Gwen 'Kitsune' Elkin, née Bowman
Kit as she is now.

Basic Info:

Player: Talonair.

Position: Combat Engineer.

Demeanor: Confident, curious, eager to make friends.

Nature: She is very keen on working with others, preferring to work in a team rather than alone. She is fascinated with technology, always eager to get into the guts of a machine to figure out how it works. She has a short fuse when it comes to traditional views about her role as a woman, and will try to prove that she is just as capable as anyone else..

Description: Gwen stands at about 5'9" with a top heavy, Amazonian figure. She has fair skin, red hair and blue eyes, appearing to be in her late 20's. She typically dresses in her military fatigues, opting for plain, functional clothes at other times, usually with a leather jacket with a great number of pockets. Since the dungeon crawl, she's taken to wearing plate armour vambraces on missions. Recently she has taken to dying the end of her ponytail and the tips of the locks of hair in front of her ears white. Her left arm is totally 'clean' and unblemished, unnaturally so.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 6
  • Strength: 6
  • Melee: 6 (3+3 from Strength)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Survival: 5
  • Sneak: 3
  • Engineering: 5
  • Science: 4
  • Combat Engineering: 3. Her experience and training in performing battlefield repairs, establishing fortifications and performing general maintenance give her a wide array of skills. Her obsession with tinkering, aided by her training and experience, allow her to facilitate in upgrading existing systems as well. Able to perform repairs, jerry-rig machinery, establish fortifications, evaluate them for weaknesses and facilitate in their destruction, she is a valuable asset. +3 to rolls for repairs, tinkering, establishing and evaluating fortifications, demolitions and explosives when dealing with vehicles and military hardware (relevance to non-military hardware at GM discretion).
  • All Arms Commando Course: 3. The gruelling training of the All Arms Commando Course has taught her how to rapidly traverse barriers, such as clambering over walls, crossing rivers, climbing ropes and swinging across monkey bars. The courses have also improved her endurance, allowing her to travel much greater distances. +3 to crossing obstacles, running, endurance and swimming.
  • Little Left to Fear: 2. Kit has been through a lot during her time in the Foundation. Preyed on by hostile anomalies, kidnapped, targeted by the Hospital, killed and resurrected, Kit has just about seen all the horror there is to see. As a result she has become remarkably resilient to these threats, and has gained a healthy appreciation for fully automatic fire, or a handy sidearm. +2 to MDEF against Fear/Intimidation, +2 to Ranged when applying Suppressive Fire.
  • Swordplay: 4. Kit, being the only child of a wealthy family, had a great deal of time on her hands as a youth. That, coupled with encouragement from her grandfather, led to Kit pursuing swordplay. Tutors hired by her parents trained her primarily in the rapier and the various styles thereof, but she proved adept with a wide range of cut-and-thrust weapons. Kit gains a range of different bonuses based on what stance she adopts and what weapons she is wielding. NOTE: Bonuses to melee only apply if armed with an appropriate cut-and-thrust weapon, such as a rapier, arming sword, fighting knife (only when used in conjunction with a sword) etc. The stances last for an entire round (i.e., PC turn, then enemy turn, and then stance can be changed)


  • L2A1 Self-loading rifle (pic) fitted with a WW2 reflex sight
  • Webley Revolver (pic)
  • Socket bayonet
  • Fairbairn-Sykes knife (pic)
  • Torch (flashlight)
  • Lighter
  • Hip flask
  • Length of rope
  • Wirecutters
  • Toolkit
  • Mk. IV Turtle Helmet (pic)
  • Blast Goggles
  • Dog tags
  • A green and black patterned Shemagh (pic)
  • Mk. 1 Jump Pack (+2 to agility for short bursts of speed (dodging, sprinting etc.), 4 charges per run) OR
  • Mk. 2 Jump Pack (+2 to agility for short bursts of speed (dodging, sprinting etc.), 4 charges per run, concealed under clothes)
  • Silver-enhanced Rapier (+1 to melee against magic entities, plus GMs verdict on silver) (pic)
  • Laser-edged sword (+1 to melee against anything softer than wood, can ignite flammable materials. 4 uses per run before battery runs out) (pic, except black and red)


  • Gun cleaning kit
  • Various engineering text books and manuals
  • Clothes
  • Demolitions and engineering supplies
  • Several framed photographs, including a photograph of her former unit before joining the Foundation
  • Several books for downtime
  • Weapon cleaning kits
  • Engineering tools
  • Military crossbow (cost 6,000 Banganash coins)
  • 1912 Pattern Cavalry Sword, a gift from her grandfather (pic)
  • Intricately carved silver bracelet, as birthday present from Artyom
  • Colt Peacemaker plated in sleek black and a crimson-oak handle
  • Gold necklace with half-heart charm
  • A plush version of Vitellius, delivered by Mr. Bones (Vitellius)
  • An engagement ring from Arty (pic)
  • Two Sakura Blades, given to her by Sandra and Ethel ( pic)
  • A Grieving Court bastard sword, given to her by Ethel


  • Copper sword and shield looted from the Wanderers' Library
  • Mask of the Madman - A black and white mask, consisting of a mostly random distribution of the two, but darker around the eyes and mouth from Banganash
  • 9,000 Banganash coins
  • Haunted(?) Pickaxe from abandoned mine
  • Bastard Sword from 8th Day cultist (pic)
  • Various knives from 8th Day cultist
  • Set of full plate armour from Dungeon crawl (pic, blue cloth is red)
  • Arming sword from Dungeon crawl (pic)
  • Espada Ropera from Dungeon crawl (pic)
  • Round, wood, bossed shield from Dungeon crawl (pic)
  • Crossbow from Dungeon crawl (pic)
  • Dagger from Dungeon crawl (pic)
  • Silver Rapier from Cult of the Blue Oyster (pic)
  • Two StG-44 rifles chambered in 7.92x25mm (pic)
  • A Nihonto from Return to Troy
  • Mantle of Light; A long, gold cape
  • The Creator's Sword (pic)
  • A bronze Kopis with a leather handle. The blade passes harmlessly through living flesh and leaves a glowing trail that persists for 30 minutes.
  • A chestplate with two small inlaid gems in the front and back of the armor that, when struck, cause the bearer to turn into a statue for a minute.
  • A gauntlet-looking device that seems to be water-powered, overly complex, and tells time in ancient greek symbols. Further research and experimentationg will reveal the time is always correct, even across time zones.

Personal History:

Born in 1926 in Bath, Somerset, Gwen grew up a household with a strong military history. Her father had enlisted as a pilot in the inter-war period. Her grandfather prior to his retirement had been a cavalry officer, and served in WW1, whilst her grandmother had been an army nurse. Growing up listening to war stories and seeing her father flying fostered a strong interest in the military for Gwen, one that only grew with the outbreak of war in 1939. Determined to do her part, she began working at a munitions factory in the nearby city of Bristol in 1944 as soon as she finished school. After victory in Europe, she pursued an engineering degree, hoping to be sponsored by the Army to begin a career as a combat engineer.

Initially she was laughed off, but her persistence, and the support of her grandfather, finally won out, the Army sponsoring her through her degree and allowing her to join the Royal Engineers as a combat engineer. Shortly after beginning her service, she elected to attempt the All Arms Commando Course and succeeded after eight weeks of gruelling endurance training and survival skills courses, earning her the right to wear the green beret. With her success came her transfer to the 24 Commando Engineer Regiment. In the 1950s her unit was deployed to the Korean war where her skills would be strained to the limit, performing battlefield repairs under fire, performing demolitions during city fighting and erecting defensive structures with the threat of immediate artillery bombardment. The war gave her valuable experience and a fair few gruesome memories, and left its physical mark on her, her broken nose and scarring to the face a result of debris from a premature detonation. Her experience and service record caught the Foundation's attention, and after the armistice was signed was recruited.


  • English
  • Italian


Gwen has a love of stories, both written and by word of mouth. Tied to this is a fascination with cinema, for the new medium of telling stories and the technology behind it. She can often be found tinkering with various pieces of machinery or equipment, often on the request of other members of the Foundation

Service Ribbons:

Bronze Service Ribbon:


Silver Service Ribbon:


Gold Service Ribbon:


Scrambled Eggs Ribbon:


Brainstorm Ribbon:


Library Ribbon:



Dr. Lehman: Talented scientist, nice guy to work with. I'm sure he'll be calling on me for help in the future. Need to make up for the near-total screw up with the necklace.

Isa Ré: Skilled engineer, nice girl over all. I'll be interested to work with another engineer whilst working for the Foundation. She knows my secret, and hasn't shunned me for it. I feel safe in trusting her.

Artyom Elkin: Good man overall, currently dating him. He's got his own troubles to sort through. I'll help him in any way I can. He still feels for me, despite knowing what I've done. I trust him with my life.

Leonard Striker: Can't help but feel a little guilty about what happened between us. I'll make it up to him though. Told him about what I've done, he shared one of his secrets not even Arty knows. He's another I can trust.

Maxwell Sterling: Nice enough guy, enthusiastic about his work. Another demolitionist, glad to have some common ground.

Gwendolyn Raverat: Kind woman, though she seems a little disconnected from her emotions.

Alim Fakhoury: Clearly competent, he does not appear to get on with anyone. I do not feel I can trust him.

George Spiers: Good medic, kind man. He seems to want to help, but I don't know I can trust him.

Clyde Bell: Nice man, if a little shy. Isa's partner. Lucky man then. Don't know if he knows my secret.

Marion Groft: Seems nice, if a little… Personal with their questions. Knows my secret, hasn't blabbed about it yet. Not sure if they're some sort of undercover shrink. Can't trust them right now.

Chuck Jefferson: Overconfident, arrogant arse. Absolutely no idea how genuine his skills are, I suppose we'll see when the time comes.

Vincent Brawley: Outrageous flirt, calls me 'Kit Kat' despite continuous threats. Lucky that I haven't carried them out…. Yet.

Luna Forest: Interesting person. At first I thought she simply had amnesia, but it turns out she's something more. Not quite sure what to make of her, but Isa and Leonard like her, so that's good enough for me. That and she seems like a nice woman.

Colonel Edward Bennett: Another Korea vet. Far too dismissive of civilian casualties for my taste. He knows that the official story about the officers I murdered after Bodo League is false, and knows that I'm hiding something about it. I can't trust him.

Katherine Voss: Stunning woman, good company. Shares my opinion that the team needs to learn to work like one. Good head on her shoulders, but can't be sure if I trust her with my secret.

XP: 30/197

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Guest GMing +3 N/A
All Is Quiet On The Western Library +10
You're Hired! +2
Don't Get Around Much Anymore +4
In Which Psi-7 is Thrown in Jail +2
Russian Robot Run +4
I Keep Typing Silber +2
Old Man's Endgame +2
Life Begins at Ten +2
Classic Inspiration +2
The Dungeon Crawl +4
Out For Blood +2
Down to the River to Pray +4
Please Standby +2
A Night at the Lodge +3
Half-Cresent Diplomacy +4
Cult of the Blue Oyster +4
Research Ward +4
Fixing a Flat +3
Variables +2
One of Four +4
Life and Death +3
Daed's Ruined Town Run +3
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing +2
Free Me From Hell +3
Foundation of Mental Health +4
Thimble Magics +2
Mystery of the Novaholes (Part 1) +3
The Pyongyang Connection +2
A Dance with the Prince of Death +2
Tear in my Heart +2
The Panacea +2
Mother Knows Best +2
It's Always Better +2
Close Encounters of the Cold Kind +3
Angels in the Dark +3
Rebuilding Bowman +1
In the Lap of Luxury +2
Knights of Kru +2 10/03/2016
Timeless +2 12/10/2016
Warehouse 51 +2 15/03/16
Been to the year 1957 +2 19/03/2016
Return to Troy +4 21/03/2016
A Land of Slumber +2 24/03/2016
Family Matters +2 01/04/2016
Welcome Back +3 23/04/2016
Moonwizardventures 2: This isn't even the fucking moon +4 20/05/2016
Seaside Picnic +2 22/05/2016
Birthday XP +8 28/05/2016
Flesh and Clay +2 26/06/2016
The Gift of Service +2 01/07/2016
You'll Know It When It Happens +5 07/07/2016
Saved By The Bell +3 18/07/2016
Recollecting The Collective Pt. 1 +2 05/08/2016
Recollecting The Collective Pt. 2 +2 13/08/2016
Federation Farce +2 07/01/2017
A Web of Stories +2 16/01/2017
Defend your Honour +3 21/01/2017
Containment Procedures +2 22/01/2017
Heat of The Sun +2 04/02/2017
Final Call +4 18/03/2017
Überlebende: Schwarzwald +2 25/04/2017
Birthday XP +5 28/05/2017
Take Them Out at the Ball Game +2 30/05/2017
Orichalcum +4 20/06/2017
Mamoru Mansion +8 28/06/2017
Maybe in Monte Carlo +2 08/08/2017
+1 Ranged 4-5 -9
Silver Sword -9
+1 Agility 3-4 -9
Laser Sword -10
Jump Pack Mk. 1 -12
+1 Strength 4-5 -9
Stat Reallocation -5
+1 Agility 4-5 -11
+1 Strength 5-6 -22
+1 Science 0-1 -6 13/03/2016
+1 Science 1-2 -7 15/03/2016
Mk. 2 Jump Pack -8 29/03/2016
+1 Science 2-3 -7 04/04/2016
+1 Agility 5-6 -11 24/07/2016
+1 Science 3-4 -8 24/07/2016
+1 Sneak 2-3 -8 26/09/2016
Centaur Amulet -18 27/01/2017
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