak of is a question he's been asking himself for a little while. While he's fairly sure he should be acting like this, he's still unsure as to whether or not his current conception of himself is truly him, or if it's just whatever mask's most convenient to wear while the real him lies dormant.

Description: Mehrdad is a lightly built man of Middle Eastern appearance and average height, with tan skin and prematurely greying curly black hair. Typically seen in formalwear such as button-ups and ties, he could easily be confused for an office worker if not for the "EE-2664" bracelet he's required to wear as part of his nature as an anomalous Task Force agent.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 5
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 3
  • Survival: 3
  • Academics: 5
  • The Wrong Kind of Doctor: (5) Having to pick up the pieces of patients who mentally fell apart at the hands of Prometheus Laboratories has given Mehrdad a solid foundation for helping those around him with their own mental struggles at the hands of the anomalous.
    • Outside of combat, Mehrdad may roll Persuasion against a mentally injured teammate's Mental Defense to help them temporarily recover from trauma or psychological harm caused by an anomaly.
    • Provided he succeeds against their Mental Defense roll, they subsequently recover (his Persuasion roll - their Mental Defense roll)/3 Mental Health points, rounded down.
    • Mental Health recovered through this specialty is capped at 2 per teammate and is removed after the run ends.
  • Practical Theologian: (4) Mehrdad's work researching the theology of assorted religious groups both anomalous and otherwise has given him a solid handle on the fundamentals of religions from Zoroastrianism to Mekhanite Futurism.
    • Mehrdad gets a +4 bonus to Academics when rolling to find or recall information related to religious practices or groups.
  • Anomaly - Mind Mischief: (3) After the meltdown of Cleo, Mehrdad's mind was effectively disjointed from his body, rendering him a shield against psychic or mind-affecting anomalies.
    • When one of Mehrdad's teammates is mentally attacked by an anomaly, provided they're within five meters of Mehrdad, they make Mental Defense rolls as 2df+2 + Mental Defense, instead of 4df + Mental Defense.
    • If they still take damage from this, Mehrdad also takes that amount of Mental Damage - 0.5.
  • Disadvantage - The Mess Inside: Of course, having a substantial amount of your mind located outside of where it's meant to be makes recovering from trauma that much harder.
    • Mehrdad starts with 5 Mental Health instead of 7, and recovers 0.5 Mental Health instead of 1 per day.


  • Wallet
  • Pen and notepad
  • Knife and sheath
  • 30m bundle of rope
  • Canteen of water
  • Cards featuring knot-like loops



  • A compilation of books on assorted odds and ends of psychology
  • What notes he could recover from the Cleo project
  • Photos of what he assumes is his family

Personal History:

Born in 1922, Mehrdad Khayyam was raised in a middle-class Iranian family in Isfahan, and grew up in the period of reform sparked by Reza Shah. A skilled communicator with a natural gift for languages, it seemed likely that in the pressure cooker that was the Middle East in World War II he'd be recruited as a diplomat in one of the embassies in occupied Europe and his quick mastery of German and English meant that might possibly have been the case.

Following the commencement of the Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Iran, however, diplomacy seemed increasingly less likely to hold any value when hostilities had already started. Mehrdad instead decided to take up psychology in an attempt to assist the rapidly swelling numbers of civilians and veterans alike scarred by the effects of war on a previously-neutral country, and moved to America to further his studies in 1949.

Once he completed his degree there, Mehrdad was contacted by a higher-up in the university he was studying at and informed about an opportunity working for an American defense contractor known as Prometheus Labs, who needed psychologists for ill-defined reasons to do with their experimentation. Wary but still desperate for a job, Mehrdad took the job and found himself working as a counsellor for test subjects of a remote viewing conditioning program.

The project he'd been assigned to (codenamed Project Cleo) had test subjects try to use a psychic phenomenon known as the Arcadia effect to simulate or predict the outcomes of strategic decisions in their minds. As he continued his work there, Mehrdad began to notice odd behaviours in the rest of the staff working there, behaviours that matched those of the contained test subjects.

In 1956, he'd cottoned onto the fact that something was going wrong with Cleo and in March, he was turned into a psychic pulp by a rogue test subject who'd broken free of her conditioning. He spent the rest of the year trying to reconstitute himself from the fragments of his mind, but the damage had been done — parts of other staff members and even test subjects had integrated themselves into his mind.

Picked up after a series of failed Prometheus experiments forced the Foundation to intervene, Mehrdad was picked up as a potential anomaly and after some testing it was concluded that while he did possess extranormal properties, they posed significantly less danger to the Foundation than they did usefulness. Subsequently he was put through field training for two years and then dispatched to Site-77 as a member of MTF Psi-7.


  • English
  • German
  • Persian
  • Russian


  • Really ridiculously good at cat's cradle.

XP: 0

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