Jeffrey Robinson

Basic Info:

Player: dragonwielder

Position: Archivist

Demeanor: Jeffrey gives off a very harmless demeanor. Seems like he wouldn't hurt a fly. He can actually harm way more than just flies.

Nature: Jeffrey always appears as, and is, friendly to those around him. He has some issues though, due to experience, he is hesitant when making friends. He will always be nice to people. But there are few that he himself actually considers friends. During combat, Jeffrey will at least attempt to be non lethal since he doesn't have to be lethal anymore, but he will kill if necessary, and if he thinks you are better off dead than alive. But you have to do some /messed/ up things to make him think that.

Description: Jeffrey is a 6'2 Caucasian man with a thin frame. He wears whatever normal clothes there are, so as not to stand out. He prefers to keep it that way. Though, sadly for him, his strange idea of normal clothing tends to make him stand out sometimes. He has bright blue eyes and black hair which is usually a bit messy.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 2
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Melee: 3 (+2 from STR)
  • Ranged: 6
  • Sneak: 2
  • Academics: 4
  • Lethal intent: 3.Throughout his career, Jeffrey has seen a lot of gunfights, and shot a lot of people. Most of his work was focused on assassinating, but he would occasionally have to take out groups of people instead of one person. Plus, there was always the off chance he got discovered and a gunfight would break out. He has learned over time to deal with these things with expertise and efficiency, taking down all enemies as fast as possible. +3 RNG. This only applies if there are more than 5 enemies.
  • Rolling away from the punches: 2. If there is anything Jeffrey has learned, it's that if you get overwhelmed in a fight, you're dead. +2 to AGL when facing groups of enemies.Only applies when said enemies are attacking in melee.
  • Neckbreaker: 3. Jeffrey knows that there won't always be enough range between him and his enemy for a gun, he has trained accordingly. +3 MLE when in close combat with one enemy. When attacking one enemy, he has to remain focused on attacking one enemy. In order to get this bonus, he has to attack the same enemy he has been attacking until they are dead, or unable to fight anymore. If he attacks a different enemy without the previous enemy being dead or unable to fight, he gets no bonus.
  • I have tabs on everything. Yes, even you: 4. Due to his habit in school, and all his years of infiltration. Jeffrey is good at gaining and keeping info, especially if it is important. +1 ACAD and +3 PERS When searching for info that is important. This only applies when he has previous knowledge of the topic. If the knowledge is not anomalous then this bonus will likely apply unless a GM says otherwise. Anomalous knowledge can apply as well if he has previous knowledge of said anomalous things that he is digging up info about.


  • .44 caliber revolver
  • 6 moon clips for revolver.
  • Ithaca 37 shotgun
  • 20 Ithaca shells
  • Suitcase full of papers. files. Stuff an archivist usually has.


  • Springfield rifle
  • Thompson machine gun
  • Gun ammunition
  • Wardrobe of clothing.
  • Other basic room things.
  • A hammock
  • Bookshelf

Personal History:

Jeffrey was born in New York during the year 1932. Six years before the end of the Depression and the beginning of the war. This gave him the grace of not being drafted. His father, receiving a permanent injury from the last war, was not drafted. He and his family stayed together despite the darkness of the Depression. Soon the Depression ended, and Jeffrey was able to go to school since education was affordable.

In his younger years, Jeffrey was small, in both width, and height. He would receive some teasing for his small size, this made him hesitant in making friends. Due to his lack of friends, he had plenty of time to do other things.Things such as reading, or studying subjects he had interest in. He usually finished his homework early because of all the time he had on his hands. He would usually not have much friends until the end of the year. Most of the year would be spent sitting and listening to people's conversations, analyzing to find what kind of people they were, so as not to make friends with anyone who he would refer to as 'assholes'. This made bonding with people quite difficult for him.

At one point in time, one of the few friends he made, Johnny, suffered a crushing accident. Johnny's back was broken while trying to defend his mother from a group of gang members. Jeffrey tried to get there in time, but by the time he got there, the van was already driving away with Johnny's mother. Johnny was unable to ever walk again from that day forward, and Jeffrey had a bit of a grudge. This is where things took a wrong turn.

In his later life, around the end of the war, he got into unsavory business. Gang business to specify, he did jobs with quite a few gangs. Ones such as the stitchers, blackstreet, sewer rats, and many others. He always showed a preference to the stitchers, most of these jobs were things like helping out in turf wars or infiltrating gangs and getting info. Sometimes performing hits on minor gang bosses, Yet, for obvious reasons, Jeffrey would only accept jobs that involved taking down other gangs. One of his most interesting accomplishments is a special case where he was hired by the stitchers to eliminate two gangs. He decided to start accepting jobs from both gangs under two different identities, causing both gangs to burn each other out in a gang war. Of course, in order to pull off these things, he had to be secretive, go under different identities and make sure no one saw his face when doing hits, occasionally wearing an old ski mask when he had to get close. Due to this, Jeffrey found himself doing most of his jobs with ranged weaponry. He trained himself in hand to hand combat for when range was not an option, training himself to be as lethal as possible, so as to end the fight quickly.

Over time, Jeffrey got tired of his antics, slowly coming to the realization that his continued murdering did nothing. The realization that, what he was doing, was like peeing in a hurricane. It wasn't going to change anything. One day, he came across a job. This job was a simple hit. Snipe a boss of a rival gang and be done with it. As the man walked down the street, Jeffrey had his sights aimed, prepared to fire. That's when it happened, he saw them with the man. A woman, and a child, walking beside him. The child skipping along happily, and the wife smiling as she talked happily to her husband. All this dawned upon Jeffrey as he was about to pull the trigger, and he stopped himself. He sat there, the realization dawned upon him, eyes wide with horror and shock. There he was, taking a man away from his family like those gang members took away Johnny's mother. Jeffrey had become the very thing that he hated. Jeffrey walked away, and the man got to keep living his life in bliss of what had almost befallen him that day.

After this, Jeffrey now knew. He didn't want to be in his line of work anymore, and he needed a way out. He needed a final job, the stitchers gave him one under the promise that, if he managed to pull it off, he would be cut loose. Free to go off on his own.

He was hired to assassinate some cult. Unlike most jobs, he was hired to kill all the cult members, instead of just the boss. Before he went to the meeting place, he gathered some of his buddies from the stitchers and bought an LMG off of an ex military gang member amongst them. This made it easy to shoot down most of the cult members in a sneak attack. Eventually things got too risky, not to mention that the cult members seemed to take more shots to kill than a human should. You know there is something wrong when it takes 8 shots from an LMG to down one guy. He and his buddies put a decent dent in their numbers, but eventually the battle took a bad turn, most of his comrades were taken down by the cult members with inhuman power. Eventually, Jeffrey was the last one left, and he wasn't going to last long. Jeffrey resolved to take out the leader and then retreat. Using his pistol to be accurate, Jeffrey took down the leader with a clean shot to the head. To his surprise, after the cult leader died, all the other cult members just faded from existence. Like they were never there.

Turns out, the person Jeffrey shot was being pursued by the foundation. After the foundation found out about his feat, he was offered a job, told that they could use his skills. When he heard. Jeffrey happily accepted. It was a good deal. He would help humanity. In return, he would get a new life and disappear without a trace. It was exactly what he was looking for.


  • English
  • Italian


XP: 0

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