Jester (Test)

Player: ArseneLupin

Position: Mischevious Cleric

Demeanor: A bubbly girl who doesnt quite get how the world works all the time and has a penchant for pranks.

Nature: Iunno

Description: Blue tiefling girl.


Characters have 15 points to spend. It costs one point to buy a rank in a stat, or to be trained in a skill. Trained skills are indicated with bold.

  • Physical Health: 11
  • Mental Health: 11
  • Strength: 2
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 1
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 3
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm:
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence:
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: 3
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine

You have eight points to distribute among as many or as few specialty skills as you see fit (but at least three is almost always warranted). Remember to explain what each specialty entails.

  • Channel Divinity: 2. Jester is a Cleric of The Traveler, and as such is granted a few specific boons through her Holy Symbol. She starts each run with 2 uses of this ability but can replenish these uses if she has at least half an hour to pray to The Traveler.
  • Blessing Of The Trickster: 3. Jester is pretty good at sneaking around from all her years of getting into trouble, and she's not too bad at giving pointers either. Twice Per Run Jester can give another character a +3 Bonus on their next 2 Stealth Checks.
  • Forgery Kit: 1. Jester has always been great at faking signatures and handwriting. When using Bluff to create Forgeries it is treated as a Speed Stat.
  • Disguise Self: 2. Jester is great at making herself appear to be someone else after years of practice. When using Bluff to disguise herself as someone, she gains a +2 bonus.


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