Kieran Валерий

Basic Info:

Kieran (Valery), Age 28

Player: Salem

Position: Containment- Item Retrevial

Demeanor: Kieran tends to remain calm under the most twisted circumstances, He has a habit of overly formal behaviour.

Nature: Often confident is his actions and decisions- after overanalyzing and perfecting them. His choices are made without emotion in mind.

Description: Kieran is a fair skinned man standing at 5'7" with a lean build. He often opts to wear business casual attire such as dress pants and button ups with vests. His black hair is often styled, while he has perpetual 5' o'clock shadow. Валерий is Caucasian with green eyes.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Intimidation: 2
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 2 (+2 STR)
  • Ranged: 3
  • Sneak: 2
  • Engineering: 3
  • Darke Mentality: 2. Death, Mistreatment, blatant hedonism- Kieran has seen it all- and it has ceased to bother him as it would others.
    • +2 Mdef when witnessing Death, Torture or Gore
  • Darke Business: 4. Two things Marshall, Carter and Dark teaches you. How to lie, and how to pursuade. When business depends on everyone being able to say the same lie, and the same honeyed words without contingency errors- everyone has to learn to lie their faces off and not get caught.
    • +2 Pers, +2 Bluff against Sapient NPCs which are not Aligned with the Foundation, loyalty wise. Kieran must be aware of the NPCs (lack of) loyalty for this spec to apply.
  • Darke Demeanor: 3. Intimidation is more than screaming at a man, threatening to fillet him and have him watch. Sometimes omission may be enough- let paranoid do your job.
    • +3 Intimidation when facing Neutralised (Sapient) Hostile, such as those unable to continue combat via physical incapacitation, having been disarmed, or having surrendered. Can be used 3x per run
  • Breach: 3. Generally, a repair should be done as efficiently as possible- regardless of time constraints to ensure the piece is in fully working order. Breaking something however- that's speed. Kieran used to try keeping objects contacted as best he could- but when it's time to retrieve something by Foundation orders- it's time to work backwards.
    • +3 Engineering when breaching enemy containment for retrevial of Anomalies artifacts/persons.





  • Claddagh Ring
  • Jagged snowflake Onyx
  • (1) Black and Grey Pinstripe suit
  • Flask (Contains Vodka diluted with soda)
  • Leather Journal
  • Handwoven dreamcatcher
  • A collection of various novels

Personal History:

Kieran Валерий was born to Ivan and Lovise Валерий on October 8th, 1930. The family resided in Magnitogorsk for a year after Kierans birth before moving to a small town in Northern Ireland- attempting to escape the rising political chaos that plagued Russia through the help of maternal linage. Alongside a nasty business which the Валерий family had dabbled in for years.

From age 6, Kieran was given a fair education by his grandparents- he was also baptised late as a Catholic by said grandparents. Life was calm until 1948 when Kieran finally turned 18- He had been studying the folklore of Ireland when his parents decided to move to London- as Lovise became involved with Marshall, Carter and Dark at the urging of her parents.

Валерий attempted to distance himself from the family in 1950 after his father died of liver failure- due to his excessive drinking in response to his wife's newfound profession- he shortly after fell on hard times and had to stay with his mother out of sheer necessity. He was trained to work with the supply- keeping the anomalous entities and objects safe and in good condition for purchase. For this, he was trained to monitor the vital signs of comatose anomalies and basic mechanical skills to keep containment areas secure and functioning.

He was a well respected member of Marshall Carter and Dark- until May 12th, 1954 when he went turncoat and sabotaged a sales meeting at one of MC&Ds London club outposts- sending the information to a GOC mole located in the public relations division of MC&D. He was brought in by the GOC for questioning soon after. While his responses usually came as quickfire retorts, when asked about his motivation, Kieran stated how Marshall, Carter and Dark and his mother's involvement had killed his father by driving him to Alcoholism. He displayed severe distrust for MC&D alongside its associates, save for a select few. He never stayed in contact with said associates.

Kieran Bалерий served as a containment manager for the Global Occult Collation for nearly 4 years as "Agent Wingnut" before retiring- having stated that he was not used to life as structured and controlled as life at the GOC. He made it clear, he wanted more freedom in his work. The GOC could not grant this request- prompting Kieran to seek out the 'Kewpies', otherwise known as the Foundation.


  • Irish
  • English
  • Russian


  • Valery is simply the English spelling of Валерий
  • His notebook is full of pressed clovers
  • Valery can sing Tenor
  • Kieran is Hetrosexual, Aromantic
    • Edit: All your Ships are Still Null
  • Kieran is Chaotic Evil

XP: 0

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