Landon "Hill" Royle

Basic Info:

Landon Royle

Player: Cocoa

Position: SAR Operative / Survival Medic

Demeanor: If you watched him long enough, you might start to think Landon is governed entirely by Newton's Law of Inertia. He is very patient, at times coming off as just plain lazy. This seems to reverse itself once he's got going on tracking or medicine, only really stopping to avoid detection, scan his surroundings, or for the benefit of his team. He's generally friendly towards his 'charges,' whether they be patients or people he has to lead through the forest, though he also has a tendency to be rather blunt.

Nature: The above is true, but only belies part of what's going on. While Hill might appear to just be lazying about at times, his constant intake of information never really goes away. Sure, he might seem like he's just sitting in the corner lazying about, but he's really watching everyone in the room, taking mental notes and waiting for the right time to act.

Description: Mid-thirties and average height. He has close-cropped brown hair and often a bit of stubble. Wind-tanned skin. His brown eyes have two modes: 'lazy roaming' and 'piercing homing missile.' Likes to wear a stetson while out in the field. He also has three black bars marked permanently on his right cheek.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Survival: 6
  • Sneak: 4
  • Engineering: 1
  • Medical: 6
  • Manhunter: 4. Landon is highly adept at Search & Rescue, a skillset which also lends itself well to tracking fugitives and anomalies. Bonus when tracking people and things, trying to predict their movements through the wilderness based on the lay of the land, or trying to deduce information about what he's tracking based on size and shape of prints/trash/residues/other evidence.
  • Jurry Rig: 3. Landon is adept at making due with few resources. In fact he's gotten good at making due without necessary resources. You never know when your radio is gonna break in the middle of the wilderness. Bonus to making thinks like simple tools or weapons and repairing things like cars or radios when completely cut off from resources that could make it easier.
  • Medpack: 4. Landon whacks you with a box full of nanobots to restore you to full health Landon is fond of carrying all the medical supplies he might need with him or, baring that, improvising with what's on-hand (see above). Landon has a pool of 6 points per run or event to work with. Whenever he rolls medical to heal a teammate, regardless of if the roll was a success or not, he can spend up to 2 of these points to increase the amount healed by an equivalent amount.
  • Persistence: 1. You'd be surprised at how many things can be accomplished through raw stubbornness determination. Landon can pass any skill check, given three conditions. A) He spends a number of his turns equal to the DC (or lowest DC if there are multiple levels of success) working away at the problem without stopping. B) He can't have any points in the base stat for the skill. Equipment or temporary effect boosts don't count. C) It can't require any specialty knowledge that Landon wouldn't have access to. Example: Landon's path is blocked by vines, which require a Melee check of DC 4 to clear. Landon has no Melee, so instead takes his time sawing through the vines with his survival knife.


  • Survival knife
  • Stetson
  • Multitool
  • Flint and steel
  • Navigation tools
  • Paracord
  • Medpack
    • Gauze
    • Bandages
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Needle and thread
    • Antibiotics
    • Painkillers
    • Anti-inflamitory
    • Probably some top-secret but non-anomalous Foundation tech.



  • His army uniform, neatly pressed and stored away.
  • Hunting paraphernalia.

Personal History:

Landon grew up just outside a small town that was itself just outside of Portland. His childhood was plain and unnoteworthy, but relatively happy. Having turned 18 just prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, he was one of many young men caught up in the patriotic fervor of war, and enlisted as an army medic. After the war ended, Landon returned to civilian life and worked as a warden in the area surrounding his home for several years. Eventually, though, the situation in Korea caused Landon to temporarily re-enlist.

Once back home, Landon took up his previous occupation as a warden. In the mid-50s, search and rescue organizations began to spring of from mountaineering clubs throughout the pacific northwest. Between his medical experience and his familiarity with the surrounding
mountains and forest, it was the perfect niche for Landon.

Landon's first brush with the anomalous came in the fall of 1958. The day had started off with a standard procedure search and rescue operation, with a pair of local teenagers having disappeared in the woods. However, in addition to the pair's tracks, here and there he found little signs of a third party. Blackened patches on trees and rocks that smoked despite being cold to the touch. The barest hints of disturbances in the foliage. A single bony, elongated, humanoid footprint. Near the end of the day, he found the source of these unusual traces. A large, spindly creature, brown if you got a look at it but near-invisible unless you were looking right at it. An altercation ensued. And by 'altercation,' I mean whatever it was backhanded him across the face, sending him flying yards backward and into a tree.

Landon woke up the next morning, feeling like the right side of his face was on fire and like his head wasn't on quite right. If he'd been thinking completely straight, he would have turned tail and forgotten about the thing entirely. But something about the attack had sent his thinking a bit crooked. The only thing he could seem to focus on was killing the thing. He tracked it through the forest, trying to get the jump on it. But something about where it hit him seemed to let it know where he was, and it turned out that it wasn't entirely ready to leave Landon in peace either. The game of cat and mouse went on for three days, though who was the cat and who was the mouse wasn't always entirely clear. Eventually, Landon was able to kill it with a jury-rigged spear.

Afterwards, his head cleared up a bit, and he called in the authorities, both to call in the… whatever it was, and to check on the situation regarding the kids. For the later topic, both kids were found and taken to safety, though they were a bit loopy and scared out of their minds. For the latter, the authorities called their superiors who called their superiors and so on, until the Foundation caught wind of it and sent a retrieval team. The corpse was contained as E-█████ ("Daddy Longlegs"), and Landon was recruited into the Foundation. He then underwent basic training for a couple months before being attached to Psi-7.


  • English
  • A little Korean
  • Chinookan


Landon is a quarter Chinook, but doesn't feel much connection to that part of his heritage outside knowing the language.

It seems like Landon gets a new hobby every few months, dropping a skill as soon as he starts getting good at it to train a new one.

XP: 0

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