Loche Werner

Basic Info:

Player: Knyght/PoliteCannibal


Position: Loche is a combat tested soldier and a semi-skilled medical officer specializing in grueling combat-related wounds, such as gunshot wounds, knife and bayonet wounds, explosive burns, shrapnel damage, and blunt trauma. Loche is also fairly adept as a Psychologist although he doesn't practice it as much as physical medical work.

Demeanor: Loche gives off the impression that something is always on his mind, and seems obsessively paranoid. He constantly looks over his shoulder, and will stare at others as if they'd just insulted him. He's a bit cautious and can be accusatory if particularly nervous or if he seems to feel cornered. Other than his quirks he seems to be respectful to most and tries to be kind when he's feeling up to it. Loche always speaks with a hint of a proper upbringing and politeness that can seem forced. He can come off a bit overwhelming due to this, but it gives him an air of professionalism that is hard to overlook.

Nature: Loche is an inherently nervous and paranoid person, although he can be friendly once you get past his cautious exterior. He enjoys speaking with others, and despite his worried conscious he tries to get along with his comrades to the best of his ability.

Description: Loche is of German heritage. He has a tall but somewhat thin frame, a lightweight build. He has dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes, bordering on gray. He reaches a tall height of around 6'5" when not slouching, although he tends to do so, and can seem shorter.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 6
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Ranged:6
  • Sneak: 2
  • Academics:3
  • Medical:6
  • Piles of Entrails : 4. Loche has dealt in many areas of war in a medical field, where finding torn apart bodies and bullet ridden corpses is common. +3 Bonus to MDefense when dealing with gore/death based rolls, and combat based trauma.
  • Always on edge.: 3. Loche is an inherently twitchy and paranoid individual, and seems to always be ready to react when something is going down. Bonus to Perception when faced with a threat or sudden surprise. (As Determined by the GM)
  • Forearms Deep in Gore: 3. Loche is iron willed and sharp as a scalpel when it comes to medical feats, having witnessed more gore and bullet holes than any man should ever. Bonus to medical tasks in dire/stressful situations. (As Determined by the GM)
  • Valor from a Distance: 3. Loche has experience in trench warfare from his time as Wermacht in WWII, and is much more capable at ranged combat than up close. (+3 When firing from longer distances, requires a round to set up position.)
  • Advanced Field Medical Guide (Purchased Book) +2 to basic Medical checks. If already proficient in medicine, provides for more advanced in-field treatment such as closing up wounds, healing infections and curing severe sickness.


  • Gewehr 43 and 7.92×57mm Ammunition
  • Walther P38 and 9mm Ammunition
  • Combat Knife with bayonet fitting
  • Medical Satchel containing a wide variety of medical tools and various medicines.
  • Flashlight
  • Emergency Supply of Rations
  • Canteen
  • Lighter and Cigarettes


  • Journals and Medical Texts
  • Military Fatigues, Officer Uniform and patches/awards

-Specific Awards Including
Wehrmacht Long Service Award, Four Years of Service
Eastern Front Service Medal
War Merit Cross
Knight's Cross
Multiple Campaign Stripes/Service Ribbons

  • Medical Certificates and Records
  • War Trinkets and Souvenirs, such as miscellaneous dog tags, photos etc.

Loche possesses many photos of wartime victims, in many stages of both death and those in recovery, and keeps a portfolio of his most impressive medical successes.

  • Jagged-Straightsword (From Spookybee run), hung up in his office. A giant straightsword wielded by a strange armored tear drinker.

Personal History:

Loche was born in 1925 in Berlin, Germany. Born to a semi-wealthy family, Loche had a very proper upbringing and received both good schooling and tutoring. He attended school again in Berlin, alongside his small family of 4, his mother, father and older brother. When war broke out in 1939, both his brother and father set off to war, leaving Loche at home with his mother, who was at the time very ill. In the following two years, Loche began to dedicate all his time to schooling and caring to his mother, who passed away in 1941 of a fever despite best efforts to care for her.
Loche joined the German military a week after her passing, having reached the enlistment age requirement of 16 at the time. Loche quickly volunteered to become a field medic for German Infantry on the Eastern Front of WW2 fighting against Allied Forces, and found a balance between both causing and healing wounds on the field.Loche, while not too particularly keen on getting out into the fray, was exceptional at tending to the wounded and firing at a distance. Most of his days, although he'd brag about military achievement, was spent performing medical duties and tending to the sick and wounded German troops on the back lines. Loche fought in multiple large campaigns, while honing his medical skills in the field, becoming an incredibly skilled medic, enough to be formally recognized by the German Military for outstanding performance. Loche found his way higher in the ranks of the German SS through acts of leadership and both combat and medical excellence, earning him multiple awards from his superiors and the admiration of his fellow soldiers.
Loche was awake long hours, worked long days and had both pride and an unhealthy obsession in regards to his work as a medic. He witnessed horrible wounds, mangled corpses, and spent most of his days with the moans and wails of the dying ringing in his ear. Even as he was promoted to officer ranking, he kept hard at work overseeing field medical operations along the Eastern front, and his hands were always at work patching someone up or digging bullet fragments out of someone else.
After the end of World War II and the surrender of Nazi Germany, Loche quickly returned to schooling and now his work as a medical-somewhat-professional, taking up practice in his home of Berlin as both a Doctor and Psychologist. War has its lingering effects on some though.

Loche, during and after the war, became increasingly paranoid and confrontational, and his bad mental health management left him with a twitchy and jumpy disposition. Sudden gunfire panicked him, surprises were never good for his mind, and he always found himself looking over his shoulder, as if expecting someone to come rushing in behind him. Years of stressful events throughout Germany's Military campaigns left him in a constant state of nervousness and panic, always seeming to be ready to patch up another bullet ridden boy who was dragged into his medical tent… Even if he was simply at home eating dinner, the war long gone.

Loche was approached by the foundation in private, based on his exceptional war performance, and valuable medical knowledge especially in the field. With his family left torn to pieces, his father and brother not returning from war, and with no real ties to his home city other than his now poorly financed medical practice, he packed up and set off to Site-77.


  • German
  • English


Loche has a heavy German accent when speaking in English.

Loche keeps an almost forced air of professionalism and formality. Maybe he's just a relaxed, do nothing person in a stuck up shell. He'd never admit it though.

Loche seems to have some deep seated social issues and a slight bit of awkwardness, probably from spending 17 hours a day, every day, for 4 years working on dying soldiers.

Loche specializes as a doctor, but also is trained as a psychologist.

Further Important History Dates :
5/7/17 Loche has been severely mentally damaged due to an event involving brookhaven hospital.
5/16/17 Loche discovered the resistance cell he had been funneling medical supplies too during WW2 was run by the father of Merrill Reyes, local foundation Thaum Scientist.
5/28/17 Loche is severely wounded during mission 'In The Far Too Distant Future'
6/17/17 Loche gets even more super mind warped by the Factory.
7/8/17 Loche can't stop getting mind warped by the factory plot line.

XP: 16

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Tulpa Arms Shipment P +4 4/7/17
Windscale Reactor Incident +4 4/18/17
Been Drowned +4 5/21/17
Lunacy +6 5/17-21/17
Range Maxed -11 5/22/17
Marshallr Run +4 5/22/17
093 Recontainment +3 5/23-24/17
In The Far Too Distant Future +7 5/28/17
Sneak 0 > 1 -7 5/28/17
Purchase Advanced Field First Aide Guide -12 5/28/17
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost +2 6/17/17
The Factory's Name, First and Last +5 7/8/17
Sneak 1 > 2 -7 7/8/17
The End of Soularc! +7 7/30/17
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