Michelle Martins

Basic Info:

Player: Kyuri

Position: Stealth Operative/Long-range support

Demeanor: Cheerful, but very straightforward. Can be stubborn and awkward occasionally. Prefers to be called by her nickname "Mika."

Nature: Dedicated to her line of work, very eager for excitement and loves to be involved in some form of action. Prefers to be alone in delicate procedures or dangerous situations, as she finds it easier to concentrate.

Description: Slightly pale white skin, with neck-length black hair. She's not concerned with looks too much, so she doesn't bother with makeup, and wears whatever she feels is comfortable, but also necessary for whatever she's doing.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Bluff: 2
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 3
  • Survival: 3
  • Sneak: 4
  • Academics: 2
  • Vanishing Prescence: 5. Mika's advanced stealth training has taught her how to hide herself on the fly. +2 to Sneak rolls.
  • One Bullet: 4. The tension of long-distance shots has honed her precision to an uncanny accuracy. +2 to Ranged skills with long-distance weapons.
  • Nothing More Than The Necessities: 3. Her experience of living off of next to nothing has taught her how to survive more effectively. +1 to Survival rolls.


  • .45 Automatic M1911A1 handgun
  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Camera (Used for stealth tasks)
  • Winchester Model 70 Rifle (isn't used much except for long-distance)
  • Water bottle



  • Casual clothes
  • Several comics and science fiction books
  • A picture of her family
  • A dartboard

Personal History:

Michelle "Mika" Martins was born in 1930 in America during the Great Depression. Her family was relatively poor, but they managed to get by through some legally questionable means, including Mika's introduction to pick-pocketing and the art of stealth. In 1940, her father went to enlist in the Army during World War II. When she was 15, she learned her father was killed during the last battle of the war. She longed to follow in his footsteps, and applied to enter the military at 22, but was rejected due to having a criminal record, among other things.


  • English


  • Favorite color is light blue

XP: 0

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