Jo Ikuto
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Agent Ikuto at age eighteen

Basic Info:

Player: Madness/PyroticMadness

Position: Asian Occult Intelligence

Demeanor: Aloof to strangers. Doesn't shy away from conversation, however. Quick to warm up to people (dependent on the person), but constantly chary nonetheless.

Nature: Some would argue that worn leather presents a better aesthetic than anything fresh from the tanning racks. However, worn leather in holsters can lead to accidental discharges and the weakened integrity of such a material renders it unreliable for any practical usage. Jo is distressed leather, in the sense that though he may look old and beaten, he's still (for the mean time, anyway) in fine feather. That doesn't mean distressed leather won't wear or tear.

Description: A tall man with tall energy, Jo stands at 5'10, hair black, and eyes dark brown but strewn with flecks of the same color. He appears to be in his early-mid twenties. He exhumes a commanding presence when it's required of him: from patrols to fieldwork, a hard stare is always helpful in the right situations. When such a presence isn't required of him - partaking in leisurely activities, bonding, and the like - he still appears collected, but is apt to be a sarcastic goofball who, on occasion, is a big sweetheart.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 6
  • Strength: 4
  • Intimidation: 4
  • Melee: 6 (4+2 from STR)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Sneak: 4
Specialty Skills:
  • 悪のスレイヤー: 3. "Slayer of Evil": Jo has captured, killed, or auctioned almost all the monsters he encountered throughout Asia. Legends and mythical beings alike, Jo encountered them all. From these expeditions he received bountiful knowledge of Asian folklore from many cultures. (+3 to MDEF/ACAD applies only to Asian monsters/myths.)
  • ファストドラゴン: 4. "Fast Dragon": Jo's a master when it comes to dodging deathblows, chasing targets, and running from the cops. (+4 to AGI, available when presented with a rigorous task [i.e. fighting against many enemies, having to jump across ((or into)) buildings, rushing to teammates in need {max is 3 teammates saved on a single run}, running into the midst of battle, etc.])
  • マガジンダンプ: 3. “Mag Dump”: Ten bullets firing rapidly in one close knit grouping can do a lot of damage to a lot of things. Jo’s been training hard for the last two months to hone his aim, his recoil control, and his trigger finger. (+3 to RNG rolls when using a full magazine on a singular object. On infiltration missions, he can only carry two spare magazines on top of the one in his pistol, making for 3 rolls total. On combat missions, he can carry a total of four spare pistol mags, along with the one in his pistol, making for 5 rolls total. Note, that if he rolls RNG before this, the bonus cannot be activated without taking from the magazine stockpile and reloading to do a single mag dump. For missions that dole out extra gear, he can only take three Mag Dump rolls worth of ammo for any other gun. Must get approval from the GM in charge of the run, if he can take along the 5 magazines.)
  • スチール、鉄、肉と骨: 2. “Steel, Iron, Flesh and Bone”: An entire plethora of training, both classical and unorthodox, has made Jo sharper than a razor’s edge when it comes to fighting with steel, iron, or his own flesh and bones. Though, the time spent practicing on the range outweighs the time spent training in the gym, and his skill has rusted quite a bit. (For every attack that Jo makes with his MEL skill, the DC for it to actually hit is the base skill. When it’s lower than the base skill’s DC, the attack automatically misses. However, rolling 1-2 higher than his base MEL skill will tack on an additional point, making the final roll 1 point higher. Rolling 3-4 points higher than his base MEL will tack on two additional points, making the final roll 2 points higher. [EXAMPLE: 4df+6, and the result is 7? The actual end result is 8. 4df+6 and the end result is 9? The actual end result is 11.])


  • A wakizashi, given to him as a gift from the Yakuza Boss. Given to a friend of his.
  • A katana, with a worn leather grip, as well as three finger indentations in the handle. Given to a friend of his.
  • Browning Hi-Power, plus two extra mags.
  • A silver watch, which served as his initiation gift to the Yakuza.
  • A Balisong, with an ebony handle.
  • FN FAL - Only on patrol.
  • Armor in the form of chained metal weaves, worn under combat vests/common clothes. (+2 PDEF against bladed attacks.)


  • Two military grade picks. o7
  • Photos of his life in Japan
  • Various suits
  • Common clothes
  • A wooden bokken
  • A Shansi CH 96 from his time in China
  • A Walther P38
  • Boxes of .45 ACP and 9mm ammo
  • A picture of him playing Oicho-Kabu shirtless with some other gangsters
  • Books given to him by Sophia
  • Books lent to him by Izumi

Personal History:

Jo Ikuto was born in 1932, to a Japanese officer and seamstress. When Jo was 6, his father died in a tragic automobile accident. His mother was in Nagasaki when the bombs dropped. An outcast with no family, Jo turned to the only family who would accept him: the Yakuza.

Jo started at the complete bottom of the food chain. He started out stealing from shops and collecting "protection" money. As his influence spread, Jo began dealing in gambling dens and executing elaborate heists. When he became a Big Brother, Jo started to strong-arm the cops for information on rats. After rising in the ranks, Jo oversaw deals with the Yakuza's affluent business partners. They revolved around trafficking drugs, humans, and anomalies. His specialty lay in Asian oddities that went through the usual routes.

In 1954, he was caught in Korea with forged papers, as well as several anomalies. Due to increased tensions with his higher-ups, it's possible that foul play was involved. He was then extradited to the U.S. to serve a special sentence. The Foundation came around to hiring Jo, due to his influence and knowledge in Asia. Since then, he retains an important asset, a dedicated one at that.


Second grader's knowledge of Mandarin, and Cantonese


  • A strong longing to return to Japan. A strong longing to visit Japan.
  • Jo is well-versed in Judo, Karate, and Ving Tsun, often using a hybrid of the three in combat.
  • Can drive motorcycles.
  • His rank was "Kyodai" meaning big brother. He was supposedly up for a promotion for "shateigashira", placing him in a higher management position.
  • He is a moderately good cook and is able to cook a wide variety of Asian cuisine.

XP: 13

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
How Angels Fall From Heaven +3 Site-19
Elora +4 Site-19
Lies of Omission +4 Site-19
Hospital: Revelations +4 Site-19
A Bloody Retort +5 Site-19
Silly Psi-7! Are For Kids!! +2 Site-19
Something Wicked Comes This Way +4 Site-19
Mythic Beasts +3 Site-19
Tattered Fates +4 Site-19
Big Damn Heroes +2 Site-19
+1 to PERC -8 Site-19
+1 to MDEF -11 Site-19
Armor Chaining -14 Site-19
Seaside Picnic +2 5/22/16
In God's Name +2 6/3/16
The Virgin Lands Campaign +4 5/18/16
Finding Emma Boucher +2 7/5/16
+1 to INTIMID -10 7/24/16
Rog's Tunnel Adventure +4 10/23/16
Let Roget Tell You About His Operation +3 12/28/2016
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