Kaarina Mäkinen

Player: War_

Position: Temporal Affairs Agent

Demeanor: Notably stubborn; a ‘take-no-shit’ attitude and a livewire spark make Kaari a very energetic, lively person - though this doesn’t guarantee she’ll get along with everyone. It’s not uncommon for people to find her boundless energy a tad tiring, and with the same level of energy poured into most of her emotions, people find she can be somewhat abrasive at times.

Nature: A lot more responsible than she looks. Given the nature of her work, obedience to strict protocol is at her core - this tends to feed her ‘kick back and relax’ attitude even more when she knows she can afford the wiggle room, though.

Description: Standing at 6ft, her impressive height is but one component of her intimidating appearance: lean-built with underlying muscle, hawk-like facial features, and a way of holding herself that tends to take up space, Kaari is - suffice to say by word of her peers - built for combat. Pale blue eyes aid in giving her a perpetually stern look, and even her hair is a bit of a spectacle in and of itself; waist-length when loose, her dusty-brown hair is often kept in a braid, carefully tied as to not become a nuisance while on active duty - something along the lines of a triple braid.


  • Physical Health: 15
  • Mental Health: 12
  • Strength: 2
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 2
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 3
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 0
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 1
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: 0
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Back To The Wall, Hit The Ground Running: 3. When outnumbered in battle, Kaari will kick back with everything she's got to knock her odds back into favour; there isn’t much of a ‘flight’ instinct, only fight. +1 to [STR:MEL] when in combat isolated from the rest of her team. This can stack up to +3, with each tier being for every additional combatant she is fighting against by herself.
  • Not Quite A Particle Physicist, But…: 3. She’s seen enough to know a few things. Kaari’s experiences with all things temporal-spatial has given her a general understanding of how space and time should work, and how it clearly does not. +3 to [EDU:SCI]-based rolls with regards to identifying temporal or spatial anomalies.
  • Shotgun Wedding-Crasher: 2. Kaari’s shotgun is her baby. A very, very powerful baby. Specialised shells beyond the usual buckshot add to Kaari’s combat lethality with some impressive (and quite frankly terrifying) flair.
    • Barricade: Cartridge with a solid steel projectile; when fired this round has a range of around 100m, with enough power to destroy the engine block of a car. A 2d8 is rolled for the use of this ammunition, as opposed to a 1d6 for Normal weaponry. Only one of these shells is allocated per run. This shot cannot be used in the first round of combat.
    • Zvezda: A flash-bang round, and any living thing’s worst nightmare in an enclosed space. When fired, this round is designed to wholly disorientate its targets, allowing someone like Kaari (or the rest of the team) to get the jump on whoever they’re up against. When successfully fired, round disorientates any and all enemies within close proximity for two turns. DC of 4 required to pass; in the event of a misfire, and if applicable according to GM fiat, player(s) must skip a turn. Only one of these shells is allocated per run.


  • Tactical Military Jacket (pale khaki colour) (style img)
  • KS-23 Shotgun (6.27 gauge) with one each of the following (not including standard buckshot rounds):
    • “Barricade” cartridge, solid steel, capable of destroying a car’s engine block at a range of up to 100m1
    • “Zvezda” flash-bang round
  • SIG Sauer P220
  • Combat knives (2), Gerber Mark II
  • Flashlight
  • 75-foot 550 paracord bundle
  • Water canteen
  • A Very Correct Pocketwatch
    • What’s claimed to be a ‘Foundation issue’ engraved pocketwatch. An MTF insignia is carved into the base, with the script ‘PHI-12 CHRONOMANCERS’ etched in. This pocketwatch always seems to be at the right time regardless of location, without being manually altered. Otherwise inert.


Personal History:

A lot of Kaari’s early life is, debatably, just outright irrelevant; born in Finland in an undisclosed year, her impressive tracklist of shenanigans instead began with her employment as hired muscle for CERN in Switzerland2.

While not quite a scientist, her job mostly revolved around damage control for the experimental research that CERN carried out behind closed doors - and while CERN would have you believe they merely researched particle physics they were, in fact, doing a whole lot more.

After a number of years spent working with the facility, Foundation scouts assisting in the research saw fit to welcome Kaari into the fold. Her experience, loyalty and dedication combined painted her as an ideal candidate for the Foundation’s own research operations. She was transferred to the central region of Switzerland to a covert Foundation facility, wherein her role was much like it was before - except now, she was the damage control for the anomalous instead.

Time passed, and she worked her way up through the ranks. After a number of years working under the Foundation she became one of the leading security personnel, and was assigned under some of the most anticipated experimental research projects.

One of these projects happened to be Projekt KRONOS.

While the name was debatably very on-the-nose, Projekt KRONOS was perhaps the most anticipated project yet - to see if time travel was possible.
In short, it was. Sort of.
Long story, it was (sort of), but the technology was highly unstable.
When the chronotechnological experiment went off, it went off with a bang; a force equivalent to that in power of a small bomb ripped the lab - and a sizeable portion of the facility - apart. Though, ‘ripped apart’ was a subjective term, because really the affected area (and personnel) just…simply ceased to exist.
Kaari along with them.

The end result was the team being dumped in not-timespace - a place more colloquially known (though unknown at the time) as Ivory City.
Kaari survived the rough landing into not-timespace; most didn’t. Happens when you cut-and-paste chunks of reality.
Those who did survive were injured - including Kaari - and were stuck until the Foundation could figure out how to get them out.

It took months.

When they did get out, there were even fewer than they’d started with. They were debriefed, and a number of the personnel simply just retired after.

Kaari, however, was not one of them.

Shaken but by no means broken, she offered herself again to be used at the Foundation’s whimsy, and in light of recent events, Phi-12 ‘Chronomancers’ was formed; Kaari had basically volunteered herself to join.
Many breakthroughs were made with the help of the motley crew known as Chronomancers - more stable Ways were made between timespace and not-timespace, and eventually, between stable realities themselves.

Kaari’s job as always was the muscle - making sure nothing disastrous occurred, and if it did, to minimise the collateral as much as possible. Jokingly dubbed ‘TimeCop’ by fellow taskforce runners, her reach extended even as far as to minimise collateral caused by other realities.

This would later land her in 1984.

Observed to be a ‘timeline at risk’, she crashlanded in late June of 1983 - and subsequently spent the following months in detainment. This much was anticipated, and much of her time was spent proving she was who she said she was, and that she was actually a Foundation agent.

After months-long debating, a decision was reached, and she was tossed where all the weird cases end up - Site-15.


PROVISIONAL ID: #93717-53-3

— Agent Mäkinen’s ID

  • Finnish
  • French
  • Conversational German
  • English


  • Improved Weaponry: SIG Sauer P220 - rolls 2d2


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Missions | Equip Points: 11 | Total: 11

Run Name Points Given/Loot Gained Date
An American Mummy In Mexico +2 EP 2/17/19 - 2/18/19
Ashes To Ashes +1 EP 2/24/19
The Scent Of The Old Ocean +1 EP 3/2/19
Crooked Bow + 2 EP 3/9/19
Strand By Me +3 EP 3/16/19
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