Lacey Sturbanks

Basic Info:

Player: Prior

Position: Site Security, General Operative

Demeanor: Cheerful, friendly, eminently approachable.

Nature: The last year has changed Lacey more than any before it. She's still a cheerful soul at her core, and one who genuinely loves most people, but she's also learned a lot about the way the world works and what people are really like. She still believes in the Foundation with all her heart.

Description: 5'2", slender build and green eyes a little too big for her head. Blonde hair in a ponytail to her mid-back. Scrupulously clean at all times. Not unattractive, but nothing to write home about, give her a 6, 7 at best1. Prefers to wear various shades of yellow and has yellow threading and such on her uniform.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Melee: 4
  • Ranged: 4
  • Medical: 6
  • Psychically Conditioned: 4 Lacey has watched some of her closest friends lose their minds to magical influence and control. She has resolved not to let this fate befall her. Bonus to Mdef from magical sources.
  • Trained Until I Bled: 4 With enough practice, anything is possible. Anyone can learn, anyone can improve. Lacey gets a bonus when making a called shot to a specific area with her own weapons.
  • I fight for the Foundation!: 4 Lacey remains fiercely loyal to the Foundation, and the lengths she will go to to achieve her listed goal can be quite frightening. Can be applied to an agility, strength, pdef, persuasion, ranged, mdef, melee, or medical roll, three times per run/event, and only at critical moments such as the impending death of a run member or the complete failure of the mission. This stacks with other specs


  • Emergency radio. (all times).
  • Her larva king necklace.
  • Colt Official Police pistol (Practiced)
  • Pocketknife (Practiced)
  • Trench Knife (Practiced)
  • Shortsword (Practiced)
  • Backpack containing:
  • None


  • Books.
  • A picture probably of her family.
  • A picture of whoever the heck "The Beatles" are.
  • A caged blind white rat named Sam of ambiguous gender.
  • A #80 (Lacey Fiddy-Aytee) SCP THE TRADING CARD GAME trading card.
  • Enough pencils and paints to last a lifetime.
  • A magical fish conch shell thing.
  • A picture of a message written in blood on a wall.
  • An antique blunderbuss.
A photo of Maxwell's Lacey's blunderbuss.
  • A Harley Davidson Hummer, painted in yellow camo patterns and with a lightning bolt sigil at various points.

Personal History:

Most of the woman formerly known as SCP-5080's life is well documented elsewhere, and need not concern us here.

On 5/3/1956, SCP-5080 was exposed to an extranormal chemical that caused wastage of the flesh, and participated in the destruction of a creature linked to a Juniper-Class Deity-like entity. Which of these events caused her ensuing changes is unknown.

Following this event, SCP-5080 displayed a marked difference in her next postmortem activities. It became apparent that the nature of her anomaly had undergone a major change, and she was sent to research site 41, where it was deemed that the change had caused her anomalous threat category to decrease from 4 (immediate containment) to 6 (possible oversight required). As result she lost her SCP designation, her file was given the -Decommissioned suffix, and the standard offer of Foundation MTF employment was offered.

As of 1/30/1957, Foundation scientists at Site-44 have deemed SCP-5080-sN to have entered a completely neutralised state, as expected from the subject according to the standard patterns of intangent degradation. As of this date, SCP-5080 is officially classed as entirely neutralised.

To: A.Van Der Linde, M.Fulton
Subject: The continued employment of L.Sturbanks in MTF Psi-7 "Home Improvement"
Sirs, it may have come to your attention that the SCP 5080 (Repeating Spectre) has entered a fully neutralised state. At this point the standard procedures for the remaining humanoid are either termination, or memory wipe followed by release, the expectation in the latter case being that they will be able to rely on their pre-Foundation experiences.
The problems here arise when we consider the fact that SCP-5080-N does not have any pre-Foundation memories on which to rely. Due primarily to efforts suggested by myself and my colleague, E.Rotherham (See the S-RPP documents attached for further details), all such memories have been almost wholly amnesticised, and consisted only of traumatic experiences at any rate.
I will take this opportunity to remind you, Sirs, that regardless of your personal moral feelings towards the S-RPP, neither SCP-5080 or SCP-5030, nor SCP-5010, could even speak a coherent language when they were recovered.
In light of the lack of feasibility of releasing SCP-5080-N, I would like to also raise the following points.

  • SCP-5080-N scored 84 points on the Milgram obedience examination when the order was presented as coming directly from an accredited Foundation official.
  • With zero escape attempts SCP-5080-N has the joint smallest escape attempt log of any sentient object in containment, a record shared with 85.7% of the Problem Children.
  • SCP-5080-N participated in the termination of SCP-5040, although the degree to which this is the case is unknown.
  • Most importantly, SCP-5080-N's service record in MTF Psi-7 is absolutely impeachable. With the exception of her first mission, SCP-5080-N has either succeeded in every mission to which she has been assigned, or been a critical factor in its damage mitigation (C.F Chesterfield, Vermont)

In light of these factors, I wholeheartedly recommend that the Foundation retains SCP-5080-N in her current place of employment- as a Psi-7 agent.
James Sturbanks (Anomaly Psychological Analyst).

To: A.Van Der Linde, J.Sturbanks
Subject: The continued employment of L.Sturbanks in MTF Psi-7 "Home Improvement"
Michael Fulton (Acting Director).


Antipsychic conditioning is a comparatively new anomalous suppression technique. Developed by Foundation researchers at Site 41, the particular method Lacey uses involves separating and partitioning parts of the mind and soul using mental focus and drive, designating certain sections as expendable and heavily protecting others. This creates natural routes for psychic invasions, channeling them into less important parts of the consciousness that can be easily dumped and replaced, leaving memory and personality areas clear. If used properly it can in theory repel any attack, although strong or subtle enough forces can still access the protected areas.
Inhabitants of Lacey's mind perceive her mental blocks and segmenting as great walls of blue and green crystal, cutting off their physical presence on her mental landscape.


  • English
  • Russian
  • Polish


Genetic analysis has shown that Lacey was most likely incarcerated for being a member of a Jewish family, although she herself does not practice Judaism.

Lacey is a strong hayfever sufferer.

Lacey still regards numerous members of her containment team as surrogate parents, and knows the full names of most site personnel. She likes everyone at site19. Even the folks that hate her guts.

Lacey's birthday is, to all intents and purposes, on the first of February. Her actual date of birth is another, unknown date.

The tattoo on her back says "R45177", underwritten with "Wewelsburg subject 221." Very few people have seen it, and Lacey tries not to look at it.

Lacey is an avid reader, mostly of horror and mystery fiction, although she also enjoys fantasy. She is currently reading Rupert Handler's "Tarred And Feathered", and enjoying it immensely.

She is skilled in and enjoys arts and crafts, although she is a mediocre drawer. She knows how to knit, french knit, work paper-mache, embroider, cross-stitch, and paint. She can also fish and skate, but isn't very good.

Lacey's personal restrictions have been almost wholly lifted. She can carry whatever she wants wherever, knows how to drive an automobile, and is allowed into town on a work leave basis.

Lacey's last name is reflective of her handler's surname, who remains the closest thing she has to a father.


Amnesia by miracle of sound.

XP: 12

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
5 Medical -9 ?
6 Medical -10 ?
4 Melee -9 ?
First Aid Training -12 ?
Site-19 Transfer +48 03/05/2016
Kidnapping Timmy +4 19/06/2016
Werebricks +2 26/06/2016
4-5 Persuasion -9 30/06/2016
Merry Christmas +1 25/12/2016
Shot a LOT of fucking dogs +3 21/1/2017
Went swimming and did hugs +2 28/1/2017
Fuck you Alexander, girls can into fighting! +4 18/3/2017
They can also into sword! -10 07/4/2017
Russian Skeletons +4 04/07/2017
Fucking Agra Maturer +3 18/05/2017
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