Isaure Elihu Baaiman

Basic Info:

Player: Bored_King

Position: Analyst and Saboteur (depending on mission scope)

Demeanor: Tries to be precise, with varied success. She often messes up out of forgetfulness or poor listening skills, but give her a written note of what you want done and it will be done. Reserved in speech, less so in writing. She is surprisingly hard to scare or agitate.

Nature: Despite trying to look as "standard" as possible, Isaure does act the complete opposite at times. If speaking in a clipped manner or showing an aggressive nature can come in use, she will do so, but she prefers acting "logical" as it is….logical. Though stellar at analyzing and comprehending most things, people elude her.

Description: 5 feet and three inches tall with blue-gray eyes, covered by her odd pair of glasses, that are either focused and observing or looking into space when she is deep in thought. Her brown hair is set in a ponytail, thought it has many strands hanging loose or poking out. When concentrated, in other words: 90% of the time, she wears an apparent scowl, though she doesn't realize it.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Intimidation: 3
  • Melee: 3
  • Sneak: 6
  • Engineering: 3
  • Like Breadcrumbs: 3 Analysts do not simply write reports, at least this one has leaned to track fleeing foes. When following the trail of a humanoid target, Isaure gets a +3 bonus to PERC.
  • Like a Shadow in Darkness: 3 Isaure, I sa ure, I didn't see her. Isaure has a +3 bonus to SNK against humanoids with normal sight (not anomalously or technologically improved) if she is completely still in a dark shadow.
  • You Won't be Needing These Lights: 3 What better way to confuse your foes and hide yourself than to take out their light sources, or at least some of them. When dealing with electrical boxes and other electrical factors of a structure, Isaure gets a +3 to ENG.
  • Nice Stabby Things: 3 Guns make noise, chokes take too long, a good blade ends the fight fast and easy, good for Isaure and her foes. +3 to MLE when attacking undetected.


  • A lightweight, black coat with two pockets
  • Khakis

[During missions]

  • Gloves
  • Pliers
  • Folding knife

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  • An Ordre de la Libération medal, framed in a shadow box made by Isaure.
  • Photograph of Isaure's family.
  • A sheaf of paper and set of pencils.

Personal History:

On September 9, of 1919, Isaure Baaiman was born in Dunkirk, France. Her French mother and Dutch father raised her with values not taught at school. They showed her when to speak up, and when to hold her tongue; when to fight, and when to flee. Though they were simple moral and life lessons at the time, they grew to help Isaure later in life, especially when trying to avoid attention and how to deal with fights. Through the years she developed a passion for wood working. Using her own hands and mind to create something not only beautiful, but useful was something she prided herself on. Her school life was less than fantastic. While she did well in her classes, it was her ability to socialize that was lacking. Specifically, socializing with other girls. She came to be a bit of a Tom Boy.

In 1940, Germany invaded France after conquering vast swaths of Europe. Some said they should give in, that they would be treated well by the Germans, but Isaure spoke against them. When the Germans came, Isaure helped fight against them. She had no problems fighting for what she believed, and no problems getting dirty to do it. On December 21, 1940, Isaure killed a man for the first time. Previously, she had helped obtain weapons, destroy train tracks, or impede work at factories or motor pools, but now, a German soldier had almost killed her. He had found her, he opened his mouth to yell and raised his gun to shoot, but she reached him first and silenced him with her blade. She made it as fast as possible, for even when fighting such foes, she did not see it as right to force them to endure immense pain. The experience fazed her, as it should anyone, but she focused on her mission-on France.

She only had to kill five others throughout the war. She was a lucky one, but she also went out of her way to avoid that experience as much as possible. During a particular mission in 1944, Isaure was noticed by a guard while attempting to shut down a motor pool. Her knife was on the floor, half a meter away, she had used it and didn't pick it back up, a rare but fatal slip. The guard looked to her, then the panel she was working on, and slung his rifle onto his back before informing her of a way to negate the alarms, where the guards were posted, and their plans in the case of a blackout, such as she was attempting at the moment. Then he continued on, nodding to her one last time and vowing to keep his conversation with her from his superiors. With no choice but to trust him, she did as he suggested. Her operation rendered an entire motor pool's worth of troop transports and tanks from being repaired within the next few days. This operation, on June 5, was what earned her her Ordre de la Libération medal.

After the liberation of France, Isaure sought to move away from what she had fought so dearly for. She fled those she lost, silently looking for a job in England. It took her time, but she finally found one. By day, she sat at a desk or hurried between them to relay reports she had written, and by night, she slept soundly, but dreams still came to remind her of previous years. At one point though, the Foundation came ringing, but under the guise of news reporters looking for a story. They already knew she had received an Ordre de la Libération medal for her works in the war, but they wanted to know if she was fit for the job they would latter offer. Unbeknownst to her, the Foundation agents went through a check list of mental and physical examinations, noting every pause in speech or ache of pain she showed, but they also wanted to see her account of her various operations. The agents thanked her for the story and left, returning weeks later, now revealing their true nature. On March 17, in 1955, Isaure accepted their offer to employment at the Foundation.

Over the next three years, she trained in the Foundation. The work focused her, and she loved it. She didn't even realize the dreams had gone away, too tired to make any. So in 1958, she transferred to site-77 in Italy.


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German


  • Isaure does make multiple attempts at art, though her success varies from "decent" to "is that even human." Mostly leaning to the latter, but she's getting better!
  • Though she does not use or talk of it often, Isaure has a knack for woodworking.

XP: 0

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