Luciano Costa

Basic Info:

Luciano Costa

Player: Neon

Position: Infiltration Specialist

Demeanor: When not on a mission, Luciano is sedentary, relaxed, and infuriatingly nonchalant. He smiles easy, is generally outgoing, and doesn’t seem to take much seriously at all; his demeanor tends to be categorized as either a lovely joie de vivre, or foppish arrogance. Really, he doesn’t seem to care much which one of those you believe. When in the thick of things, though, he tends to become a bit more reserved and focused. He still has time for the occasional quip, but like any true thrill-seeker, he’s completely caught up in the moment.

Nature: Luciano is out of his depth and he knows it. His smarmy air of confidence is just a mask for the growing dread that one day, he’s going to land himself in a situation he can’t get out of. He’s got a terrible habit of chasing thrills, and one day that’s going to catch up to him. In the meanwhile, though, he’s bent on enjoying every day he has.

Description: Luciano is a limber man of about 6 foot even, with a muscular, athletic frame befitting an acrobat. He has brown hair and light olive skin, generally free from blemish. His movements are practiced and graceful, and his hawkish green eyes are ever-alert. He smells slightly of cigarette smoke and cologne. His Neapolitan heritage comes through in his accent.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 2
  • Bluff: 3
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Ranged: 3
  • Sneak: 6
  • Engineering: 3
  • Sure-Footed 3. Luciano’s always been a graceful man. A natural acrobat, with a fair amount of practical experience to boot, Luciano excels at climbing, jumping, and maintaining his balance in situations where others might falter. (+3 AGI to acrobatics checks)
  • Precious Cargo 2 The only thing stronger than Luciano’s thrill-seeking impulse is his greed. In situations where there’s something valuable on the line (aside from, of course, his own life), his survival instincts kick into full gear. He thinks clearer, moves faster, and does whatever he can to save his next payday. (+2 AGI to in combat situations in which he is protecting something of value. GM is the ultimate arbiter of how this applies)
  • Gentleman, Not a Thief 3 Though he grew up on the streets of Naples, Luciano is a natural when it comes to faking wealth. He ingratiates himself easily with socialites and moguls, and can talk the talk like the best of them. (+3 BLUFF in situations where he is assuming the identity of someone above his actual station.)
  • Thief, Not a Gentleman 4 Occasionally, there comes the time to drop the gallantry. Luciano still knows how to pick pockets and and locks alike. (+2 ENGI checks to lockpick, or +2 to AGI checks to pick pockets)


  • Beretta M1935
  • Handful of Throwing Knives
  • Binoculars
  • Extra Clip for Handgun
  • None


  • Pack of Cigarettes
  • A bottle of expensive wine, saved for the right occasion
  • A beaten old acoustic guitar
  • A case of extra ammunition for his sidearm.

Personal History:

Luciano Costa was born in Naples, Italy, in the year 1929 the son of a baker, Palmiro and his loving wife, Carla. They were a small family, a tightly knit bunch - Luciano had a brother 3 years his elder, Lauro. Their family had never been one of means, and while they usually had enough to keep three meals on the table, it was hardly a comfortable life. The young boy barely had enough time to enjoy his childhood before setting to work himself. Whatever he didn’t earn legitimately, he made through pickpocketing and other less-than-legal acts of petty larceny.
Growing up during the war was not easy, either. Italy languished under fascism, and his parents were slowly growing more and more dissident. While they never assisted the Resistance directly, they often talked about it at dinner, hushed by candlelight. Lauro began to get ideas, and found himself running with the local resistance in 1942, where he participated in the Four Days of Naples. When the dust cleared, Luciano found his brother dead. Being only 13 at the time, he’d hardly been of use, but had spied a bit on his brother’s request during the days prior.
As the war came to a close, Luciano found himself a young man without purpose in his war-torn homeland. He’d turned to petty crimes to make ends meet - conditions were hardly better even after the Allies’ arrival. He grew more and more audacious with his crimes, however - and soon cornered the market on lost antiques and artwork that had been displaced by the Axis during the war. The growing black market for these items was, he found, highly exploitable.
Eventually, he found his way into the employment of a far more enigmatic collector. He asked for more and more esoteric artifacts. Unwittingly, Luciano had found his way into the world of anart. It wasn’t long before the Foundation caught wind of his ability to infiltrate locations housing anart, and they assumed he’d be an expert in these matters too. What they found, however, was that despite his skill, he was relatively unaware of the use of these anomalies. His skill and knowledge of the black market anart web, however, proved to be enough to make him a useful asset to the Foundation.


  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish


XP: 0

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