Jessie Kelly

Basic Info:

Player: Lumine

Position: Field Medic

Demeanor: Quiet, blends into the background, barely there half the time and often surprising when he speaks up. Not memorable at all. He's polite, will be quiet and not butt in on a conversation if he's not apart of it.

Nature: Jessie's nature is actually a very kindly one. He'll be the first to run in and help people and he doesn't wish for any form of praise but accepts it if given. He's come to terms with his lack of presence and his tendency to be ignored by others and to make up for it he just tries to do his best with his work so he can at least help them. This aside he has an undying loyalty to the Foundation as he sees them as needed and important, though he's quiet the man is extremely zealous with the belief that they cannot do wrong.

Description: Jessie is a short man of 5'" with short blonde hair and brown colored eyes. He appears to be in his early to mid 20's, has a thin physique and dresses rather plainly with shirt and slacks with neat leather shoes and a simple jacket.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 3
  • Survival: 4
  • Sneak: 6
  • Medical: 5
  • Just Your Average Everyman: 6. Jessie's normality acts as a natural camouflage to him as he just seems to not get noticed while around other people. He gains a Stealth bonus against neutral parties or people he's not in direct combat/conversation with. If he's alone +2 bonus and an additional +4 if in a crowd.
  • You're not dying on me: 3. Jessie's dealt with having to make last-minute emergency patch-ups on patients and sometimes himself from his past experiences and the nightmare he went through. He gains a +3 bonus to Medical when assisting allies or patching himself up (can only be used if the target is at 2 Health or lower).
  • Uncanny Valley: 3. Jessie has experience telling if something isn't human, either a facial feature is off, their eyes are just wrong or their behavior is odd. He gains a +3 bonus to Perception when discerning if that he's looking at is pretending to be human (They must have a mostly uncovered face with their features visible for this to be used.)


  • Basic Medical Kit
  • Survival Knife



  • A small collection of science fiction horror novels.
  • A piece of the welcome sign from his home town.

Personal History:

Jessie's past was pretty unimportant. He was born to middle-class family, he went to public school and avoided trouble and bullying due to just not standing out. He did as told, handed his homework in on time and worked his way through the school system with little issue. He followed his parent's wishes and attended medical school and while he had some obvious talent he received word of his father coming down with a rare illness so as a result he went back home shortly after and spent time assisting them and eventually volunteering at a local hospital to remain close to his father. However some time afterwards something peculiar happened. Strangers rolled into town in the dead of night. People began to go missing with small accounts, as it came to they couldn't seek help. The strangers seemed human but something was off. Jessie took refuge within the hospital, knowing full well no help was coming, he'd try to help but more people would be dragged off and he hid. His ability to not stand out, his lack of presence the only thing that seemed to help him as they would overlook him. He took what supplies he could and decided to wait it out. Patching himself up if hurt but the things kept looking. They terrified him, he still remembered the sounds, the sugar, the caffeine. He couldn't sleep because if he did they might find him. Then… He was saved. A roar of bullets, unknown saviors arrived. He ran to them and was taken in, asked what he could do, taking to the lines with no combat skill he helped these heroes by patching them up, displaying and tapping what medical skills he could, pushing himself to help. After the conflict was resolved, his parents dead, his hometown wiped off the map within a week of assault from unknown beings. He left with his saviors, intent on repaying his debt and now working as one of them.


  • English


XP: 0

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