Markus Ackermann
Agent Ackermann at "work". c. 1957

Basic Info:

Player: Balthazaar

Position: Aristocratic duelist.

Demeanor: Markus comes across as rather polite and gentlemanly, albeit intense. He is charismatic and soft spoken, tending to draw attention, but is kind and sensitive, even. He does however have a temper, and his tastes in entertainment can range a touch too close to the extreme end of things.

Nature: An introspective and thoughtful man, Markus thinks of others and acts accordingly. He believes in properness and being polite, but these often lean more toward his own set of rules rather than those of society. He is arrogant, and aware of that.

Description: Markus Is a tall, dashing sort, standing at 6'1" with brown hair kept short on the sides and pulled back, and well groomed facial hair. He has piercing dark eyes, pronounced cheekbones, and a fairly deep voice with an unusual English accent. He has a few scars here and there, and boasts a robust, athletic build. He tends to dress in an elegant, if vaguely showy style. he almost always wears bespoke 3 piece suits, liking pinstripe waistcoats, and long overcoats. He'll even throw on the old top hat now and then.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 6
  • Strength: 5
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Melee: 5 (2 from str)
  • Ranged: 6
  • Academics: 3
  • Duelist: 2. Up to the age of 18, Markus was trained as a duelist by his father, both with pistol and sword. Though the swordplay comes up far less often, he remains just as lethal with both (Ranged: Pistol on the first shot of combat/ standing still)
  • Duelist, prt 2: 3. Up to the age of 18, Markus was trained as a duelist by his father, both with pistol and sword. Though the swordplay comes up far less often, he's pretty good at it (Melee: Swordplay when against someone with a similar weapon)
  • Charming intelligence: 4. A very well educated man, Markus has traveled the world and experienced many different cultures. He dabbles in various arts and anthropological pursuits. As such, he tends to use this to enhance his conversations and win people over. Plus all that knowledge is useful too. (Persuasion+2, Academics re; occultism/ art +2.)
  • Occultism (Anomalous): 3. Markus has researched various magical tomes, granting him a small degree of knowledge towards its use. He is able to perform small acts of magic, mostly to enhance his physical ability (As the books and tomes put it, the spirits and creatures summoned from beyond would lend their spiritual energy unto his own, revitalizing and strengthening his body and mind), though he knows another spell or two. Functionally, Markus must draw the appropriate sigils to summon a spirit into this world, with the correct bindings to serve him. Being too weak to do much beyond very simple tasks, they are almost exclusively used to enhance his own abilities, namely, his strength and agility, or to intimidate others with their fearsome appearance. Naturally, he needs to be conscious, able to speak and not too hurt or busy to do this, and summoning more than one spirit is beyond him (Strength, Agility, intimidation, flavor. Must roll 3 or higher to succeed). A roll of 3/4= +1, 5/6= +2, and 7= +3 as well as critical.
  • Anomalous Flaw: Summoning things from the beyond leaves echos. Echos that can be heard through space and time. Sometimes, those echos are answered and something worse will come to find what caused it, and perhaps even take possession of him. and of course, the more frequently he uses his gift, the more likely it is that this will happen. GM's may cause negative effects to occur to Markus, resulting in an Mdef roll to resist possession/ psychic attack/ hallucinations etc etc.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Custom made dueling pistol
  • Dueling sabre, with elaborate scrolling. Fits into a cane.
  • Lighter
  • Handkerchief
  • Knife
  • Rifle: Image



  • Many clothes, mostly bespoke
  • Record player/ records
  • Many many books
  • Violin
  • Sheet music
  • Guitar
  • Paintings
  • Multiple sketch books
  • Easel
  • Paints, brushes, canvases
  • Drawing materials
  • Sculpting supplies
  • Occult paraphernalia, including:
    • Multiple grimours
    • Candles
    • Chalk
    • Ritual knife
    • Hand of glory
    • firefly in a jar

Personal History:

Markus Ackerman was born in the 3rd sitting room of Thomas and Eliza Ackermanns estate in Northern England in the winter of 1923. He grew up at their lavish estate, receiving a top notch private education while his father was away during WW2. Their estate was hit fairly hard by the blitz, forcing Markus and his mother to flee to their summer home in Scotland where his education continued. It was in the summer of 1944 that they learned that Thomas had been captured by SS agents and held for three years until his death was verified in a recent mission. Markus was devastated, having idolized his father, and swore to make him proud. When Markus turned 18, he enlisted in the armed forces, being groomed for command, and promoted to the SAS when he was 24. He dated on and off when he could, and spent much time with his books and studies. Reading about the mission in which his father had been found, he learned that Thomas had been used as a subject n experiments into the occult, in an attempt to bring unnatural creatures into the world through people. Taing some leave, Markus traveled through Germany, learning all he could, before rejoining the SAS when Britain entered the Korean war in 1950. He served for the entirety of the war, but came back a changed man. The operations he ran with the SAS in the time between the wars were trying and often upsetting, but were nothing compared to a full blown war. Upon his return to England, he refused to talk of much of what happened there. He had more than a few scars, and seemed colder, more willing to resort to violence. He was honorably discharged from service to the British Military in 1954, and went on to join a private military contractor in 1955. He served with them until the middle of 1956, when he was recommended as an agent for the Foundation by the British government. He signed up, curious about their work, and after a few months training, was deployed to Site 19.


  • English
  • Latin
  • French
  • German


Markus is quite an artist, very good at sketching, painting and even rock sculpting.
Markus enjoys smoking cigars, drinking fine ales, pleasant company, and Lassie.
Tends not to discuss his wartime exploits.
Can be rather philosophical.
Drives a black and British racing green 1930 Bentley Speed 6 Nutting coupe.
Markus has another identity in another place, a young woman named Marcia, a witch in training under her Grandma. She has blond hair and home made socks, trained in using herbs for all sorts of things, taking control of animals, and various medical things like births.


Rebbecca Powell: A cocky, violent mob girl. seems to be here entirely to satiate her own bloodlust, and it would not surprise me if this self centered, foolish motive got members of the team hurt, resulted in a ruined mission, or both.
Amelie: A sweet girl, but deeply troubled. A man in her past, a doctor, has caused her great distress and made her believe herself to be inferior. While my immediate thoughts turn to anger and a desire to remove this mans head from his shoulders, it is much more important at this point to try help her undo the damage hat has been done to her.
William Cassidy: A solid man, quiet and seemingly moral. Want to learn more about him before I get his full measure.
Cait Ashland: Unusual blood mage girl, seems to be cheerful despite her deteriorating condition. Admirable in that respect, but possibly deluded.

Room/ Lab:

Quarters: Markus' room is a standard agents accommodations, though he has installed his own furniture and trappings into it. The floor is covered by a rich persian rug, and the bed is a very large bed, made from rich timber and with an enormous carved headboard. on one wall is his desk, With a tall book case beside it on one side. His books and records line its shelves. His record player sits on the far right of his desk, beside the fairy in the jar. Above the desk is a painting of a sailing ship in a storm. On the wall adjoining the door to the bathroom is a push leather wingback chair, matching the one at the desk. The remaining wallspace is taken up by his wardrobe, which houses his various clothes and shoes.

Lab: Markus occult research section of the Thaumaturgy lab in site 77 is a small area of the lab, mostly taken up by a large hexagonal chamber with a blue stone base with seven thick timber beams running to the ceiling, which has an iron pentagram filled with salt on the top. This runs flush with both floor and ceiling. Both bluestone slabs have the greater seal of solomon carved deeply into them, and the timber beams have a great many other runes, sigils and etchings designed to keep summoned entities inside the circle of the stone.This apparatus is able to be sealed with containment grade glass in the case of more dangerous summonings, kept in the storage room ready to be used at a moments notice.
The rest of Markus' area is taken up with his desk and many books in bookcases.

XP: 20

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
XP Transfer +25 ?
2 points in perception, 1 in persuasion -24 ?
Run XP +3 ?
Run XP +4 ?
Run XP +3 ?
Run XP +3 ?
Run XP +5 7/7/16
1 point to strength -10 10/7/16
Purchased new arm -3 12/7/16
holiday XP +5 3/1/17
Roget run +3 4/3/17
Ship Gone Awry +1 25/5/17
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