Jacob Pryor

Basic Info:


Position: Con artist/ information gatherer.

Demeanour: Proud but not snobbish, laid back, usually willing to listen, very charismatic.

Nature: Careful, manipulative and deceitful. Rarely does any favours that don't benefit him in some way. Still quite charismatic and pleasant.

Description: Slightly taller then average with average weight. Hair colour is dark brown. Hair style is short, nearly completely shaved at the sides, combed over to the right. Usually wears a white or dark grey shirt with either a light grey with black lines, dark grey but with somewhat of a glint or dark blue formal coat. Usually wears formal black, light grey or dark blue pants. Occasionally wears a medium grey or dark blue fedora. Nearly always wears a tie. Posture is proud but relaxed.



  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7


  • Physical Defence 3
  • Mental Defence: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4


  • Persuasion: 5
  • Intimidate: 3
  • Bluff: 6
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Blackmail: 4. Throughout most of his early life Jacob was cold and starving, constantly looked down upon by the wealthy and powerful, he felt powerless to change his fate. Now, however, Jacob seem power if a different light, power isn't what one has or what is, but what one knows. It is information that is true power, and through years of experience Jacob knows how to weaponise it and use it against his foes. (Gains 3 Intimidate when using someones secrets against them. How and in what scenario this can be used is up to the GM)
  • Takes a Liar to Know a Liar: 3. And Jacob is one hell of a liar. (+1 to Perception when attempting to detect a lie. A +2 to Perception can also be added but only up to 3 times.)
  • Feint: 3. Jacob isn't very strong, so to make up for this he fights tricky. Jacob feints an attack, confusing the enemy and opening them up for the next hit. (Rolls a bluff, if bluff is successful gains +3 Mel on next attack. Once used on an enemy, the enemy gains permanent immunity to this ability.)
  • Cowardice: 2. Jacob in not much for heroic acts and self sacrifice and doesn't stick around in a loosing battle. (+2 AGI When fleeing from an enemy after an ally has been killed or after an allies Phealth drops below 3.)


  • Walther P.38
  • 9mm FMJ ammunition magazines
  • Small, concealable dagger
  • Black leather wallet
  • Small mens leather shoulder bag
  • Notepad
  • Retractable pen


  • Wardrobe
  • Various pieces of clothing (as describe in Physical Appearance)
  • Large bed
  • Bed-side table
  • Lamp (on the bed-side table)
  • Spare Walther P.38 (always on the bedside table)
  • Full size mirror
  • Desk
  • Chair (at the desk)

Personal History:

Born to poor parents in 1933, Jacob spent the early years of his life in Italy. His less then loving parents abandoned him on the streets at the age of 13. He got by begging for two years after that. It was at the age of sixteen that Jacob decided that he no longer wanted to be just another poor boy on the streets and he changed his tactics from begging to conning and thieving, he eventually became so good at smooth talking people that he managed to con persuade and lie his way off of the streets, this was at the age of nineteen and Jacob swore that day that we would never live that way again. From there on Jacob made a life in the underworld as a professional con artist, having to learn a few languages along the way for particular jobs. Although Jacob was very good with words, sometimes conflict was inevitable, many a gun and knife fight hardened Jacob into a good fighter, but his real weapon was always his tongue. It was on the 29th of november 1956 that Jacob took what seemed to be just another job, he was to work his way up to the Director position in a company in order to steal company secrets. After nearing his goal of 'director' position only a month later Jacob stumbled upon something he shouldn't have, whilst snooping around the house of the companies owner he discovered a stash of letters directed to the owner and in them the knowledge that this company was but a cover company for a group known as the SCP Foundation. A few days after sharing this information with his contractor Jacob completed his task and attempted to contact the man whom had hired him in order to turn in his mission and assign his pay, only to find out that his contractor, as well as many of the mans connections had been murdered. The next day he woke up in a blank cell and was informed of the foundation and of what they were, after which he was given a choice, join the foundation or be executed.


  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Latin


Having been forced into joining the Foundation, Jacob has little to no passion for their goals and is more focused on what he can gain from the Foundation, he isn't down-right traitorous traitorous however, for he knows how the Foundation handles traitors.

XP: 0

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