Jürgen Dietrich

Player: madness_

Position: Deep Cover Investigative Specialist

Demeanor: A man who can double-tap his way into your heart. Either by way of bullets or his way of evaporating tension via impersonations of films or celebrities.

Nature: He's in it for the details, not the in-depth explanations. No delusions of fame or a pat on a back. Idealism gets in the way of his realism during choices of morality, sometimes even in the way of his preservation instinct. Someone slow to anger. His anger is never apparent unless he requires it to be, but when dealing with acquaintances and the like, his polite behavior becomes a veneer for his irritation.

Description: The grin - pearly alabaster and perfectly aligned - is usually the first thing people notice. It comes in two packages: too many teeth and friendly. Depending on how keen the observer is and how dire the situation is, slight fluctuations of the form his lips take may cause minor variation between the two expressions. He stands at 5'10 1/2, with brown hair and blue eyes. His hairstyle and appearance may change by mission, but he usually wears his hair long over his ears.


Characters have 15 points to spend. It costs one point to buy a rank in a stat, or to be trained in a skill. Trained skills are indicated with bold.

  • Physical Health: 11
  • Mental Health: 11
  • Strength:
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 1
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 2
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 1
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 1
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education:
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Familiar Places, Familiar Faces: 2. After coming back from Vietnam, Dietrich often found himself watching out for ambushes that were never going to come. When he began work as a journalist, the threat of those ambushes became a little more real. And whenever they were real, Dietrich was ready. (+2 to PERC for spotting ambushes. +2 to MEL for the first round of combat if he spots an ambush because of the spec.)
  • Do Me A Favor: 2. Numerous training operations under the name Red Sails has given Dietrich an edge in performing intelligence missions with the help of an unwitting friend or two. (+2 to persuasion when asking favors or information from civilian non-hostiles.)
  • An Eye For Detail: 2. Whether dead drop, brief encounters, or identifying a vehicle by way of its antenna, Dietrich has an extraordinary touch when it comes to noticing little things. It's how he could build leads out of nothing as a journalist. (+2 to Intelligence rolls to notice small things about someone's behavior, minuscule actions, something out of place, or something perfectly in place.)
  • Tight Space, Tight Grouping: 2. As part of the 7781st's Special Action Team, Dietrich's training focused around marksmanship in tight spaces. Offhand or not, his ability with any light weapon in close quarters is frightening for those on the business end of his weapon. (When aware of an enemy in a room before breaching/entering a room, Dietrich may roll RNG twice. The second RNG has no bonus to hit, but has an additional +2 to damage if it does hit. [Only applies to light weaponry])


Rumble Time

  • Glock 17 - Light (Optionally Suppressed) Weapon, Handgun
    • Wet Silencer (One magazine)
    • 4x Magazines
    • Kept in a Bianchi Ranger M12 holster.
  • M653 - Normal (Optionally Suppressed) Weapon, Rifle
    • Aimpoint Electronic mounted on Carry Handle RIS
    • Wipe Silencer (5 shots)
    • 6-12x (six to twelve) Magazines
    • Slung on a one-point sling
  • ALICE Webbing
    • Individual Equipment Belt, LC-1
      • Where the individual equipment items are attached via belt keepers.
    • Entrenching Tool, LC-1
      • A shovel for digging fortifications. Often left behind on missions taking place in urban environments.
    • Field First Aid Dressing, LC-1
      • This is mainly for supplementing a medic's own supplies, if required.
    • Small Arms Ammunition Case, LC-1
      • Self explanatory. CAR-15 Mags.
    • Water Canteen Cover, LC-1
      • Self explanatory. One canteen.
    • Individual Equipment Belt Suspenders, LC-1
      • The Y Harness wraps over Dietrich's shoulders and attaches to the Individual Equipment Belt at four separate points to provide greater ease of mobility during skirmishes.
    • Buttpack
      • Miscellaneous items (Flashlight, Spare Mags, Cigarettes, Rope, 2x Silencers [one pistol, one rifle], etc.) go here.
  • Gerber Mark II Fighting Knife
    • Sheathed on the belt, next to the ammunition case.
  • 4x Flexicuffs

Mumble Time

  • HDM Hi-Power .22 - Light Integrally Suppressed Weapon
    • 2x Magazines
  • Gerber Mark II Fighting Knife
  • 4x Flexicuffs
  • Flashlight
  • Fake ID when required
  • Notepad


Picture of SS Bad Tolz and his old CO.
Picture of him and a few squad members in Vietnam, standing in front of a destroyed weapons cache.
Picture of Dietrich and other journalists gathered around a table in the office cafeteria. Some of the firm members seem to be slowly melting in the photo. His family is also in attendance. On the back of the photo is written, "Happy Birthday Jerry! - Love, Mom"
Picture of him in a SCUBA suit.
Books laid out on a tiny bookshelf on his desk.
Newspaper articles from his old town.
A locked box.
The casing of the first bullet he ever shot.
A fake mustache and women's wig.
Woman's dress hidden under his other clothes.
Old uniforms.

Personal History:

Jurgen Dietrich was born on June 28, 1949, to a military family made of emigres. He had a fairly normal childhood on various military bases and later joined the service in 1967, becoming a Green Beret and later serving in Vietnam. After the war, he was picked up by the 7781st Army Unit from his German background and underwent espionage tradecraft training. Most of his military record afterward has been expunged.

Later leaving the service in 1977, Dietrich went on to work as an investigative journalist with some war buddies of his who 214'd from the service earlier.

It was a dangerous business. Most of Dietrich's work landed him the favor of the local PD from his work in infiltrating local gangs.

One day, he got a lead on a private corporation supposedly trafficking humans and ancient artifacts under the table. He and a few officers had an informant meet with the representative. The first meeting went according to plan, and the informant swiped a catalog of goods sold by the company, Marshall, Carter, and Dark. However, the catalog was clean of anything that could constitute an arrest.

The informant reported that a few purchases would be required before a fuller catalog could be obtained by any potential buyer. Catalogs could be swapped out per request, but they wouldn't involve anything incriminating.

The firm Dietrich worked for allowed the purchase of a few goods to bring the informant into MC&D's inner circle. These goods were never handled after the purchase as the items seemed to be hoaxes to hide what was really being traded, later being confiscated by Foundation agents. After being inducted into the inner circle, the informant made for the purchase of incriminating goods and instructed where he would be at certain times during the week to receive these packages.

While under surveillance for the first of these drops, the representative must have gotten a whiff of suspicious activity. They switched out the packages and gave them to a local jogger with instructions to hand it to the informant as a precaution. The jogger was tackled by police after handing the package to the informant as they were expecting the representative from the mysterious company. One of the detectives, eager and reckless, ripped open the seal to the package, causing a peculiar piece of pottery to topple out and crash into the concrete sidewalk, shattering it.

From the pieces that recovered, on-site Foundation archaeologists determined it to be a Greek kylix. The picture depicted on its tondo was a black-figure painting of a locust. Externally, there were two marks for two thetas where a drinker's eyes would presumably be. According to the police reports retrieved a year later during the temporal-splice incident, eyewitnesses depict a swarm of black locusts materializing from the sky and descending upon the onlookers and began devouring the detectives and informants. Another swarm materialized and chased after the journalism crew ready to document the arrest.

In a stroke of luck, they picked up the representative after he was accosted by the locusts. Escaping to a basement in the empty office, the representative informed the journalists that he didn't know how to stop the swarm of locusts yet. When further pressured to ask what he meant by yet, the representative was informed of a ritual he could accomplish in order to contact an otherworldly being who had all the answers to all the questions. During the night, the locust swarm vanished. This fortunate turn of events allowed the group to acquire the necessary supplies for the ritual to take place. In the morning, despite the representative's concerns, a good deal of the journalists returned home. Most died in their cars. One journalist recounted the locusts materializing from the fabric of the car seats and swarming over his friend until there was nothing left.

Another fortune was the representative's willingness to label instructions for the chance his ritual may be interrupted or should something happen to him. After depositing a mirror-faced birdhouse under a bed brought into the basement, the representative drew two chairs and a table on it with red lipstick and a platter of food. He then went to sleep. Hours later, Dietrich watched as the representative sunk into the bed and the birdhouse arose from the wrinkles he left. He never returned. With the door to the basement severely weakened at the assault from the locusts, there was only one alternative. After burning the birdhouse, the remaining journalists went on another supply raid to have the proper materials for making the next birdhouse.

Unfortunately, the sun was rising at the end of the night. The previous ritual had taken too long. During their attempt to reconvene at the basement, two men drew away from the group to distract the swarms of locusts who had recently awoken. Once they escaped, sticks were drawn to see who was going to go on the Date, as the representative so called it. Dietrich was chosen and ventured to the bed, allowing him to escape the effects of the temporal-splice.

Performing the ritual, Dietrich found himself dreaming of a bustling restaurant. By his account, a beautiful woman - not totally unexpected, but the force of her beauty was far greater than originally described - met him and asked if he were her date. As per the ritual stated, he responded with a simple yes and the two were seated. At another booth, Dietrich spotted the representative with another woman. He drew his focus back to the woman across the table from him and ordered the food he painted on the table in the mirror-faced birdhouse. Eating all of it, per the ritual's directive, he found time to make small talk and jokes around with the Date.

She never laughed but smiled warmly. Near the end of the date, he asked three questions and made sure to space them out. When questioned about this, Dietrich responded that asking too many questions was the reason why the representative had not woken up and sunk into the bed. The final question he asked was how to reverse the effects of everything that occurred during the last two days. The Date kissed him on the forehead and explained that would come at a price. He would have to stay with her forever. Dietrich, already seeing a woman at the time, compromised by asking about spending his entire afterlife with her. This seemed to delight the Date even more than her proposal and she quickly agreed.

Dietrich awoke shortly after that. The locusts were dead in a half circle around the bed he slept on and his remaining colleagues were strewn about the room in varying states of decay. Post temporal-splice, police reports state that the bodies had been left alone for days until a postal carrier delivering mail to the firm reported strange smells. After waking up, Dietrich picked up the birdhouse, per the Date's instruction. It acted like a vacuum, swallowing up the decay and the locusts. Foundation Agents dispatched to the area were astonished as Dietrich wandered up to the morgue and vacuumed men back to life. Amnestics were administered post questioning, except for the former Green Beret as a security exception. A number was given to him to call in case of emergency.

A year later, Prometheus lab-testing with tele-temporal technology blew up and created a temporal splice. Two divulging timelines merged into one. Dietrich's efforts were for naught as he watched his close friends slowly become raving, half-eaten monsters who were fully conscious and trapped in a state of undeath. Once Foundation Agents arrived once more to take them into Containment, Dietrich was granted three options.

Work for the Foundation and oversee transit and possibly a cure for his friends, be granted amnestics and return to a normal life, or return to whatever he had left without taking amnestics.

He chose the option where he thought he could do the most good, ending up as an agent in Omega-5.


Certified in SCUBA.
Army Courses/Schools Passed in Chronological Order: Airborne School, Special Forces Qualification Course, SERE, and MACV Recondo.
Speaks German, and English fluently. Russian less fluently, but good enough to pass inspection.
Prefers to be called Jerry.

1.25 EP from Veied run. Oct 5 2018.







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