J. Nabhanyu Desai

Player: Kaeru

Position: Reluctant Paranormalist

Demeanor: An oddly quiet and unassuming presence, he’s unlikely to approach others of his own initiative. He may seem a bit odd to those around him, appearing spacey, absent-minded, or distractible. He may often stare off at nothing with apparent interest or attention, or look away towards another area as if his attention was caught to spite there being nothing to see, hear, or otherwise notice. He may occasionally be seen muttering or speaking quietly to himself, and at times his mood seems to shift with no reason, explanation, or cause.

Nature: He isn’t malicious- it isn’t even entirely accurate to call him strange. He does his best to appear normal and nonthreatening; making those around him uncomfortable or off-put is something he tries constantly to avoid. He attempts to ignore what he can perceive but others cannot, but it’s difficult to be unaffected by it. He doesn’t approach others because he believes himself to be an undesirable and disturbing companion, but will not be unkind if approached- though he may come off as somewhat absent or distant. He hates doing harm, but knows it is sometimes the only course of action; he will still avoid killing if at all possible, however. He thinks of death very differently than most, but sees it perhaps as an even greater crime to cause because of this.

Description: Not very large or tall in stature, he stands at 5’9” with a fairly average build. He appears mixed in race, with influences in his traits from Egyptian and Indian parentage that give a smooth and freckled fairness to his deep, caramel bronze-tone skin and features. His hair is curly and a rich, dark tone, grown out somewhat from a shorter cut. He appears at least moderately sleep deprived at any given time he’s seen, perhaps somewhat tired in a more emotional sense as well; he never seems to smile. An attentive watcher may notice a tattoo on the back of his neck, at the base, in the shape of a stylized open eye. Other tattoos can be seen across his body as well, most notably the simplistic shining sun and crescent moon on his palms. Roundish glasses he wears prove upon inspection to be nothing more than clear, unaltered lenses he wears for a sense of comfort rather than for any reason of visual aid.


  • Physical Health: 15
  • Mental Health: 15
  • Strength:
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 2
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 1
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 2
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 2
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education:
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine

It Doesn’t End Here: 4. ANOMALOUS. Desai is, unfortunately, capable of perceiving the spirits of the dead in the world around him, as linked to him, their bodies, or the people and places around him; this ability is far from pleasant, to say the least. The dead are a constant presence for him even when his abilities are as suppressed as they are able to be, and that can take a toll. Burdened by the spirits of the dead across all levels of benevolence, Desai is prone to panic attacks and has difficulty managing fear from other sources on top of what he already has to cope with. Desai has disadvantage on all determination rolls against panic or fear.

  • Remember to Look Behind You: (passive) In general, when spirits are in a place they have chosen to be (when they are linked to a person, place, or thing), they are more or less the same as they were when they were alive. When interacting with spirits with whom the medium of connection is their corpse and not another connection or link to the material world, they tend to be hostile, restless, and near-mindless, often existing only as collections of negative emotions (rage, resentment, jealousy, and similar) and memories of their death.
  • Another Last Minute: (active ability) Desai can- although he really wishes he couldn’t- choose to deliberately contact the dead through physical contact with their bodies. This ability only works if his dampeners are active and functional; if not, this same action instead incurs the consequences outlined under disabled dampener mechanics and none of the benefits or mechanics of the active ability itself.

Nice Try: 2. Desai, understandably, hates death- but he doesn’t fear it. He’s been a conduit for the whispers of the dead since he was old enough to understand them. +2 to antipsy versus threats outside of the scope of his own abilities and instabilities given that his dampener tech is active and at maximum power; at reduced power, this bonus is only +1, and is not applicable at minimum or disabled levels.

Chthonic: 2. Desai gains a +3 to insight when used on spirits and the dead or to on the living when related to the dead, but a -1 on persuasion when the persuasion attempt involves trying to convince the other party of the existence of Desai’s abilities, the source of information gained from spirits, or other similar issues subject to suspicion and speculation.


  • Walther PP, light, balanced pistol, concealable
    • Spare magazines
  • Dampener Tech, disguised as mundane accessory
    • Extra charge cells for dampeners, 2
    • Emergency inhibitor dose reinforced vials, 5; administered through dampener built-in port; do not inhibit abilities further than outlined in dampener mechanics
  • Flashlight, standard, small
  • Pocket flashlight, red subtle glow in the dark material (light obscured if pocketed or put in bag)
  • Glowsticks, 5
  • Pocketknife, small, foldable
  • Foldable spiral notepad and pencils/pens
  • Small tape recorder with earphones
  • Egyptian scarab pendant on a chain around his neck, hidden locket function


  • Photos of himself and a brother at various ages
  • A photo of his brother and their mom, with his brother grinning and proudly holding up a signed degree and wearing graduation robes
  • Extra inhibitor doses of various types as backup in addition to standard doses
  • Additional dampener charge cells and charging station for them
  • An old and well-worn smallish dark green-blue stuffed alligator that has clearly seen some damage but has been well repaired and cared for; Mr. Lake
  • Civilian / casual clothing, various, mostly long-sleeves and pants
  • Several light jackets more for covering than for warmth
  • Fully noise-cancelling headphones
  • Heavy sleep mask, more of a genuine sensory deprivation device than an ordinary mask or blindfold
  • Filtered breathing mask for use as needed
  • A sketchbook full of strange and scribbled drawings and charcoal sketches, often with small amounts of text written with them as well (not often more than a single word or phrase)
  • Various books, many of which have scribblings in almost every margin
  • Tapes and a tape player with headphones
  • A small framed poster at eye level over the desk printed with short ‘assurances’ he often repeats or listens to on tape as habits continued from his rehabilitation and training while in containment
    • These phrases include (but are stated in second person rather than first on the poster):
      • I am beautiful.
      • I am loved and deserve love.
      • My allies are kind and to be trusted.
      • I am human.
      • I am alive.
      • Setbacks are not the end.
      • I am my own person.
      • I am in control.
  • Childhood photographs of his entire family, though these are not on display

Personal History:

DATE: 1984-01-15


Preparation procedures for reintegration and cessation of rehabilitation and sheltered BLACKOUT containment protocols began at your request two months prior to the submission of this report. GREEN, I know how you feel about CANDIDATE in terms of his containment with us, and I understand your concerns regarding the need for his eventual reintegration and release into unsheltered conditions. I did as you asked- CANDIDATE was taken through all the standard training proceedures and evaluations for release. He passed all the tests you threw at him, GREEN- there wasn’t a question if he would or wouldn’t. That’s not my issue. He’s been with us since we picked him up in [REDACTED], and I just don’t think he’s ready to be on his own. Requesting a program for his gradual rehabilitation and preparation for assignment rather than his immediate transfer or release. Attached is a full report of all relevant summarizing historical, medical, and psychiatric data regarding CANDIDATE for review upon consideration of requested program(s) and action(s).
Consider it, GREEN, will you? Not just for his sake.

In summary of his personnel file, CANDIDATE was initially captured and contained in 1979 following an incident publicly labeled as a triggered psychotic break1. Upon containment, CANDIDATE classified as A/H(P)(ES)(u)-0122. CANDIDATE attempted to resist containment and was subdued for transport before being placed in isolation containment method BLACKOUT for an indefinite period while assessment of further action was underway. CANDIDATE kept sedated when not under BLACKOUT proceedures for the safety of researchers and of CANDIDATE himself; physical harm has been observed to at times accompany mental damage as a result of instability and volatility of CANDIDATE’s observed abilities. Research into inhibiting medication regimes begun for the purpose of stabilizing CANDIDATE’s anomaly.

During containment thus far, CANDIDATE’s personal history has been recorded and a file constructed based on gathered information from CANDIDATE’s medical and legal records as well as recounts within interrogations by CANDIDATE himself. Due to the unconfirmed nature of much of the information contained in these records, only confirmable basic information is contained within this report. CANDIDATE was born in Patna, India in 1958, moving to England in 1967 approximately two years after the apparent disappearance of CANDIDATE’s father3 The nature of CANDIDATE’s acquirement of observed anomalous capabilities as of now unconfirmed; interrogation and observation by field experts unanimously speculate an inherent anomaly present from birth.

CANDIDATE does not often cooperate in response to questions regarding his family; his parents both seeming to evoke a bitterness in him and his brother’s mention often triggering relapses into volatile emotional and anomalous instability. His brother has been confirmed dead by autopsy and police reports regarding the death as a potential homicide case; suspicion that this event acted as the catalyst for CANDIDATE’s dramatically increased volatility and instability around the same time that led Foundation personnel to him and resulted in his capture and containment. If suspicion is correct, CANDIDATE would have only been contained after several months up to a year after catalyst event, suggesting an explanation for isolated and solitary nature observed as well as accounting for bodily markings (scars, tattoos) known to have occurred prior to containment but suspected to have occurred after psychological/anomalous instability increase.
The proposition of amnestics was considered and refused by CANDIDATE outright; a trial was attempted on CANDIDATE to remove a small segment of traumatic memory to spite these refusals. Within hours of CANDIDATE’s amnestic treatment, he had regained full memory of the event in question, and needed to be sedated to protect researchers present when CANDIDATE reacted violently to knowledge of attempts to remove his memories. Suspicion of outside source of memory regeneration, as initially the treatment appeared successful. Inconclusive.

CANDIDATE's assignment to personnel status and an active MTF pending; approval of recommended program for reintegration overriding priority of assignment.



Containment history: solitary BLACKOUT (complete sensory deprivation at least 18hrs out of each 24 hour period) until deemed stabilized, minimal human contact outside of single designated physician/psychologist
Languages: Hindi, English, Arabic
Birthday January 1st


Forensics Kit: Comprised of a miniaturized camera, a blacklight, cotton swabs, a brush, some sterile glass vials, and fingerprinting tape, all in a small container about the size of a wallet. Can be used to collect and preserve evidence and samples from a crime scene indefinitely.



Missions | Equip Points: 0

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