My first character (I think)

Basic Info

Player: flyingbananapig

Position: soldier

Demeanor: inclined to make jokes at innapropriate times while attempting to "lighten the mood", uses obvious sarcasm a lot, also very loyal (depends on the situation).

Nature: has a history of overly agressive behavior during interrogations , can be very cruel at times

Description: 6ft 6in Caucasian male, black hair, blue eyes.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Intimidation:5
  • Melee:3
  • Ranged:3
  • Sneak:1
  • Science:2
  • Medical:1

You have twelve points to distribute among as many or as few specialty skills as you see fit (but at least three is almost always warranted). Remember to explain what each specialty entails.

  • automatic weapons training: (4) bonus to ranged when using automatic weapons
  • breaking and entering:(4) bonus to sneak when invading private property
  • Arson:(4) bonus to ranged when throwing incendiary weapons (such as molotov cocktails).


  • Franchi LF-57
  • AR-15
  • M3 trench knife
  • molotov cocktail (x3)


  • lighter
  • Pack of cigarettes
  • matches

Personal History:

Born in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, (ill just write the name's translation to english, if thats alright.)in the year 1922, Jonathan Dias led an uninteresting life. In school he had shown interest for folklore tales and military history. Dias studied to become a lawyer, but gave up and joined the Brazilian expeditionary force in the battle of Monte Castello as a soldier,

After the end of the war, he decided to stay in Italy, but, lacking a stable job, turned to crime, mostly breaking into homes and stealing valuable items,starting fires to destroy evidence, and ended up joining a small criminal gang as a hitman.

After a few disagreements, and internal conflict, the gang broke up. A few months later, Jonathan, received a letter from one of its former members, saying he had a job for him. The job was simple: a break-in to the house of a rich man to steal a particular object.It was an anomalous item recently acquired from a MC&D auction, that was being tracked by foundation agents.

A few days after handing the object over to the man that hired him, Jonathan was tracked down by foundation personnel, and after interrogation, was offered a job as a foundation agent


  • Italian
  • English
  • Brazilian Portugese


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