Hornam Bate

Basic Info:

Player: ZombieMesh

Position: Tracker and Hunter

Demeanor: Hornam is overly friendly, and often times has trouble with personal space. He laughs a lot and he laughs loud. While not the most refined in his manners, the African can be very polite and is an excellent listener no matter who's talking. He refrains from causing trouble and is less inclined to get in the middle of it if it's brewing.

Nature: Having lived many lives for far too long, Hornam forgets himself quite often and often mixes up his truths and lies. He decided a long time ago that he'd rather be happy and jolly rather than miserable and depressed when it came to his condition. It's very rare that someone will catch Hornam in a bad mood, but it happens. While very touchy himself, he refrains from direct skin contact to avoid hungering himself. His personality completely changes around vampires, and he becomes cold and brutal. He shows no sympathy to any turned, but offers prayers for their lost human life.

Description: Hornam is a dark skinned West African of average height, around 5'7, and looks about 43 years old. He normally keeps his black hair long and braided, often in a sort of pony-tail with some loose braids hanging forward on his head. His amber eyes will turn a deep orange the more blood-starved he is. An observant eye might notice that he wears caps on his teeth, since, from his canines back, Hornam has sharp and vicious looking teeth. His canines are slightly elongated. He has collected many outfits, but most of what the African wears ranges from comfortable to tactical.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 1
  • Intimidation: 1
  • Bluff: 2
  • Melee: 5
  • Ranged: 3
  • Survival:4
  • Sneak: 2
  • Monster Hunter: 5. Centuries of chasing down and exterminating vampires and things related has made Hornam a dangerous man to cross paths with. No undead is safe from his immortal wrath. When tracking an identified monster, Hornam can draw from his vast knowledge and skill-base to make sure its existence is short, giving him an academic bonus when he is trying to identify one.. He receives a bonus to perception when tracking a creature and a combat bonus when fighting them.
  • African Pride: 4. Even though it's been a few hundred years since he's visited his home country, the blood of wild Africa still runs through him (metaphorically; he doesn't have much of a blood flow anymore). The tropical Savannah hardens anyone who lives there, in mind and spirit. Survival is never guaranteed when nature is working against you, and Hornam knows this well. He also remembers his life before his village was destroyed and the customs related to it. In hot and dry environments or pure wilderness, Hornam gets a PDEF and survival bonus. He also gets an academics bonus when the subject is about African culture.
  • (Anomaly) Mixed Vampirsm: 3. Hornam is a cross between an African Adze vampire and a European one, which means he defies death and continues to exist despite his age. Well fed vampires have heightened awareness and senses, enhanced speed and strength, and are predators of the night. They cannot be killed except through certain means, and transcend their human abilities. Most vampires have dark vision and can see clearly even in the dead of night. Although some vampires might have mental powers or magic, the impure cross between two breeds of vampires has canceled out many of each side's unique abilities, but has resulted in a more stable existence despite the mixing of bloods. Adze vampires can starve off hunger by drinking palm oil or coconut milk. The European blood has subdued the more monstrous traits of an Adze, such as hooked feet, and allows an easier time to be had blending in. If well fed, the vampire mix can resist the sun for short periods of time due to their African heritage.
    • Mechanics: When Hornam reaches 0 PHealth, he will not die unless he reached that health a certain way. Instead, he will be knocked out and gain a -1 debuff per turn until given blood. At -5 debuff, he will become comatose and start to age. One point of debuff is removed per week, as long as he's not blood starved. He can also roll +3 to perception in dark areas. One per run, he can give himself a +3 bonus to a physical stat roll, such as strength or agility.
    • Flaws: Fire and all things holy are a vampires biggest weaknesses. The sun is a vampires mortal enemy, even if some are capable of defying it and daywalking. A stake to the heart will stun a vampire until the wood is removed, and blessed items weaken and scare them away.vampires are fueled by blood and are always hunting for their next meal, cursed with eternal hunger. If starved, a vampire might go into a frenzy or, if they resist the primal call, will be extremely weakened. Many vampires have an aversion to running water or salt water. They are also allergic to silver and pure silver will cause vampires to burn on contact.


  • A compact mirror
  • Two bolas
  • Matches and a lighter
  • Flint
  • A foldable, small shovel
  • FN Model 1903
  • A machete
  • A silver dagger

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  • A plethora of outfits from various time periods
  • Holy Water
  • A wooden crucifix
  • A silver crucifix
  • Stakes and a mallet
  • Garlic
  • A mirror
  • Lots of ropes
  • A net launcher
  • Iron
  • Salt
  • A crossbow
  • Regular and silver tipped bolts
  • A dart gun
  • Tranquilizer darts
  • Coconut milk
  • A bible
  • Various bestiaries and journals
  • Silver bullets
  • Attachable pouches
  • Backpacks
  • Savage Model 99 (rifle)
  • Iron and silver bayonete attachment
  • Smoke bombs

Personal History:

Hornam was born in a small village in Togo, most likely in the late 1400s to early 1500s, but the exact date it something he is unsure of. The village had remained hidden and untouched by European traders and slavers during the large slavery boom in West Africa. While his mother helped the village with its pineapple farms and palm sap collecting for wine, Hornam's father taught the little African to be a warrior that could hunt for food and defend his family. He became quite a good hunter in his teenage years, but often found himself in the village helping with other things rather than chasing animals due to mysterious attacks while tribesmen were out on hunting trips. Hornam continued to be primarily a hunter and gatherer and sometimes a help around the farms into his adult life. This changed when the village started to become frequently attacked during the night. At first the village chiefs assumed it was a tribe of savages, the local witch doctor proposed it might be Adze, since the culprits kept trying to break into their palm wine storage, but it was odd that it would be more than one. Hornam joined the night guard and helped keep the Adze at bay while the village started to make bug nets to keep any fireflies out. This continued for a few years before the attacks become more a more violent and often. Hornam's last night alive was also the last night of the village's existence.

It was later found out that what Hornam was and what he had been defending his village from were not Adze, but a mix between them and European vampires. An Adze, at one point, had possessed a person who had been turned into a vampire and then had ended up turning another, causing the line of unique vampirism to spread.

After awakening, Hornam returned to his village to find it razed and everyone slaughtered or turned. Despite becoming the creature he had been fighting against for years and having no one left to defend, he committed himself to exterminating the monsters that had overtaken his village and ending their spread. For many years, Hornam traveled across West Africa hunting vampires before he was found by slave traders and taken to Europe. From there, he escaped his shackles, chased down any vampires he could find, attempted to educate himself on his condition and the undead, and traveled around living many lives. During wartime, Hornam would hibernate and reemerge when the fighting was over.

He was eventually found by the Foundation when they crossed paths while hunting down a council of elder vampires. Given the option between being contained and unable to continue his solo genocide or cooperating with the Foundation, the choice was obvious.


Any languages your character speaks. English is required. Languages should be justified by background or academics.

  • E čegbe
  • Yoruba (rusty)
  • Akan (rusty)
  • Twi (rusty)
  • Italian
  • French (rusty)
  • Spanish (rusty)
  • English


Hornam means "Save Me" in Ewe.
Ewe is pronounced "ev-ay"

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