Marcus Watts

Basic Info:

Player: DrBulb

Position: Security/human resources

Demeanor: Quiet but friendly, seems to enjoy helping anyone he can as long as it isn't a huge inconvenience.

Nature: Curious and rather open when it comes to people, and possesses great deal of empathy. Doesn't handle aggression well, but he won't hesitate to defend himself or others. Very studious, he's always taking notes about the people and things around him. Follows orders obediently unless it's blatantly unethical.

Description: Hailing from the appalachias, Marcus speaks with a slight southern drawl. Caucasion male, mid twenties. wears simple casual clothing, or combats in duty. Short brown hair, wears glasses with green eyes peering out from behind. Stands at five foot seven.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion4
  • Ranged:4
  • Survival: 2
  • Science:3
  • Engineering: 3
  • Medical: 2
  • Bang: 2. His experience in the army has left Marcus familiar with ammunition and explosives, knowing how the various chemicals react and how energy is expelled when the reaction takes place, along with knowledge of various trigger systems. (+2 engineering when working with explosives.)*
  • Familiar: 2. Marcus grew up in the mountains, hunting with his father and hiking the various trails. This has afforded him the ability to recognize useful flora and fauna in these types of environment. (+2 survival in temperate zone forest and hill environments)*
  • Art of war: 2. Thanks to his basic combat training and an interest in tactics, Marcus knows how differentiate between good and bad cover, along with knowledge of battlefield psychology thanks to study of sun tzu's book. (+2 physical defence when facing a humans (GM discretion as to anomalous humanoids.)
  • Innoculation: 2. Due to the nightmares and subsequent discovery of the foundation, the subject has developed the ability to recognize when an anomaly is affecting their mind. However, their ability to resist it does not seem to vary much from others. (+2 mdef to anomalous effects so long as they are not constantly bombarding him with a 3-4 turn cooldown)
  • Comfortable: 2. Though Marcus scrambles over his words when arguing with someone relatively unknown, when someone friendly, or is under his command speaks to him, he identifies his path of logic and reasoning in a clear way. (+2 persuasion when speaking to a friendly party.)
  • BASTARD!: 2. Though Marcus is very cautious, and by no means someone who would take a bullet for you, he does care deeply about his friends. Should he see someone in danger, and he can do something about it, he focuses and makes sure that he does what he can. (+2 ranged against an enemy that has just struck a friendly party to incapacitation or has them pinned.)


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*Wears a satchel, AKA manbag which contains a small first aid/trauma kit and office supplies.
Trench knife
M1911 pistol


  • Dream journal used to describe the device in each dream
  • Dream catcher he hopes will one day rid his nightmares
  • Radio
  • M1 Garand

Personal History:

As a child, Marcus had great difficulty sleeping, often awoken by night terrors. After various therapy treatments from his concerned parents, he began to lie and said they had stopped when the doctors began suggesting electro-shock therapy to his parents. While he found that the presence of friends and daily interaction with them helped to abate the symptoms a bit, the resulting exhaustion was still enough to damage his activity, both academically and athletically. Tired of not feeling the confidence of a 'real man', either through business success brought about by studying or the physical strength of those around him, he joined the army, hoping training and helping his country would lessen his fears in the night.

In addition to the field combat training, Marcus received, his natural empathy made him something of an unofficial counselor for the soldiers he mingled with. However, about this time, something new began to occupy his nights. Strange dreams began coming to him, of him running from something (often monsters or enemy agents), and always towards a strange, metallic cube. He didn’t think much of it, glad that the night terrors were abating, and failing to realize the obsession he was slowly beginning to build with the cube. He began ‘acquiring’ bits and pieces of weapons from the armory, sometimes stealing them himself, but often convincing others he needed a spare for some minor chore. He began trying to combine these parts into the cube from his dreams, each iteration moving closer to the ideal as he was slowly possessed by mechanical skills not his own.

Over years, the slow disappearance of items certainly hadn't gone unnoticed, and Marcus was brought before the officers in 1957. Due to his relative popularity with the other troops, he was given the opportunity to explain himself instead of being labeled a spy and punished. The only cube with buttons was handed to him, and he was instructed to activate it. He protested, saying it did nothing, just like the last time he tried. However, before he could even finish his sentence a streak of energy erupted from the cube and formed a doorway between himself and the officers. Their comments on how he would be court-martialled and discharged fell on deaf ears as he slowly stepped through the portal, only to find himself in the cafeteria of a foundation facility.

He was quickly detained, and the cube taken from his possession. After interviews and psychological evaluation, it was decided he had nothing anomalous about him other than the effects that had been invading his dreams. He was put under observation for several months before being offered amnestics, or a position in the foundation.


  • English


Marcus continues to have nightmares of fleeing from creatures toward strange, and alien devices. Though he can describe some of these, and occasionally has described a categorized scp unknown to him, has not yet felt compelled to build any of them.

XP: 0

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