Jamison Barnes

Basic Info:

Player: DrFetersan

Position: Archivist/Informant

Demeanor: He is fairly laid back, willing to strike up conversation and even joke around a bit. Very rarely does he ever seem to be in a bad mood, and even when he is he tries pretty hard not to put anyone else down. Even with his laid back nature, he likes to keep things as organized as possible, keeping places like his work-desk nice and tidy.

Nature: He is pretty friendly by nature as well, though he is more than willing to use his demeanor to get any information he can out of anyone who might have it. He is background with the CIA has made him an extremely skilled liar, and unless you have a direct connection with him, he is likely to lie right through his teeth about any personal information.

Description: Jamison is a Caucasian American male with blue eyes and short, messy head of dirty blonde hair. His skin is fairly light, having just enough tan to keep him from looking completely pasty, a decent sized scar on his back from an accident during and investigation. He has a rather lean build to him, what little muscle he has mostly for show.



Physical Health:7
Mental Health:7


Physical Defense:5
Mental Defense:3




Master of None: 4 During his time with the CIA he was trained to blend in easily among regular civilians, including those who are members of the workforce. With this, he is able to integrate himself into any group of working individuals. Offers a bonus of +3 to Bluff if job in question is considered unskilled work, +1 if the job takes special training or a degree.

Something doesn't feel right: 2 While investigating any situation, anomalous or otherwise, there will be individuals who are bound to try and throw him off the right track or even try to kill him. If a person or place is potentially dangerous, he gains +1 perception if no hostile action has been taken. If hostile action is taken, he gains +1 to firearms.

“Give a guy a hand, would ya?”: 3 Sometimes, when trying to figure out what’s going on or when trying to complete a task, you just need a hand. Given his friendly outward nature, he has no trouble finding such help. If the task at hand is not considered suspicious or illegal, he gains +3 to Persuasion when searching for help.

“I’m very organized, thank you!”: 3 When most of the time spent in your life involves both gathering, recording, and sorting through information and data, you learn to recognize what is what. When sorting through data, his focus on the task help him gain +3 to Academics, allowing him to better organize it.


.45 ACP Magazines
A ballpoint pen
A notepad




Several books from various authors, mostly fiction
Several packs of pens

Personal History:

Jamison Barnes was an only child born August 13, 1923 to a Ex-Military father and his stay at home mother in a small town near the middle of Michigan. After the first world war, his father had begun work in one of the GM factories a few towns away, leaving the boy alone with his mothers most days.

He was always a kind and intelligent young boy, getting along well with other students at school, often telling tales about his father to them that his father had told him. These wartime stories inspired him, Jamison deciding to get the best out of what his father had fought for. After his graduation he went straight into college, taking classes in mathematics, literature, and history. His grades were exceptionally high, graduating with a masters degree in Archival Sciences in 1948 at the age of 26.

In his search for work however, he found himself unable to find a job that he felt suited him, finding most either didn't pay well enough, or were quite simply too boring. Frustrated, he decided to follow in his father footsteps and join the Military, taking the entry exam and getting some interesting results back. Because of both his test results and current degree, he was approached by the CIA and offered a job as both an agent and an Archivist. He accepted this position, and completed his training by 1950.

He worked with the CIA for 5 solid years, until one day he had come across some rather strange data while organizing some of their most recent discoveries. People in the hundreds seemed to be disappearing from areas that were generally deemed completely safe from threats, and with these odd disappearances also came the introduction of people who had seemingly never existed. Suspicious, he went on a personal mission to figure out the cause, and was soon lead to the SCP foundation who offered him a job similar to his current one, with the addition that he would be working with possibly supernatural cases. After thinking about this a bit, he decided to join, interested to see what sort of events might unfold.



XP: 0

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