Matryona Voronin
Voronin, est. 1957.

Basic Info:

Player: Cocoa

Position: Espionage Agent

Demeanor: Carries herself with an unmistakable air of self-confidence, glamor, and 'better than you.' A bit of a tease. Likes to be the center of attention.

Nature: Working in the Mafiya and GRU-P have made Matryona keenly invested in her own so-called-enlightened self-interest. She's escaped the iron curtain, and fully intends to spoil herself rotten as a reward. She derives some enjoyment from trolling whoever she can… but at the same time, she finds legitimately tearing down her friends' and honest people's lives nowhere near enjoyable.

Description: Stunning slavic lady. Caramel hair. moderate height. Fashionable clothes and light jewelry that accentuate her figure.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 2
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 6
  • Intimidation: 4
  • Bluff: 4
  • Sneak: 4
  • Away From Prying Eyes: 3. Matryona was employed as a propaganda agent for GRU-P for quite a while, and being out in the open is the perfect excuse for her to flaunt her stuff. However, sometimes, when the party's over, a more… personal touch is needed. (+3 to PERS if Matryona manages to get a character alone when they had previously been in some sort of group social or party environment.)
  • Sticky Fingers and Honey Traps: 3. Ever had your stomach drop into the Earth's core after finding out that someone has evidence of wrongdoing on your part? Matryona hasn't, but she's inflicted this fate on more than a few enemies of Russia. (+3 to INTIM when blackmailing someone.)
  • Clean Sleight: 3. A key component of spycraft is being able to dig up dirt in the brief glances when nobody is looking at you. (+3 to picking locks, nicking small objects, and rifling through information without being noticed.)
  • Animal Magnetism [Anomalous]: 3. Matryona is a powerful telepath, if limited in scope. Her signature trick is sapping the willpower and mental energy from a single target, then using the gleaned energy and weakened will to influence the target further and improve its perception of her. (Martyona spends a turn selecting a sapient target that either she can see, or one that can see her and that she is aware of. If she already had a target, her previous target is no longer affected. The target takes a -1 to each Specialty, and Matryona gains a +1 to her PERS rolls against that target for every specialty sapped. The target is also disinclined to be hostile to her. If Matryona or an ally attacks a target of this effect, it can roll MDEF with a +3 bonus to break the effect and become immune for the next hour.)
  • Longing, rusted, furnace, daybreak, seventeen, benign, nine, homecoming, one, freight car: [Flaw 1] Matryona's work in what would later be classified as the field of memetics, coupled with her telepathically-inclined neurological structure, has left some rather nasty latent effects festering in her subconscious. And if a psychic attack were to lodge one or two of them loose… (If Matryona fails an MDEF roll against a strictly anomalous source (things like pain or loud noises don't count, for example), roll a 1d3. If the result is 3, the GM )
    • Broken record. Matryona must make her next roll twice, and use the lower of the two results as her brain hickups and might goof up parts of the action.
    • Word salad: Matryona is struck with sudden-onset partial aphasia untile the end of her next turn, being only able to speak gibberish for that time. This effectively negates her ability to verbally communicate and making her roll social skills at a -3.
    • Stepford fancies. The next time Matryona tries to lock on a target with Animal Magnetism (or a target she's currently locked onto), she still gains a boost to her PERS against the target as normal, but the target does not lose Spec points and also gains an equal bonus to PERS against her until she breaks the connection.
    • Meltdown. Matryona rolls 1d3 at the start of each of her turns for this table, with the effect ending when any of the dice she rolls for this flaw come up '1'.
    • Mental dilation. Matryona takes a cumulative -1 modifier to MDEF for the rest of the run/event.
  • Fatal Attraction [Flaw 2]: Beyond her more targeted abilities, Matryona generates a constant psychic field that draws both attention and physical objects towards her. Liquids may flow oddly around her, compass needles may flicker in her direction, and maybe monsters just think she looks like an extra-nutritious snack. If rolling randomly to determine a PC to target for damage or an effect, and Matryona would be a valid target, include her name in the lineup twice.


  • Compact radio
  • Hidden plastic tranq-pistol (can be used for non-lethal damage on organic targets)
  • Bobby pins
  • Zip Ties. Metal tooth design. Can include silver or other exotic materials to restrain supernaturals or beings with supernatural strength.
  • Retractable stiletto knife



  • Makeup
  • Perfume
  • Jewelry
  • Lots of clothes
  • A stash of sweets
  • A separate stash of booze
  • Yet a third stash that contains her 'rainy day fund'
  • Disguise kit

Personal History:

Mafiya: Matryona was orphaned at an early age. She might not have survived, if not for the fact that she was taken in and raised by a local gang, which eventually worked its way in to the Mafiya. Matryona worked as a thief and informant for them. Eventually, her criminal activities led to her being imprisoned.
Suka: While in prison, certain key figures took note of Matryona's natural ability to telepathically 'push' people and make them more likely to comply with her wishes. Word eventually got round to GRU-P, who cut a deal with Matryona: work with the program to study her power, become an agent for the government, and in turn she would be released from prison and all her needs met. She accepted.
Psychotronics: After several long years of experimentation, GRU-P managed to raise Matryona's abilities to their current level, through a combination of training her natural talents and artificially increasing them. Officially, they then employed her as a diplomat. Unofficially, she acted as a spy, propagandist, and saboteur.
Beglets: While her work for GRU-P helped her rise to the upper crust of Russian society, Matryona was less than content with her lot in life, working for the Russian government. So after being sent to seduce a high-ranking Foundation official, she instead cut a deal with him. She played double-agent for a bit, and in exchange got an out and a new job working for the Foundation.


  • English
  • Russian
  • Fenya



  • Cat wearing tophat (left forearm)
  • Church bells (right shoulder)
  • Cross (left breast)
  • downward-facing spider (back)

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