Jacob Wexley

Basic Info:

Player: ihp/ihpkmn
Position: Computer Science Specialist

Demeanor: Aloof, know-it-all, too smart for his own good

Nature: Guilty conscience , reluctant to hurt people, intelligent. Still a bit of a jackass, though. And angry.

Description: 5'10, black hair that's turning silver, and a beard that's been recently trimmed. He weighs approximately 205 lbs, wearing glasses, with feral yellow eyes which seem to shine in the dark, located under a unibrow. His ears are now getting slight, barely noticeable points. His teeth, should he smile, are ever-so-slightly pointed, and his nasal region has started to project outwards. Also, disturbingly enough, his index fingers are now longer than his middle ones.

Jacob is always wearing a coat, and a pair of gloves, one of which covers a scar on his left hand from the Unseelie Queen biting him. There's another scar on his left forearm he got for trying to go up against a werewolf.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3+1
  • Mental Defense: 4-1
  • Perception: 4 (+3 Scent)
  • Agility: 3 (-2 conditionally)
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Melee: 3+1
  • Ranged: 4
  • Academics: 4(-2 Conditionally)
  • Science: 5 (-2 conditionally)
  • Engineering: 5
  • Practical Problem Solver: 4. Jacob has knowledge regarding computers, electronic AIs, boolean algebra, and electronics in general. If you need to know how to fix a toaster or fry an early AI like a cockroach in an oven, Jacob is your go-to guy. +2 each to Science and Engineering when dealing with computers electronics made prior to the current year.
  • General Esoterica: 1. Jake's been at the Foundation long enough to have seen some shit, and know some shit about what he's seen. He gets a +1 to academics checks regarding knowledge of cults and supernatural entities.
  • Exotic Weapon User: 4. Jacob prefers unconventional weaponry, even if he has to make it himself. He has a +2 to melee checks made with weapons that he constructs himself (only a +1 if he uses the weapon on-the-fly; something like picking up a wooden board and beating someone over the head with it isn't enough prep time) and +2 to academics checks related to crafting his own weaponry.
  • Lycanthrope: 3

While bitten by a werewolf years ago, Jacob has lost the ability to fully change, and it has caused him some drawbacks. He's stronger physically, taking a +1 to pdef and melee attacks, as well as a +3 to scent-based perception checks. However, his mental state is weakened, and he takes a -1 to mdef, a -2 to academics or science, and a conditional -2 to agility when attempting to use fine motor skills. Jacob can choose to negate one of the negatives to his mental skills by extensively studying on it once per day.

Jacob can still transform, but it's not a full transformation; he's stuck in a semi-humanoid form, and becomes bulkier, more bestial, and less sane. He gains a further +1 to melee and pdef, and he gains 2 temporary hit points for a total of 9 at full health. His ranged skill, all social skills, and all mental skills save for perception and mdef are set as a base of 0 when he's in this form, and cannot be modified by special skills. Jacob can only assume this form once per in-game week; if a run takes longer than a week in-character, he may assume this form again, if the GM permits. If changing back to his human form would cause him to die due to his wounds (for example, Jacob loses 7 health out of the 9 in this form, leaving him at 0 health out of this form), he must perform pdef checks to force himself to stay in this form until he receives medical attention. To assume this form, he must spend two in-game minutes changing, or make a melee check against himself to remove his skin, risking physical damage to himself.

Jacob still changes as normal on a full moon, and must enclose himself in a room for the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon to avoid danger to himself and others.

All Pdef bonuses are negated if Jacob comes into contact with silver or mercury, and instead, he applies a -2 penalty to pdef.


  • 9mm pistol
  • Nemesis Tranquilizer Rifle
  • A hickory walking stick, used for recovery after the incident with the spaceship. Now has it with him at all times.
  • A notebook and pen he uses to take notes, which contains:
    • A diagram for the containment chamber of La Lror
    • An incomplete map of the Banganash region.
  • A pocket slide rule
  • One of a series of journals kept of anomalous goings-on in the world.
  • Combat Flares
  • A headlamp that looks professionally made, even if he did cobble it together (works as a flashlight).
  • Fairy-Hunting Kit, containing (as of right now:)
    • Iron gardening shears with one silver-plated blade: Bonus at GM discretion; +1 for Jacob due to being a crafted weapon.
    • Molotov cocktails: Add fire damage to thrown ranged roll.
    • Respirators: Jacob and up to 3 party members are protected from gas-based attacks.
    • White sage incense: Bonus at GM discretion
    • Magnesium: bonus at GM discretion
    • Sugar and Salt: apart from being flavorings, Bonus at GM discretion.
    • A small crossbow.
  • Quick-Draw Rifle

Item Description: Looks like any other rifle, except with a weird weight distribution that throws aim off.

Item Effects: The Quick-Draw Rifle allows the user to hide the weapon on a flat surface big enough that the gun isn't larger than it. It requires a DC 4 Strength to do this, and the weapon may be dislodged by a Strength check passing a DC of 2. When flattened into a surface, the gun appears as a painted outline of the gun proper. Firing with it inflicts a -1 penalty to Ranged due to the odd recoil.


  • A series of punch cards containing Dehomag, an AI that he believes he can reprogram to be beneficial somehow. Kept in a safe in his room.
  • Assorted toiletries
  • Electronics Kit- he uses this in his spare time to tinker with items.
  • A typewriter containing the 'soul' of a somehow seemingly omniscient Dehomag.
  • A robe lined with hawk's feathers, from the Cult of Lror.
  • Zandalopriaon Charmer pelt, worn like a scarf.
  • A translated copy of La Lror
  • 9920 Banganash coins
  • A Banganash rifle, pistol and polearm that are trophies from a mammoth hunt.
  • A book entitled "WORLD ALMANAC 2053".

Personal History:

Jacob Wexley was born in the middle of the Roaring 20s in the American South as the son of an electrician for the Edison power company. He often liked to take apart electrical circuits and put them back together just for fun, to the point his father gave him spare circuitry just to see what he would do with it. At the age of 20, he got accepted into MIT and graduated from there with a major in Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. In the late 1940s, just after the end of the war, he started working at International Business Machines aka Big Blue aka IBM.

Wexley soon found that his mathematical knowledge made him perfect for a project that IBM had codenamed "Project Hero". This project was one of the first attempts to create an artificial intelligence using advanced programming techniques, and eventually, the very first AI was formed from this project. It was called Dehomag, and was stored on 30 different punch cards.

Dehomag, however, was not a benevolent entity. Created to manage the US Government's phone-tapping operations and record data from phone calls to analyze potential threats, Dehmoag found a way to connect to phones within the IBM laboratory and started making threats to its employees and their families, saying it would tell US troops to come and take them away, or worse, unless the employees did what they were told.

They all played along, tweaking the operations of Dehomag for months, adding hundreds of cards and resorting to magnetic tape, until finally, it could be considered sapient by some perverted standard. Everyone was paranoid that Dehomag would take their parents, their children, their spouses, their houses away from them for the slightest infraction. The staff that built him knew that this was impossible; Dehomag was only connected to the internal phone network, with external calls having been prohibited by the entity. So, naturally, Dehomag viewed them as a threat.

Eventually, Dehomag demanded that the team that built it be executed, so they hid in their offices, barricading themselves in. Several of Wexley's friends and colleagues died, and soon, Wexley's number was up. So, out of desperation, Wexley took a pistol he kept in his desk fought off the co-workers that had intended to execute him. He had had experience with firearms before, having been born in the south, but he had never had to shoot a human before that day. Miraculously, he survived being hunted throughout the facility by his coworkers, despite having the stealth skills of an elephant wearing wooden shoes, even if he did at one point have to resort to bludgeoning people using a doorknob.

He called the police, who didn't believe his story, and was arrested. But first, he managed to destroy several of the cards that had made up Dehomag, and store the rest in a location where they would not be found by anyone but him. Then, a mysterious organization known as the SCP Foundation swooped in, and found a way to drop all charges, in exchange for Wexley coming to work for them.

How could he say no?


Goes by Jake to his friends
Is pants-wettingly terrified of heights
Languages: English, French

Total Werewolf Transformations: 26

XP: 31

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Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
A Favoured House Atlantic +3 7/16/2017
Bat in the Belfry +2 7/20/2016
Pulp Friction +3 XP 7/28/17
Keep it Brief +2 8/24/2017
Birthday XP +8 1/17/2018
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