Holly O'Dell

Basic Info:

Holly O'Dell

General Containment Technician / Level 1 Field Mechanic

Holly is unintentionally impulsive and can easily annoy the most patient of individuals. she tends to flaunt her knowledge about mechanics and is usually very energetic. She's always the loudest in the room and tends to be a smart-ass at times.

Despite her reckless and impulsive attitude, Holly has a great respect for her superiors and tends to consider everybody her friend. Holly is also very passionate about the Foundation and will usually do whatever she can to prevent failure or loss of life. She has a natural charm and has a very caviler attitude towards danger.

Holly is exactly 5'7 and weighs 157lbs. she is well kept, sporting a dark blue jumpsuit and a SCP Personnel ball cap she wears over her straight, strawberry blonde hair. She wears a pair of fake, thick framed glasses. Why? Beats me.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 5
  • Agility: 2
  • Strength: 5
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Bluff: 3
  • Academics: 5
  • Science: 3
  • Engineering: 6
  • Charm: 5

In this line of work, it's always helpful to have a little bit of charm.

  • Deductive Reasoning: 5

Alright, so there's a wolf, a sheep, and a head of cabbage…

  • Sharp Shooter: 2

Shoot first, ask questions later.


  • Her standard issue Apex tool belt, which contains the following:
  • Black & Decker Round-head Ratchet (set contains 13 removable attachments)
  • Craftsman Comfort-Grip Screwdriver (large, Phillips)
  • Husky Pro Screwdriver (3)
  • Craftsman beam Torque Wrench
  • Williams Adjustable Wrench (3)
  • Cresent Adjustable Wrench (2)
  • Rockwell SoniCrafter
  • Skil Cordless Hand Drill
  • .45 Caliber M1917 Revolver (with holster)
  • Non standard issue FP-45 Liberator (Concealed)


  • Her journal (pink, small locket on front)
  • Military Patches (566th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 21st Airborne Divisions)
  • Photographs of various family members
  • A CD of Glenn Miller: Big Band Legend
  • A picture of herself entitled "Me"

Personal History:

Holly O'Dells' Declared DOB (Date of Birth) was on Tuesday, May 15th, 1937, 12:36 am, at Bellevue Hospital, New York. Due to blood loss, Holly O'Dells mother (Emily O'Dell) died in her hospital bed an 12:38 am. Soon after, Holly O,Dell was placed into the custody of her older brother (Hershel O'Dell).

In 1945, Hershel O'Dell became a member of the 21st Airborne Division and took part in several operations across the world, including Operation Pastel, Operation Estembourg, and [REDACTED]. He was killed in Okinawa after [REDACTED] attacked the bomber that Hershel O'Dell, Dr.[REDACTED], and several other Foundation officials were flying in.

It was because of Hershel O'Dells connection with the Foundation that led them to discover
Holly O'Dell. After completing General Training, she was offered a position at Site-77, which she promptly turned down, preferring to pursue an education in engineering. When the Foundation offered to pay for her tuition, she joined the Foundation.

she is currently applying for a pension.


  • English
  • Sign Language (American)

XP: 1,000,000,000,000 0

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