Josef Kovacs

9++++ Basic Info:
Player: Bobbitwyrm

Position:  Combat Medic

Demeanor: Josef is a very quiet and generally passive man. However, he always strives to be polite and even a touch friendly despite the  disconnect from the kind of work he prefers. At worst he's unintentionally cold and unnerving and at best he's a quiet but reliable presence. Unusual sense of humour.

Nature: Josef is the kind of man who doesn't like being the center of attention, and will more often than not disappear into the background. Most people tend to be a little too loud for him and it's unusual for him to raise his voice. Not to say he's a passive man, but he likes to keep most people at a polite arms length. Amongst people he's become comfortable with he is more relaxed and conversational but remains fairly reserved. He's the type who talks to cadavers while he works on them, and tends to get way too excited while talking about his research.

Description: Tall (6'1/185 cm) wiry and broad shoulders,  with a healthy layer of fat from a comparably comfortable lifestyle. His skin is pale, features sharp with a straight nose. Light blue eyes behind  glasses and dusty blonde hair styled into a neat side part. His style is professional but functional, with a dress shirt, suspenders and a long overcoat, wrinkled slacks and scuffed shoes.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Ranged: 4
  • Melee: 2 (2 from STR)
  • Survival 3
  • Science: 5
  • Medical: 5
  • Back From The Brink: 5. Operating in war time tends to make you work quickly when a minute can be the difference between a life saved or a letter back home. (bonus to stabilising patients at 2 Phealth and under)
  • No-one Left Behind 4. Moving bodies for many years, living or dead, gives you a good idea how to shift dead weight. (bonus to strength when carrying bodies)
  • Pass Me My Scalpel: 3. Many years as a mortician and a medical examiner has given Josef a close relationship with the deceased and a very keen eye. (bonus to perception when determining cause of death)


  • A small leather bound journal with a pen.
  • Glasses for distance vision with strap to hold them in place
  • Spare pen
  • Small medical kit
      • Roll of bandages and clip
      • Bandaids
      • Flask of antiseptic
      • Scalpel
      • Tweezers,
      • Forceps
      • Sterile needle and thread
  • Beat up Zippo lighter
  • Utility knife
  • M1911A1 Pistol


  • Nothing right now


  • Book case
  • Medical Journals
  • Old personal journals
  • Couple of dog eared paper backs
  • Record player with a pair of classical records
  • Small collection of anatomical specimens
  • Set of formal clothing
  • A small sketchbook and set of expensive pencils

Personal History:

Born to a pair of German immigrants living in the inner east of Melbourne, Australia in 1922, Josef was an only child with a father who worked as a surgeon and a mother who was a nurse, he found himself having a lot of time alone. Never one to make friends as he was an awkward gangly child with no interest in sports, he'd stay in his father's study carefully reading books on anatomy and medical sciences.

An otherwise unremarkable, if lonely, childhood and adolescence would pass with a promising future in medical sciences when WW2 would break out onto the tabloids. Josef, feeling like he had something to prove to his distant and hyper critical parents would fake his age and ship off to Europe to fight alongside fellow Australian soldiers. He found himself operating as a field medic due to his knowledge of medicine.

After the close of the war, Josef decided he was no longer considering in returning home to a family who wasn't interested in him and would decide to move to Britain to undertake studies to become a surgeon like his father. As his studies would go on, Josef became less and less interested in the living, and more interested in the dead.

Josef would begin his work as a mortician, in which he found peace in working with the dead as its a quiet environment and people tended to leave him alone because of his ghastly profession. Over the course of many years in many different jobs, Josef would become a forensic medical examiner. Unbeknownst to Josef, it would put him on his path to the Foundation when he would discover an unusual and dangerous colony of intelligent parasites in the abdomen of a young woman who died under mysterious circumstances.

When Josef tried to report his findings to authorities, he would be intercepted by foundation personnel who would offer him work as his experience and expertise would make him an attractive candidate for the Foundation's biology department. After a period of on site research, Josef would join Psi-7 as a field researcher.


  • English
  • German


Something Josef keeps very close to his chest, but he's got more of a preference for men than women. Not that's he's interested in dating or the like.

XP: 0

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