Johann Bastion Gudde
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Johann as he is now

Basic Info:

Player: Quinlan

Position: Field Medic

Demeanor: With good bedside (Fieldside?) manners, Johann manages keeps his patients' mind off of even the most grievous wounds, while working as quickly and efficiently as possible. He is reluctant to use force, though he is very apt when he needs to be.

Nature: Always looking out for others before himself (without sacrificing his liberal use of painkillers), Johnny would sacrifice himself for his friends in an instant. Blood doesn't bother him, although not being able to save a life, or intentionally taking one does. He empathizes with all forms of pain, and he doesn't like to see situations turn to combat.

Description: Average height, with the darkest hair imaginable, skewed glasses, pale skin and cobalt-blue eyes. He doesn't wear his glasses unless he's trying to attend to someone.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 2
  • Academics: 4
  • Science: 4
  • Medical: 6
  • The Bigger They Are, The Faster I Run 3. Copenhagen's homeless didn't have anything resembling a code of conduct, leaving Johann a small kid in the middle of a huge free-for-all; as common sense would say, "That's a good time to get away!" (+3 to AGI when running from a large threat, determined by the GM.)
  • Uh-oh! Ya Sprung A Leak!: 3. Patching up enough gang victims in Frederiksburg leaves the routine burned into your muscle memory. (+3 to MED rolls against bullet puncture wounds.)
  • Mind Over Matter: 4.As a doctor, Johann has the privilege to see internal organs regularly, and as such has a cooler mindset when regarding anatomy and bodily fluids. (+4 mDef in relation to gore.)
  • Combat Not-Ready: 2. Johann isn't prepared to take a life, since it conflicts with his duty and oath as a medic, though he has no qualms with kneecapping someone. (+2 to non-lethal combat rolls; must be explicitly stated as non-lethal, and will result in a non-lethal blow, except per GM fiat.)


  • 2 packs of Marlboros
  • Chrome-brushed Zippo (Engraved with something illegible except for close up; he never lets anyone read it for some reason) Revealed to be a gift from Nel for their first Hanukkah together.
  • S&W Model 29, always loaded, plus twelve spare speedloaders
  • Small surgical First Aid Kit
  • Old, battered picture of Nel Moved to office
  • Small silver key on ball chain
  • Glasses case
  • Flask, also engraved with a message from Nel
  • Foundation-issued labcoat, embroidered with the Foundation logo and his name
    • Black dress pants and shoes
    • White dress shirt
  • Notebook
    • Various writing utensils
  • M1917 from quarters on long missions




  • Beaten-up hardback (He never lets anyone read it for some reason) Revealed to be Nel's old copy of the Torah.
  • Empty gilded picture frame Moved to office
  • Plastic skeleton Moved to office
  • Larger surgical kit
  • M1917 "Knuckle Duster" (Under pillow)
  • Large can of .44 magnum rounds
  • Crate of Ethereal Carbines, looted from Premonitions of Rage
  • Typhoon blade from The Scales of Truth


  • Plastic skeleton
  • Gilded picture frame with old, battered photo of Nel
  • "Hang in there!" kitten poster
  • 1957 pinup calendar
  • Coffeepot
  • Various patient files in a file cabinet

Personal History:

Born in 1920 to a wealthy Slavic family in the Netherlands, Johann never knew hardship. He was pampered daily by attendants, and even had his own whipping boy; this continued until he was twelve, when his mother and father began to have arguments. One night, his mother woke him up, told him to pack his favorite things, and they left for the countryside. When Johann was fourteen, he woke one day to find that his mother had turned yellow; this confounded the doctors, and when his mother died six months later, his father disappeared. Left on the streets with nowhere to turn, Johann began his job search.

The next year was hell. He had to adjust to a lifestyle the complete inverse of his previous one, as well as learn how to survive in the viscous world that was Great-Depression Copenhagen. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and nothing was out of bounds in fights, leading to him earning his scars; however, he managed to adapt and overcome. Finally, he landed a job at a car wash, making decent money. He was able to save up to rent an apartment and buy a car over the course of the next few years, while working and attending high school. Voted class president in 1937 because he was the one person everyone had heard of, he utilized the telephone in his office to land himself a job as an intern at a prestigious medical facility in Denmark. This is where he began his rise to the top.

He dedicated himself to his studies of the human anatomy and all known ails and cures, and it paid off. He became president of Frederiksberg Hospital in 1953, where the Foundation picked him up three years later after hearing of his seemingly miraculous healing abilities. He keeps himself in good physical shape, and has performed many surgeries over a broad variety of cases.


  • English
  • Danish
  • German
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Italian


  • Graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 1943
  • 36
  • Though Nel is decidedly Jewish, Johann adheres to Reformed Christianity

XP: 0

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Premonitions of Rage +2 3/20/16
The Scales of Truth +2 4/19/16
Total: 4 4/19/16
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