Kai Wallace

Player: Krydderi

Position: Guarded Mercenary (Security) [Psi-7]

Demeanor: Kai does his best to be personable, but he has issues with being either oblivious to normal social cues or flat out emotionally distant. He is extremely reluctant to share details of his personal life, and will focus on helping others instead of getting help with his own issues. Granted, Kai has little difficulty with his own issues. Cringes painfully when he lies.

Nature: A torn up individual, Kai often deals with ideological conflicts between his upbringing and the (albeit short) time he's spent away from his family. He is a kind individual, regardless of the selfish and cruel nature he continues to fight with to this day. Sometimes though… He can't help it. When under stress, Kai can fall back on old behaviors. Other times, sheer habit…

Description: Standing at 5'11- Kai is a broad built man. Partial to sweaters and jeans when off duty, Kai has dark eyes and semi-messy black hair. He dons a shorter beard and mustache, alongside a tattoo of a snowflake on his right arm. He speaks with a notable British accent.
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  • Physical Health: 15
  • Mental Health: 15
  • Strength: 3
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 2
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 2
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: -
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 1
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education:
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Trick Shot: 2. Getting up close and personal with someone in combat isn't ideal, but when you're caught in your snipers nest or simply shit out of luck, you better know how to get out of trouble as fast as you got in. Clocking the living daylights out of someone usually works.
    • In melee combat, Kai rolls resistance vs Enemy melee. If the rolls are the same value (5 v 5, 2 v 2, ect..) Kai can add +2 to the total damage of his next melee attack. If the boosted attack misses, the bonus is spent as well.
  • Take down: 2. Shooting every person that gives you trouble isn't a grand idea. Sometimes you actually need them! Obviously, they won't cooperate. What's a man to do? Take 'em down.
    • +2 to rolls for incapacitating hostile NPCs, or using nonlethal means to disable them
  • Awareness: 4. As the teams muscle and guard- Kai has to be on alert for threats and approaching persons. He can take the lead, but he's far better off at the back with his gun at the ready. Surprised? Not this guy.
    • When in a group, Kai will automatically be on guard. If a hostile encounter occurs- Kai gets one (1) attack which ignores any surprised/intimidated effects, initiative order and other non-anomalous effects per encounter. Kai does not get any bonuses, his preemptive attack is rolled as a regular ranged attack. Once his preemptive attack is over, Kai is subject to initiative and any other effects such as intimidation.


  • H&K PSG1 w/ Scope (Heavy)
    • Nicknamed Glacier
    • 7.62×51mm NATO Cartridges
  • Ka-Bar knife (Light)
  • Handcuffs (2)
  • Heckler & Koch MP5 (Normal/Improved)
    • 9×19mm Parabellum Cartridges
  • Colt M1911 (Light)
    • .45 ACP cartridges
  • Notice: Kai does not carry all listed weapons at the same time. He brings what is appropriate for the situation, it's just easier on me to specify it before missions instead of typing out X amount of possible configurations.


  • Collection of Novels (Swedish/English)
  • Life journal
    • This details Kai's life up until age 29, referring to him as Vaughn Collins throughout the pages.
  • Tattered, damaged purple journal
  • Violin
  • Sheet music
  • Purple scarf
  • Family photos
  • Various suits, vests, ties, sweaters
  • Lots of blankets and pillows
  • Snowflake Brooch
  • Journal

Personal History:

Born to Ashford and Diana Collins alongside Vanessa [his twin] in 1953, Kai was born Vaughn Collins to a bloodline that was dedicated to Research and Development for the GOC. Particularly; weapons design, creation, and testing. Some anoms simply ate rounds for breakfast and needed… a special kind of treatment. Ashford was dedicated to conceptualizing and creating the weapons, and Diana was dedicated to testing.

For the longest time, the family lived in the London area.

As children, Vaughn and Vanessa often watched their father create mundane weapons and blades in his forge. When the two weren't standing in the doorway to watch their father work, they were reading and running along to spend time with friends. There was nothing otherwise abnormal about their early childhoods. Vaughn and Vanessa went to school and visited family during the winter months, nothing special.

As they became older, Vaughn took interest in the weapons his father made while Vanessa took interest in the creation of such. As the two reached their mid-teens, their parents took it upon themselves to train the two in the proper handling of ranged and melee weapons. It wasn't safe to have a house full of weapons alongside persons with no idea how to handle them.

Enough about the twins, lets focus just on Vaughn. This is his story.

It took less than a month to teach proper handling of weapons and ensure that it stuck. Actually using them- that was another story. Around age 17, Vaughn began practicing with knives and pistols under the guidance of Diana. Long story short- it took Vaughn 3 years to become proficient in close-range combat and ranged combat with simple knives and pistols. Why?

Because only perfection was acceptable in the Collins household.

Vaughn was 23 when his parents ceased their formal employment with the GOC. Requests and orders had been pouring in from various buyers, prompting the family to begin supplying based on orders and not employment. They didn't stop supplying to the GOC… They simply expanded their horizons, chasing a higher pay for their work. Having individual buyers created a spike in income, as they no longer slaved away under a salary.

It was then that the family moved to Sweden, where the remains of their bloodline were.

Vaughn continued training under his mother, while Vanessa continued apprenticing alongside her father. As time passed, Vaughn and Diana began acting as guards during business dealings. It was Vaughn's idea, afraid of letting his sister go off to meet dangerous people without firepower beside her. Vanessa was a skilled creator- but the poor girl couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag.

Vaughn took up arms to assist his sister when he was 24.

It wasn't all peaches and roses, Vaughn had to put his gun to work on several occasions. People weren't kind. There were competitors who had rancid methods of taking out competition, pitiful excuses for hitmen, the list goes on…

Yet, life became monotonous for Vaughn. Training between dealings ate into most of his time. Sure, the family made good money with what they did… but they didn't work under any sort of major entity. They lacked the protection they had while working under the GOC, driving Diana and Vaughn to pick up the slack. The family wasn't well known enough to be a valuable asset to any major entity. So, they continued on as they were. Vanessa and Ashford created the weapons, Vaughn and Diana tested them. Vaughn and Diana also played bodyguard to the others, until Diana became to old to play the part.

Vaughn was 29 when Diana suffered a stroke which took her out of commission, for good. Ashford wasn't too far away from the perils of old age either. Vanessa and Vaughn were left to themselves, with the choice to take their parents legacy to heights they only dreamed of…

Vaughn couldn't have run any faster from it all.

A murderer, a killing machine from youth to protect the selfish, greedy interests of people who considered themselves parents. What a shallow life.

He wasn't stupid. Vaughn knew with his families legacy in his shadows that someone would be after him, be it a selfish competitor going for round two or his own blood. Vaughn was a walking bulls-eye in neon lights. For his own safety and for the sake of disassociating with his family-Vaughn Collins became Kai Wallace in 1983.

It was then that Vaughn (Now known as Kai) sought out the Foundation, to keep his family from finding him and to keep faces from his past as far as possible. What weight the Collins name held was enough to guarantee his place among the ranks.

Side Notice:

After Kai abandoned the family, Vanessa went about reuniting the Collins/Karlson bloodlines into an actual recognizable force in the anomalous world. They're artisan weapons crafters, not a hostile GOI with "World Domination" pinned on the fridge (World Domination plans go on the freezer, Duh!) They sell weapons to major GoI's such as the GOC, Foundation, ect…

No, really. That's what they do. They make weapons. Thaumatugically enhanced weapons? Yes. Blueprints and detailed instructions to recreate certain weapons? Yes. Any malicious actions or intent for world domination? No. Excessive orders for coffee and espresso? …Yup.


Kai's Relationships
PC Name Relationship Kai's opinion on [Character]
Joshua Lee Confidant "He knows everything, I suppose I know a lot too. He's interesting, and I trust him."
Nova Confidant "They're an interesting one, but I trust them. I care for them. Maybe kinship is formed in similar sins?"
Marcus Beaumont Romantic Partner "He's adorable and honestly a bit anxious but I love him. He likes chocolate-covered raisin baked goods."
Wren Blackett Friend "A good person, good company, good taste in baked goods!"
Stephen Angelo Friend "He's a good person, I will teach him to properly cook one day. I swear!"
Avery Solace Friend "He's odd and awkward. I fear him choking whenever he eats, but he's like a younger brother."
Nathan Audley Friend "I respect him. He's nice to be around, smart and a friendly enough face."
Madison Harpur Acquaintance "He's close to Avery, and seems to be a fine enough person."
Eliza Angelo Acquaintance "…I think I understand her behavior now. I feel bad- I didn't know…"
Scott Foley Acquaintance "He stole, and I killed in cold blood. I'd be a hypocrite to hate him. Maybe… I need to apologize to him."
Olivia Audley Unacquainted "…She's Nathans sister and she cooks. I don't know much else."
Roger Landsberg Distrusted "Sorry, am I supposed to trust a man led on site at gun point? No."
  • English
  • Swedish


  • Improved Weaponry: Befitting their role as the decommissioning squad, Psi-7 operatives may be provided with advanced weapons and combat training that gives them just a little bit of edge over other agents. The agents gets one Light or Normal melee weapon or one Light, Normal, or Heavy ranged weapon that uses different damage dice than a regular weapon of that type. 2d2 for Light weapons, 2d3 for Normal, and 2d5 for Heavy.
    • Kai uses an improved Heckler & Koch MP5 (Normal). Roll is 2d3





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