Katherine "Kate" Dixon
Kate Dixon- 1955

Basic Info:

Player: Alivi

Position: Security/Sharpshooter

Demeanor: Peppy, Talkative, a bit gossipy. She is chipper and always seeming to look on the bright side of things. She gives off a carefree air of positivity even if she has to focus on the tiniest thing possible. She can be a bit headstrong and stubborn, but she respects experience. If big talk is backed by skill, she'll listen. If big talk is just talk- psh. Yea right.

Nature: Kate is a loyal type of girl. When she backs someone or a cause it is because she truly believes in it. She can respect a secret if need be- but of course people have to trust her with them first. She believes in hard work and not waiting around for things to fall into your lap. While she does believe in God she doesn't quite believe in prayers as much as actually doing the thing that needs to be done.

Description: Kate has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin is a bit tanned from her time outdoors and in the sun. She tends to keep her appearance pretty neat when she starts out the day. She wears makeup but keeps it light really only ever favoring lipstick. She finds the colors super nice. Kate gets down and dirty so she rarely wears clothes she doesn't mind getting messed up. She enjoys wearing a hat of some sort usually sticking with the western style hats she is used to. Keeps the sun out. Kate wears boots for the most part although she rarely wears spurs since joining the Foundation. If she had a horse, that'd be another story.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Melee: 2
  • Ranged: 5
  • Survival: 4
  • Academics: 2
  • Engineering: 2
  • Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better: +3 Ranged, Competitive streak a mile wide- the better Kate's teammates do on their shots and attacks, the better she'll shoot. +1 per roll over Kate's Base Ranged (5) done by Kate's Teammates (base/unmodified rolls) capping at +3; resets each round.
  • Just Like Back Home +3 to Survival to longterm missions/deployments. Kate has been going on long cattle drives since she was 12 years old. She had to get used to life in the wilderness, with the unpredictable weather and nature. No matter what they had a job to do- and she learned how to do that and survive. She knows a good deal about environments similar to the Southwest, but she is also pretty good at planning and keeping tabs on supplies as well as dealing with the unexpectedness of Mother Nature. Experience helps- eh?
  • I Heard That: +2 Hearing Perception in dark/low-light situations. Kate having been on cattle drives since she was young is used to having to take night watches here and there. As such she's gotten particularly good at hearing things that could clue her in on potential trouble in dark or low light environments/times.
  • Just Gotta Whack It: +2 to Engineering when dealing with farm equipment or similar items. Kate worked on a farm and just so happens that when her Dad or Grandad weren't around to help her fix something, she had to roll up her sleeves and do it herself. She's not an expert- but she gets the job done.
  • Not So Bad Are Ya?: +2 Dealing with Animals/Animal Husbandry. Kate is pretty good at dealing with farm animals and knows a good deal about taking care of them. Horses, Cattle, and Dogs are ones she is most used to dealing with. But she also has dealt with Cats, Chickens, Goats, Burros, and Sheep. Still once you know the basics of dealing with some animals, you can usually apply the knowledge elsewhere pretty alright.


  • Pocket Survival Knife
  • Rope
  • Flashlight
  • Gloves
  • Ammo
  • 2 Colt Single Action Army Revolvers
  • Winchester Model 1873 Rifle
  • Compass
  • Her Hat (Doesn't go anywhere without it really)
  • Tools for fixing things (just in case) packed in a case located in her rucksack
  • Marlin Spike
  • Wild Rag to go around her neck and in case she needs a kerchief for something.


  • Photographs from home
  • Some of Ma's Homemade Chili spice
  • Spices in general for cooking
  • Cigarettes & Lighter
  • 15 tubes of lipstick in various colors.
  • Notebook and paper
  • Grandad's Harmonica
  • Grandad's Pocketwatch
  • Turquoise Turtle Pendant

Personal History:

Katherine Dixon was born on October 10th, 1930 near Santa Fe, New Mexcio. Her parents Roy Dixon Jr. and Peggy Dixon ran a decent sized homestead in a rural area that had been in the family for quite some time. Roy Dixon Jr. always said that the Dixon luck had ran out the day Katherine was born.

In all honesty, Roy had been counting on a son to help with the homestead and Katherine was the only child born to the Dixon Family- the others not making it to term. Still, not to be deterred Roy was determined to raise his child to help protect the Dixon legacy through the land. Even if she was a girl, he'd raise her to be a boy if he had to. While it brought some strife to Peggy and Roy's marriage, in the end Roy kinda got his way. Hard times would strike and make it imperative to have all hands on deck so to speak, and for each family member to pour all effort into running the farm and homestead.

The 1930s brought the Great Depression, and with it the Dust Bowl. Farming and Ranching were both staples of the New Mexican economy and both received considerable blows from the environmental and economic hardships brought by the decade. The Dixon homestead, in danger of being lost combined with other local ranchers to create a bigger network in an attempt to protect assets and ward off competition from big name companies.

Katherine grew up in hard times, and for the most part pulled into all different directions. She was to be tough for her father, but soft for her mother. Like the son her father never had, but still ladylike for her Mom. Her biggest relief was her Grandad, Roy Dixon Sr. He always kept up her imagination and helped her through even the hardest of moments. His encouragement helped give her the determination to pursue what she wanted. In the end, Katherine- while taking on a bit of a tomboy flair, she never gave up her softer side and developed a bit of a feminine twist striking a strange but agreeable balance.

As she grew, Kate's father treated her more like the son he always needed giving her the responsibilities to mind the animals and help around the farm. Katherine learned all the ins and outs of homesteading. This included caring for the animals, riding horses, maintaining machinery, helping around the house, and helping herd the cattle. Her father began to look on her more favorably, the more readily Katherine picked up what he tried to teach her. The more interest she showed, the more he wanted to show her, the older she got- the more chances she got to do the things she had seen her father and Grandad do. Roy Jr. eventually started to teach her how to shoot a gun, and she proved to have a competitive streak about as wide as the horizon. Katherine soon became skilled at handling a gun from a young age.

Through some miracle, the Dixon farm made it through the Great Depression- but with the changes in the industries and changes brought on by the recovering economy it meant that the homestead wasn't out of the weeds yet. Katherine went on her first cattle drive with her Father and Grandad when she was 12 years old. Mistakes were made, and her father and Grandad and the other cowboys had to cover for her inexperience at times. But she learned. The completion of her first cattle drive inspired Katherine to push herself to be the best driver the Dixon family has ever seen. Even if she was a girl.

Katherine proceeded to do drives every year following. She became close friends and grew up around the other cowboys, she would look forward to the drives as a good time to get closer to her Dad and Grandad. Cattle drive destinations varied. When the price of beef fell too much in the States sometimes they would drive the cattle cross the border to sell. Often times though they were long trips filled with various dangerous and risks- but that was also something she rather enjoyed about the job.

This continued on as Katherine grew from a small girl into a young woman. She picked up a ton of stories, and a ton of skills to back up her abilities. Eventually, Katherine caught the eye of the Foundation. When approached for the job she at first turned it down, however a couple months later her Grandad became pretty ill. Medical treatments combined with keeping the business afloat was going to cost a hell of a lot. And more than they had. So Katherine reached out to the contact she had with the Foundation and asked if the job was still on the table. She made a deal to work with them and have half of her salary go to her family.

After her training and getting acquainted with the ways of the Foundation, Katherine was sent to work at Site-77 as her first assignment.


  • English
  • Spanish (Born and Raised in New Mexico so she speaks Latin American Spanish/New Mexican Spanish)
  • Intermediate Navajo (Dealt and interacted with Navajo tribes and picked it up)


  • Kate smokes.
  • She's pretty darn good at cooking especially over campfires and making stews. She prefers southwestern foods with lots of spice.

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