John Oswald

Basic Info:

Player: Dr0Shadow

Position: Field Analyst.

Demeanor: Cool, calm, and rather detached. Affable in a good mood, but mindless and vengeful if enraged. Tends to stay to himself, and can come off sometimes as awkward in speech and manor when talking to others.

Nature: Very passionate and emotionally alive about subjects he has interest in. This usually come out when he’s conversing with close friends (or when angered beyond his limits). Doesn’t like to lead unless he has a firm idea he’s passionate about. Weary of Foundation personnel, but is more open to them than other operatives of the coalition.

Description: John is a Caucasian male, with a medium build, straddling the edge between normal size and skinniness. Brown short hair, usually in an unkempt state. Wears his coalition army uniform out of habit.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 4
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Survival: 2
  • Sneak: 3
  • Academics: 4
  • Science: 4
  • Wide Angle: 3. John has been trained to quickly take note of his surroundings. It’s saved his life and that’s of his teammates multiple times. +3 to Perception when observing hostile targets and their adjacent environment in combat.
  • With Avengeance!: 2. Nobody hurts a buddy without paying dearly. +2 in Melee against enemies who have hurt an ally or friendly target recently by at least one damage.
  • Smile Like You Mean It: 4. He's been though an occult war, fought unimaginable horrors, seen men torn apart at the molecular level. Doesn't mean he has to be shell-shocked over it. +4 Mdef against Gore and Horror.
  • Now's the Chance: 2. Best to take the shot while the enemy's down, they won't show mercy when it's the other way round. +2 Ranged against enemies who are bound or incapacitated in some fashion (GM's discretion).
  • Bend not Break: 2. Seventh Occult War training included the strengthening of the mind to combat German memetics and other oneironautic dangers. +2 MDef against mind control and other cognitohazards that control or hostilely invade the mind.


  • Bayonet (doubles as knife).
  • Coalition Seventh Occult War era Uniform (Trenchcoat, combat boots, leather gloves.)
  • Coalition standard issue handbook.
  • Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless.
  • Cross on necklace.
  • Flask of Gasoline and matches.
  • Notebook and many writing utensils.
  • Satchel (containing rations, magnifying glass, compass, rope, binoculars, containers for samples).
  • Winchester Model 1895.
  • N/A


  • Typewriter and paper.
  • Pictures of his family, and various friends from the coalition.
  • Various books for reading, including Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.
  • Bedding.

Personal History:

John was born was born in 1918 in Chicago as a result of an accidental pregnancy between a PI and a waitress. In 1922, two years after his birth, His father was engaged by The Coalition to help deal with the Chicago Spirit as a part of Strike Team 2312 – “Floodgate”, under the codename “Oz”. As such, John grew up on both sides of the veil.

Soon after the raid on Richard Chappell’s house in 1938, an assassination attempt was made on his father by remaining Spirit members later that year at the Oswald household. The following skirmish saw “Oz” get wounded by a hail of bullets. At the sight of his father falling, John flew into a fit of rage and charged the nearest gunman with the closest weapon at hand: a bar stool. His fighting gave Coalition Operatives the time to arrive and provide backup. Impressed by his actions, the coalition hired John as a replacement while his father recovered.

John went through field training under his father and his teammate from December, 1938, to late November, 1939, when it was interrupted due to recruitment drives for the 7th Occult War. John first operated in the North American theatre, disrupting paranormal incursions by both the Germans and other horrors attracted by the war, then serving in other esoteric theatres (such as the Antarctic front) later in the war.

After the war, John was given the job of Analyst in PHYSICS Division and alternated between status as Mission Analyst for Assessment/Strike Teams in the central United States, and as Field Analyst for Strike Team 2710 – “Nightwatch”.


  • English


  • N/A

XP: 0

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