Joann Mayalice

Basic Info:


Player: Klurg

Position: Infiltration and Assassination.

Demeanor: Joann Mayalice is a fairly quiet and introverted person, especially on the job, as she attempts not to be noticed while she does her work.

Nature: Joann prefers to keep to herself, but she does enjoy the occasional human interaction. She's more comfortable in places where she's harder to notice. She's a strong willed woman, and can be stubborn and hard to convince.

Description: Joann's 5'7 and 132 pounds with a thin yet muscly build and black hair. She looks fairly attractive, but enough to attract much attention.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 4
  • Melee: 5 (3+2 from STR)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Sneak: 6
  • Sneak Attack, Sucka!: The Rangening: 3. When the enemy doesn't expect you, their vital organs are so much easier to shoot. +3 to ranged when not noticed by the enemy or they're not expecting you to attack (sucker punches, attacking in middle of convo, etc.) (Joann must succeed on a sneak check against the target in both scenarios).
  • Sneak Attack, Sucka!: The Meleeing: 3. When the enemy doesn't expect you, their vital organs are so much easier to hit. +3 to melee when not noticed by the enemy or when they're not expecting you to attack (shooting in the middle of convo, shooting with hidden gun, etc.) (Joann must succeed on a sneak check against the target in both scenarios).
  • Go Invisible (anomalous): 3. There's a reason Joann is so good at covert Ops. When this ability is activated, Joann can go invisible, adding +3 to sight based sneak and necessitating enemies to make a non-sight based perception check to even know that she's there, and a second check to know where she is. She is also immune to light based attacks (does not apply to hard light). She rolls Mdef to decide how many rounds she can stay in invisibility mode.
  • Anomalous Flaw: Side effects during invisibility may include; blindness (Sight-Based Perception is useless), if she doesn't apply an AGI -2 penalty, she has a chance to lose track of where she's going (make Mdef check, if less than 5, joann doesn't know where she is, effects of this is up to GM discretion). Once you get out of the invisibility: nausea, leading to -3 to ranged and melee for 3 rounds if you fail an Mdef check (Mdef must equal 4 or greater). Joann can end invisibility early, but will take the same penalties.
  • Required Secondary Abilities: 3. Since Joann is blind while she's invisible, she's practiced other ways of listening to the world. +3 to Perception involving non-sight senses (auditory, olfactory, tactile etc.) when she cannot see.


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  • Concealable Pistol
  • Combat Knife

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  • Picture of her with her mother and father from when she was a child
  • Her old Chaos Insurgency uniform

Personal History:

Joann was born in December 5th of 1926, in Poland. Her mother was French and her Dad Polish. She lived in the town of Bielsk Podlaski, and had a stable childhood. It was on her 12th birthday that she discovered her ability. Her parents made Joann keep the ability secret, and they helped her control her power as best as they could, even though they didn't know how it worked either. Unfortunately, less than a year later, Germany invaded. Joann escaped the town with her mother, while her father stayed behind to hold off the Germans with the rest of the Polish military. She and her mother attempted to escape to France, where Joann's grandma lived. They lasted one week before they were captured by a German battalion. Right before they could load her and her mom on the cars, her mom distracted the guards and told Joann to go invisible. Joann escaped and attempted to go to France, but was noticed by undercover Chaos Insurgency agents in the German battalion that caught her. While she was on the run to France, the Chaos Insurgency tracked her and caught her before she could make it to France. After being caught, she was offered to either be trained and then work for the Chaos Insurgency, or die. After accepting the offer, Joann was put through harsh training and brainwashing so that she could use her abilities for the Insurgency's purposes and remain absolutely loyal to the insurgency. She was an official insurgency agent after 14 years of training, at the age of 26 on 1942. She ran many assassination missions and some occasional intelligence missions. The brainwashing didn't completely work, since her final and most important mission with the Chaos Insurgency, was the assassination a high ranking member of the foundation. While she was working there undercover, she learned of the foundation's policies and ways of working, and decided that her prospects would be better working for the foundation. She turned herself in, revealed the Insurgency's plans and who was behind it. She asked for employment with the foundation, as she never liked the insurgency, but couldn't really live a normal life anymore, and the foundation could protect her as long as she worked for them. After some screening to make sure that she truly renounced her loyalty to the Chaos Insurgency, she was accepted and placed under watch, as the foundation still doesn't completely trust her.


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  • English
  • French
  • Polish
  • Italian


Best Hide and seek player in her hometown, even without invisibility.

XP: 0

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