Leon Huxley

Basic Info:

Player: bronilla

Position: Recon Operative

Demeanor: Distrusting, Unafraid. Loyal to the Foundation. Is very closed off to new faces. Opens up to those that are trusted. Typically respects authority figures and loves a set of objectives for missions. Rarely goes out on missions unprompted. Sucks up to people that can be advantageous to him in the future. Has no bias to people who he interacts with.

Nature: Underplays own skills. Is constantly training. Always ready for a fight. Sociable to his inner circles. Tends to speak in a soft tone. Does not like to yell, but he will try to be threatening when people are not following the mission's objectives.

Description: A wiry man at 5'10". Leon is of a mild build and is fair in skin. Hazel eyes, Short brown hair. Face is kept in a permanent state of seriousness. Giant scar on his left arm. Has a smile that can warm up the saddest of people. Deep voice, faint British accent. Wears a ripped blue shirt with a sparrow on it and blue jeans whenever off mission at Site 77.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense:4
  • Mental Denfense: 3
  • Agility: 5
  • Perception: 3
  • Strength: 1
  • Bluff: 4
  • Ranged:3
  • Melee:4
  • Sneak:5
  • Academics: 4
  • Starting Bonus: 2 Agi/Mel Leon was always known for his extreme abilities in running and can always take an enemy before they are able to fully defend themselves (If Leon is faster than enemy and attacks first with a melee weapon, Leon's melee rises by +2)
  • Scholar : 4 Aca Leon was intensely trained by the Foundation in information recall and selectively finding the most important sections of any document (Academics raise by +4 when trying to retrieve information from the a target enemy)
  • Silent Punch: 1 Mel/Sne Leon was always able to sneak and can use this to get a small extra hit on his enemy (If Leon sneaks up on an enemy and uses a melee weapon, Leon's melee gets a +1, but can not use this specialties in conjunction with starting bonus)
  • Outcast: 2 Aca/Sur Leon was originally known for his street smarts before the Foundation taught him in the fields of science and other scholarly subjects (When activated, 2 of Leon's Academics stats turn into 2 Survival stats)
  • Slow Fighter: 3 Agi/Str Leon was originally built for running, but once he slows down his frame gets slightly more bulky. (During a fight, Leon can exchange 1 to 3 of his Agility stats to make 1 to 3 Strength stats. However the Strength stat number must equal the number of Agility stats exchanged)


  • Flashlight-Used for seeing into dark tunnels and small air vents
  • Notepad and pen-Used for writing down any valuable enemy information that would be useful for the Foundation
  • Canteen-Carries Water for re hydration on long missions
  • Knife-Standard Foundation knife that can cut through all standard ropes and tape
  • Long Range Radio-A radio used for communicating with Foundation operatives when out on a mission.
  • Sturdy Backpack-A backpack that carries up to five guns and the rest of Leon's gear with room for up to five objects.
  • .45 Automatic M1911A1 and five clips of ammo-An automatic gun that can easily reload and is small enough to conceal and stealthily fire.
  • 7.62x51mm battle rifle-A gun given to him at orientation as a standard gun to fight with



  • A faded photo of Leon's Mother and two sisters
  • A piece of paper-Leon drawn a red sparrow on it to remind him of his gang

Personal History:

Leon Huxley is a recon operative of British origins. Leon Huxley was born to an poverty ridden town on October 26, 1933 where jobs were scarce and thievery was the easiest way to survive. Leon strictly stole for the well being of his two sisters and mother.

Leon joined a street gang, called the Sparrows, at the age of 14. Leon was noted to be a drug transporter for the first couple of years, but quickly climbed up due to his hard work to a communicator/lookout which entitled him with the access of lots of information about rival gangs and the police schedules. Leon then started to execute more explosive acts of violence which included arson, vandalism, and domestic theft. The core reason for the discovery of Leon was his multiple bank robberies throughout England. Leon's bank robbery style was of note due to the fact that all of the banks robbed by Leon had no evidence of external tampering yet large amounts of money seemed to vanish without a trace. Eyewitnesses of the banks state that they were in front of the vault door and there was nobody who entered or exited. Roughly £25,974.03 were stolen in total from various lesser known banks throughout the nation.

Foundation agents were dispatched to one of the affected banks as the robberies seemed anomalous in nature where they found a red sparrow stylized in graffiti, a tag most linked to the Sparrows, on the interior of the vault walls of all banks that were affected. Investigation of Sparrow activity for the past few months revealed that Leon was the most prominent acting member. Foundation operatives were dispatched and detained Leon on July 14, 1958. Leon revealed that all of his robberies involved using an object that has been contained by the Foundation, but was lost which was suspected to involve undercover CI tampering.

As Leon was evaluated to be advantageous to the Foundation as he demonstrated expertise in the field of reconnaissance, Leon was accepted into the Foundation after psychological testing and deprogramming. Leon has declared devotion to the Foundation under the agreement that his charges are dropped and his family is taken care of.


  • English


Does not like to curse as it reminds him of his abusive and now dead father
Will always try to care for people on and off the field though he can not provide medical help
Loves checklists as it allows him to easily appease to everyone
Practices birdcalls in his spare time especially practices calls to sparrows as sparrows are his favorite bird
Is always interested in learning other people's cultures and will always try to treat everyone equally so as to not make them hate him
Does not actively pursue romantic relationships
Hates smoke because it reminds him of his father's smoking addiction

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