Jeffrey Caldwell
A picture of an unknown Anderson Robotics programming team. Jeffrey is the man in the back at the farthest left.

Player: WrongEnd

Position: Hacker

Demeanor: He's generally professional, and very photogenic. He also gives the impression of being a nerd.

Nature: He just wants to make an ethical living, and is generally laid back with people if they don't conflict with that. Having worked with NASA engineers before in his original workplace near the Kennedy Space Center, he is also very professional and straightforward, easy to communicate with.

Description: He looks very standard for the time period, groomed black hair, often wears a tie, stands at five-foot-eight, he is overall very indistinguishable from any other office-worker. He's pretty skinny and doesn't have a lot of muscle tone.


  • Physical Health: 12
  • Mental Health: 12
  • Strength: 1
    • Athletics 1
    • Melee 1
    • Ranged (heavy) 1
  • Toughness: 2
    • Resilience 2
    • Determination 2
    • Antipsychic 2
  • Speed: 1
    • Acrobatics 1
    • Stealth 1
    • Ranged 1
  • Charm: 2
    • Persuasion 2
    • Bluff 2
    • Intimidation 2
  • Intelligence: 3
    • Perception 3
    • Insight 3
    • Logic 3
  • Education: 3
    • Science 3
    • Engineering 3
    • History 3
    • Survival 3
    • Medicine 3
  • Cybersecurity: 3. Jeffrey is an expert at cybersecurity, which generally relates to the security of digital systems. This is informally also called "expert at hacking", or even more informally, "hackerman". +3 to penetrate or defend a computer system.
  • Programming: 3. Jeffrey's also a very good software programmer, both frontend and backend. Some may call his frontend applications "ugly as hell", but who are they to judge? +3 to any rolls involving the application of programming, such as creating a program or understanding what the code of a program does. Due to his history with Anderson Robotics, an extra +2 with Anderson Robotics specific programs.
  • Circuitry: 1. Jeffrey's decent at working with circuitry, including but not restricted to soldering, creation of, and discerning the use of circuits. +1 to any rolls involving circuitry in some form, such as soldering.
  • Complex Robotics: 1. Jeffrey's alright at complex robotics, which can generally be defined as "Mechanical constructions, usually interlaced with circuitry, that is complex in nature." Examples of this would be robotic prosthetics, advanced vehicles, and even entire robotic bodies. +1 to rolls involving robots or other mechanical constructs. An added +1 if these constructs are Anderson Robotics in nature.


Operational Equipment

  • PASGT-IIa Armor, plate carriers removed
  • Beretta 92 construction date 1979
  • Further miniaturized Compaq Portable with a variety of standardized female ports.
  • Container of male connection cables
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Compaq-compatible, Lithium-Ion powered recharger
  • Standard basic quality of life and survival gear

Average-Day Equipment

  • Whatever's on hand
  • Maybe his compaq portable I don't know
  • A shirt and a pair of pants at least or I should hope


  • IBM PC 5150
  • A variety of at least semi-professional clothes
  • A picture of an Anderson Robotics programming team

Personal History:

  • 1946 - Jeffrey is born.
  • 1948 - Jeffrey's family moves to the US from the UK.
  • 1962 - Jeffrey gets a scholarship to MIT for outstanding work in the field of computer science.
  • 1964 - Jeffrey goes to MIT.
  • 1966 - Jeffrey does not complete his degree, receiving a job offer in Anderson Robotics.
  • 1968 - Jeffrey moves to a small facility near the Kennedy Space Center to work, having passed initial qualifier tasks.
  • 1973 - Jeffrey begins to get disillusioned with Anderson Robotics methods.
  • 1977 - Jeffrey quits Anderson Robotics and moves to Nevada, with the intent of avoiding Anderson Robotics retaliation.
  • 1980 - Jeffrey finds employment and protection from Anderson Robotics in Site-15.
  • 1982 - Jeffrey makes the placement for a Mobile Task Force, from a mid-grade researcher level.
  • 1983 - Jeffrey is formally placed in an MTF unit.

In 1946, Jeffrey was born to Jonathan Caldwell and Victoria Caldwell, a married couple living in London. In 1948, to take advantage of American economic prosperity, they moved to the United States. While Jeffrey had a fairly average childhood, he did always have access to technology and thus grew an interest in it. This culminated in winning a variety of tech contests in his new home state of New York, which resulted in him receiving a scholarship to MIT at the age of 16. This scholarship was for outstanding potential in technology, and was to be served at the age of 18.

When Jeffrey turned 18, he packed up his things and moved to Boston, to learn from MIT. Here his skills developed at an exponential rate, piquing the interest of Anderson Robotics. He accepted a job offer with a generous pay from them, and after two years of qualifier tasks, was formally hired. He moved to Florida, near the Kennedy Space Center, to work with a programming team there.

Here he worked on various Anderson Robotics projects, until he finally grew disillusioned in the company for various ethical violations in 1973. He worked for another few years while securing his future outside of the company, and in 1977, he formally quit and left for Nevada. Here he hoped to avoid any Anderson Robotics personnel who may come after him, and for three more years he did many odd jobs and laid low.

He later found employment with the Foundation in 1980, and quickly began going up the ranks due to his familiarity with Anderson Robotics anomalies and general skill and experience. In 1982, he was nominated for an MTF position by a variety of other researchers, and he ultimately accepted, passing various qualifier exams and tests.

He has only recently made the transition to full MTF unit, as recent as this year.




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