Jack Richards
Jack, with his late wife, Evelyn.

Basic Info

Player: Complete_Zero

Position: Item "Recovery" Specialist

Demeanor: Sly, astute and full of himself.

Nature: Jack's all-too-quick mouth often affects how people see him and will come off as stand-offish or challenging even though he is kind at heart. Occasionally, he would drift to the past which tends to cloud his thoughts. He hates wearing anything that would slow him down, but doesn't argue with protection. Jack loves to talk about his accomplishments, especially about his lucky gold coin (which is an often changing story).

Description: Jack is, as he has always been at Site-19, a man in his late 20s or early 30s. He has short brown hair and green eyes. Jack has an average build. Not too muscular, but enough to make up for his excellent climbing ability.

He wears a dark brown coat over a white button-up shirt, suspenders and red tie. For his bottoms, he wears khaki that match his coat paired with black shoes. As for his hat, it's a black fedora with a black ribbon and grey trim. In the side of the hat, on the ribbon, are Jack's initials. 'J.R.'

An M1911A1 Handgun is holstered on his side, more than likely hidden by the coat. Also hidden by the coat, stuffed in the inside breast pocket, is a black climbing glove that appears to be left-handed. The right one is on his hand. Also in his inside breast pocket is an Italian switchblade with an ivory handle.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 2
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 5
  • Ranged: 4
  • Sneak: 5
  • One Slippery Bastard: (4) He's an escape artist… because he has to be. Jack makes it look easy to slip away unnoticed or fiddle with the mafia and get away with it. He's learned how to survive in a place where everyone hates his guts and wants him dead, simply by "not being there." He can also scale walls in order to move quickly or find new paths, and escape from dangerous gunfire. (+4 to AGI when climbing or PERC when looking for a general alternative path.)
  • What is this Trickery, Jack?: (4) With his trained hand-eye coordination, Jack is able to pick pockets, break locks, quickly draw his handgun, create distractions and entertain children by pulling a bouquet of flowers from his jacket sleeve. (+4 AGI or SNK when pickpocketing or doing anything involving sleight of hand.)
  • Takes One to Know One: (4) Jack has spent a lot of time around liars, thieves, and brigands. So much so that he can definitely tell when someone is bamboozling. If he's got trust issues, it's for the right reasons. (+4 to PERC when spotting an attempt at BLUFF.)


  • Multitool
  • Magazine Bag
  • Flashlight
  • One Glove (Right-Handed)
  • M1911A1 Handgun
  • Italian Switchblade
  • Picture of His Son



  • Framed Full Family Photo, Dated 1927
  • Framed Photo of Harvey on the USS Yorktown, Dated 1941
  • Framed Photo of Evelyn and Michael, Dated 1953
  • Journal

Personal History:

Jack Richards was born in September 14, 1924 in Detroit, Michigan. Second born in a family of five, including his parents. At a very young age he had an interest in firearms and was taught by his older brother, Harvey. By the time Jack was 17, Harvey had been drafted into the military to fight in World War 2. Jack had continued to practice his marksmanship despite his brother’s absence with hopes of being able to catch up to his brother’s skill level and contest their shooting abilities.

Eventually, Jack’s father had died of a heart-attack, and with Harvey gone it would leave the family in economical turmoil. After many failed attempts of finding a suitable job, and with his mother forbidding him from joining the military, Jack instead reverted to crime in order to support the family. For years Jack had been stealing, escaping the law and pawning off stolen items in order to feed his remaining mother and sister. It was just enough to get by, but the family was waiting for older brother Harvey to return and help the support. But on March 4, 1941, Jack’s family received message that Pvt. Harvey Richards had been killed in action and Jack had been given Harvey's necklace as his final goodbye.

Years later, Jack had become a skilled thief, stealing more for sport than for financial aid, and had been involved in many small heists around Detroit, but by this time his infamy had caused dangerous figures to want him dead. Jack learned to take to the rooftops to avoid ambushes from assassins hired by wealthy people. He had the family taken care of and hidden away to prevent his enemies from harming them. In 1947, Jack got into an argument with a sister in the Zerilli crime family. She had accused Jack of beating her and beat herself up in order to persuade the Don of this. Then, Jack was called to an alleyway to meet a friend of his in the mafia. Although they were good friends Mickey Zerilli demanded Jack to admit to the sister's beating. When he refused, Mickey threatened to kill him for his family. They stood-off, Jack implored him to walk away, but Mickey was persistent; he was forced to kill Mickey before Mickey killed him. He ran away from the scene, luckily only with a bullet wound to the shoulder and stomach from the hidden gangsters of the alleyway. Jack always regretted killing his friend. Although, he grew an unshakable hate for the mafia, and began stealing from them in spite. He tried his best to keep his family safe, but this didn't last long. The mafia eventually killed his family, his mother and sister, and left him with almost nothing. He was broken, and he now had nothing to loose. For years he would gain more and more enemies in the Mafia and from hired assassins.

In time, Jack met a woman named Evelyn, her quick wit and beauty caught his eye instantly. They fell in love, got married and eventually had a son, Michael, but this wouldn't stop his thievery. He taught Michael how to aim with a firearm, like how he was by his brother when he was young. He wanted to keep his infamy a secret with his family and would lie about how he got his money. Evelyn, though, was not a stupid woman. She knew of Jack's thievery and she pleaded for him to stop, Jack agreed, but only when he could find a suitable job.

On January 11, 1956, the Richards family had moved to New York for more opportunities, for both Michael and Jack. Of course, his infamy caught up with him, and he had to live under an alias in order to keep his family, and himself, safe. Evelyn had become fed up with Jack's "job" and demanded that he find a legitimate workstation to work at. He agreed, and as one final job, Jack had stolen an item that the Foundation had interest in. He ran for his life, believing they would kill him if he was caught. He gave a good run, but was caught before he could pawn the item off. After Jack was taken to Site-19, he was given a choice to either work for the Foundation or be killed. Jack now works for the Foundation as an Item "Recovery" Specialist, assigned to "retrieve" specific items, documents, or SCPs… especially if they didn't belong to the Foundation in the first place.

Jack was introduced to the Foundation in April 6, 1956. He still remembers his brother and keeps his necklace mainly in his room at Site-19. His wife, Evelyn, and son, Michael, lived normal lives in an apartment in New York City, convinced he worked for some normal security agency before the death of Evelyn Richards some time later. Evelyn was shot once in the head in front of her bed, execution style. Michael Richards witnessed the forced entry and the execution of his mother while staying hidden in the closet. The NYPD found that he was discovered in said closet, but was spared. Michael is now being kept safe in a secure location in thanks to Kathleen Moodie so he may lead a happier childhood.


  • English


  • Jack hates being called Pepper Jack, Cheddar Jack or anything relating his name to cheese.
  • If you ask him about his lucky gold coin, you won't get the same story as last time!
  • Don't bring up Evelyn… just don't.
  • Jack Richards is actually the grandfather of the main character named Daniel Richards of a series of tales (that I have yet to write).


Artyom: I respect him. I don't think he trust me at all, or respects me for that matter. I hope to earn his trust… … that may prove more difficult than I thought.

Lace: Sweet little doll. She lost her innocence too soon. So far she's the only one who seems to like me. I'm not sure where she is, but I would love to talk to her again. She's back!

George: Field Medic. So far he has no opinion of me from what I can tell. I hope he and Kailee stay happy together.

Ade: He's smart, wealthy, and a bit of an ass. I don't like him, but he's good to have on a mission. Made a deal with him, for the Foundation. Fucker cut ties… oh well, at least the GOC is gone.

Branko: Plenty Rugged would be an understatement… that man scares the shit out of me. May he rest in peace.

Franklin: He was there when I got put in the brig. He showed me that my shit didn't matter. I believe him.

Leonard: Drunk. He played Isa's mind game… and won. Currently my favorite security officer.

Madeline: Reminds me of a cheerleader I used to know… very peppy. She got put out back in the world, wonder what stupid thing she did.

Samantha: Linguist. Very bright, seems happy. There's never a time when she's not reading something. Fuck her. She betrayed us all.

Melanie: HR Girl, she's very optimistic and flirty. She is hiding something, something to do with all those clothes… tattoo?

Isa: Chicago Mafia. She doesn't scare me, I know how to deal with tommy-gunners like her. A good friend, kinda like a love-hate sorta thing. I guess I can trust her. That damn personality would piss me off, but she is attractive. Currently is in a relationship with Clyde Rebecca. Retired with Rebecca.

Clyde: Very timid fellow, not sure what he does, or why he was hired. Possibly anomalous His sister revealed herself, she has no body but can "borrow" others'. It's very…. interesting. He's getting dizzy with the snowflake. I… messed it up. Badly… I don't know. I liked Martha, a lot. I just… I was so stupid.

Bowman: Glad to see someone I can to relate to with my criminality. I look forward to working alongside him. He might need to understand the severity of our job, drunks are the very least of our problems.

Marion: Genderless. Apparently, they can dig into my emotions like I've never seen since my Mother! It's a bit uncanny that they can break me down like that. They suggested that I bring my family to the site to ensure their safety… sure, I'll do that. They're staying at Site-19.

Gwen: Nice nurse, doesn't play around with her patients. She needs to learn how to not sound like a broken record. She's doing much better. I'm glad. One of the few who aren't so new around here. She's happy to see me again.

Kit: Demolitionist. She's with Artyom. They go so well together. She's one of the few people who aren't so new around here…

Sophia: A very quiet girl. She's an EMT. I think she may like me. She blushes sometimes when I talk to her. I may ask her to dinner or something. I don't know. I feel like something needs to happen first. She keeps running away from me… I… don't know anymore. I don't know what to do.

Theme Songs:

Main Theme: F.O.O.L- The Thief

Alternate Theme: Imagine Dragons- Bleeding Out

XP: 15

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Site-19 Transfer 15 3-5-16
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