Marshall Talbot

Basic Info:

Player: Krydderis

Position: Occult Expert/Research

Demeanor: Somewhat of a nervous nelly, Marshall can be skittish and awkward with social interactions. He's quiet and bookish, but is by no means a rude individual.

Nature: Curious to an almost concerning degree, Marshall will end up focused on one task for heaven knows how long while satisfying his curiosity. He is very determined, and very excitable.

Description: Standing at 5'6, Marshall is a somewhat lean built man. Opting for darker colors in his wardrobe alongside button downs, slacks and vests- he has longer, messy black hair alongside somewhat of a mustache and beard. He wears silver wire-frame glasses over brown eyes, and prefers lab coats and combat boots for practical purposes. No pocket is big enough for all of his pens and his mini notepad.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Bluff: 2
  • Melee: 4 (2 + 2 STR)
  • Ranged: 3
  • Sneak: 4
  • Academics: 5
  • Hitting the Books: 4. If you spent your days reading up on old religions, folklore, magic, ectra… You're going to remember some funny symbols. Well- these symbols are now very, very important!
    • +4 Academics to identifying/understanding runes. What they do, where they originate from, the whole shabang.
  • When Wonder Takes Over Fear: 3. Study the damn things inside and out, know them like the back of you hands… Smile when you finally see them.
    • +3 Mdef vs Intimidation from anomalous entity, can only be used once per entity.
  • Eristic Principles: 2. The world around is simply, chaos. Disorganized, displaced madness. So when you stop looking for things matched up in a silly grid, you may see the bigger picture.
    • +2 Perception when in chaotic situations (Chaotic Situations is up to GM interpretation)
  • Kings Bravado: 3. It can't be helped. Some days, you have to fight. You have to pick up the knife and fight. When they hit, take it. Take the hit and give it back twice as hard. Simple, yes?
    • Talbot rolls Pdef vs Enemy Melee. If the rolls are equal, Talbot may (melee) attack twice in one turn, with a bonus of +3 to the second attack.


  • Colt Model 1911
  • Combat knife
  • Journal
  • Camera



  • Various journals
  • Old books, texts and other study materials
  • Dull iron dagger
  • Charcoal grey overcoat
  • Various dried herbs and flowers
  • Small Altar
    • Can be found in the corner of his room, on a small table
    • Consists of candles, a white journal, various flowers and herbs, and the athame
  • Sewing kit
  • Cotton fabric
  • Iron Athame
  • Silver charms [3]
    • He gets them blessed by a priest
  • Holy water [2 vials]
    • Usually in a small vial in his room and his office.

Personal History:

[Marshall was born in 1932, on April 30th]

Raised in Nancy, France by adoptive parents Quinn and Bernard Pierres until the declaration of WWII- Marshall had a relatively quiet early life. This changed when his family moved to Canada just a month prior to the declaration of war.

While his father joined the Canadian Air Force, Marshall's mother took to teaching him with the assistance of her sister Jesse. The war raged, and Marshall's mother took care to keep him sheltered from it. This practice continued until Marshall was 16 (1946) when Quinn returned from the war. Furious at his sons ignorance, he didn't buy into Bernard's excuse of "he was too young to know." With a tear between his parents resulting in separation(not divorce), Marshall went with his father back to France in late 1946.

With his background in flight line mechanics and marksmanship, Quinn was hired into the GOC (1947). In almost direct defiance of his wife's prior teaching methods however, Quinn took to exposing his son to various texts regarding mythology and folklore that he came across in passing. Marshall picked up on these texts very, very quickly. Scary quickly. While he did finish his formal education alongside the rest of his peers, Marshall opted to further his studies in mythology and the occult. This led to him adopting some pagen practices, it also brought him to the attention of the GOC.

In 1949, Marshall was brought in as a researcher. In his personal time, Marshall studied self defense with his father. His line of work was dangerous and one could never be too careful. Academics wise… He studied alongside Dr. Ethan Talmins, a jaded old occult expert. In time, he learned the ropes. He also, at Dr. Tamlins request, learned Latin, Greek, Hebrew… However, the endevors took six years total. In 1955, he was formally an occult expert in both official documents and the eyes of his father. He moved from the occult, religious and mythological to runes. His interest in such had been piqued by a fellow researcher while he'd been under Dr. Tamlins care. His study of runes, their functions and their origins came to an abrupt halt in late 1958. Marshall had found himself requested by the Foundation, due to a severe lack of thurmaturgy and occult researchers and experts.

While the transfer itself took just under a year, due to the GOCs reluctance to let him go, he found himself at Site-77 in mid-1959. He learned Italian in the long months it took to complete the transfer, he was heading to Italy after all!


  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Ancient Greek
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Latin
  • Sanskrit


  • Marshall can play several violin songs from memory
  • Allergic to cats. Achoo!
    • This allergy is not severe. He sneezes and gets watery eyes. Achoo.
  • Burns sage and incense so often, he perpetually smells of flowers and sage

XP: 0

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