Gavin Carver "Uncle Gavvy/ The Carver"

Basic Info:

Player: Veiedhimaedhr

Position: Internal Affairs Officer

Demeanor: Gavin's usually chipper, around for a good laugh and with a mostly always open-door policy. The door is quite literally almost always open. However, it's easy to tell when he goes into Internal Affairs mode as he becomes spooky real fast, and real hard. He doesn't use the intercom and he doesn't use notices. He will approach someone, tap them on the shoulder and simply say something along the lines of "let's have a chat." The meetings are not pleasant…at all. But it's commonly accepted fact that if you've done nothing wrong, then The Carver isn't going to really bother you. If you have done something wrong, Gavin will make you understand that you are in deep, deep trouble.

Nature: Gavin does his best to make sure there's a clear split between his Uncle Gavvy/usual personality and The Carver personality he brings out for his official duties. He genuinely hopes that his fellows are able to notice the split, but he also genuinely hopes that his fellows understand that neither Uncle Gavvy nor The Carver are acts. If Gavin has a bad night, he's running on fumes for the next day. A fairly mellow individual, Gavin rarely gets angry but the capacity for rage is compressed entirely into the bayonet sheathe he owns.

Description: Gavin wears a pair of circular spectacles, with the left disc tinted black(blind in the left eye), and almost always covers up the lower half of his face with a red, old, hand-woven scarf. He usually also wears his old military cap. Most of the damage to his face, apart from the blind left eye, is localized to his mouth. He's been given a Galsgow Smile; a dirty, messy one that got particularly botched on the right-side of the face where it more appears that his cheek has been removed. Gavin continues to wear his old SOE trench-coat and cap from his war days, but the Union Jacks are now accompanied by the Foundation's crest.

Gavin is a hulking figure and stands at 2.05 meters. He does his best to maintain his appearance despite the damage. He has a trimmed, dark mustache and neatly combed hair. Gavin has been on the receiving end of serious, 'advanced' interrogation. His flesh is a tapestry of scars, burns and brands.


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  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Intimidation: 6
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 4(2+2)
  • Ranged: 3

You have twelve points to distribute among as many or as few specialty skills as you see fit (but at least three is almost always warranted). Remember to explain what each specialty entails.

  • Just You and Me Now: 4. Gavin knows what it looks like for a prisoner when the interrogator shoves everyone else out of the room and turns off the recording equipment. What Gavin does from that moment on is more than just interrogation. Whether the prisoner chokes on implication alone or breaks later, Gavin knows how to capitalize on the situation. +4 INTIMIDATION when Gavin questions a subject alone and without recording equipment(if applicable) only if Gavin did not start the interrogation alone. This bonus does not apply to interrogations that began with only Gavin and the prisoner(s) and it is immediately cancelled if purposefully interrupted by the presence of another character.
  • We're being watched: 3. Gavin's experience in occupied France and with Operation Double-Cross have given him a keen eye for seeing through the silver-tongued. +3 PERCEPTION when BLUFF is used against him. This effect only applies in an interrogative setting(questioning an enemy/IA Meetings); Gavin does not analyze people's words and expressions in casual conversations.
  • Horrifying Presence: 5. Gavin keeps his bayonet close, unhealthily close. While it keeps him mindful of where he comes from, and who made him the way it is, repeated use will cause him to sink back into the blind madness of the last night with Staaghardt. After 3 consecutive attacks with the bayonet(no other bladed weapons and without switching to the pistol or performing other actions besides movement), Gavin will relapse into a frenzy granting +5 MELEE, but suffer a -5 MDEF, making distinguishing between friend and foe difficult. If Gavin kills an enemy in this state, he must perform another melee attack on the body and roll PERC. A pass will have Gavin shake himself out of the trance.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Old trench-coat
  • Military cap
  • IA Officer's badge
  • Half-shadowed spectacles
  • Webely revolver
  • Pattern 1903 Bayonet
  • Handcuffs
  • Hankerchief
  • Rope
  • Basic medical kit

*Red scarf

  • Notebook and pen

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  • Cookbooks x4
  • Oxford Baker's Festival prize ribbons x7
  • Foundation Security Clearance's handbook
  • Site-77 personnel roster
  • Site-77 map

Personal History:

Gavin was born in 1919 to a military family in Oxfordshire. His mother left the family when he was 5 and his father spent most of his time petitioning the British army for a promotion that he felt was long overdue for actions in the Great War(the claim was Carver the Older had single-handedly captured a German officer after crossing No-Man's Land).

Gavin thus, spent a great deal of time with the neighboring family: a German-English couple and their daughter Elsa. The homemmade bread and cooked sausages were more delicious than the icy-cold loaves and chunks of cheese that Carver the Older would leave on the table before travelling to London. Elsa's family was not fond of Carver's father, who was more than vocally proud about his questionable valor in the trenches against the "Kaiser's geese," but Gavin was a joy. By the time Gavin's old man had finally won for himself a token medal but no promotion(enough to satisfy him, oddly) Gavin had become a proficient baker and a childish, flitting game of youthful courtship had begun between the two children.

But Carver the Older was home more often now, and the medal on his chest every day filled him with a sense of unearned legacy. Gavin was to become a hero, like his father before him, no matter what. The boy was routinely drilled in the yard, and mustard gas simulations involved a bucket of water being thrown on his face after a short announcement. Whether Gavin had affixed his father's old gas mask in time did not alter the chances of the soaking occurring. "We need to get you ready for the next one," Gavin was told, returning home after a run around the town. Then Gavin made the fatal mistake of breaking his leg on the staircase.

Unable to drill the boy or send him on runs, Gavin found himself suddenly idle and trapped in the house. And Gavin spent one afternoon making bread.

Carver the Older did not eat it. He simply asked "who taught you this?" Gavin dutifully revealed the truth and watched his father march to Elsa's house. Gavin was more than overjoyed when the bobbies dragged the lunatic away, but what was left of Elsa's family had moved to London. Gavin would never forget how his words were turned into murder weapons.

WW2 would see Gavin ultimately fulfill his father's wishes. A tall and brutish fellow, Gavin was recruited into the British Special Operations Executive and deployed to France. He was supposed to maintain a cover story of a shoemaker, he would have preferred his chap's roll of chef, but ultimately it did not matter. Whether it was bad intel or a double-agent, Gavin's first customers were the Gestapo, and they knew exactly what they wanted.

They rounded up seven SOE agents and placed them in the custody of a one Erich Staaghardt. Erich was never the one making the questions or ordering the interrogations, but he was the one who carried them out. Erich was not an expert, but a sadist. When his superior officer was in the room, he stuck to slaps and punches, the usual meal-course. But the officer was not blind to the rapidly appearing scars, or the fact that there less living prisoners than before. And occasionally, he would say he was leaving, sometimes for a drink and other times to enjoy the country-side for a few weeks. That was when Erich saw his first break. The agent who was slated to pose as a chef spilled everything he had right there. The Gestapo were so relieved that they untied him and led him out to be cleaned up and formally released as a cooperative individual.

Gavin would see two more break, although Staaghardt didn't do so good a job hiding the gunshot as before for the last one. The others died after receiving Staaghardt's barbed wire special enough times. At that point, the only thing Gavin had that was of any value to Staaghardt's boss was the location of a French Resistance gun-stash(a wine cask in a cellar just a few blocks away). The Gestapo was getting sloppy though. The officer's visits became more frequent and routine, and his gig was already revealed. Staaghardt himself had played his entire hand and was beginning to run out of ideas that fit both with his twisted mind and the need to keep Gavin alive. It was no surprise, then, when the SOE managed to pin the location down. The officer was gunned down in the doorway. As soon as his bonds were cut, Gavin grabbed one of the partisan's bayonets and chased after the fleeing torturer. The struggle would see Gavin releasing the insanity and fury that'd been bubbling inside him throughout the entire ordeal. The rage made him fiercer to fight but irrational and senseless. One bayonet swing took off Staaghardt's arm below the elbow, but it left him unbalanced so that a simple shove sent him toppling off the balcony they were fighting on. He woke up in a resistance surgical theater. It'd been 4 months.

Gavin was transferred back to Britian and integrated into Double-Cross. His job was simple, find spies and infiltrators. While the papers they recovered from Staaghardt's safe-house never revealed a source, Gavin did become privy to what behaviors and manners to look out for. In the field, Gavin had his fair share of false alarms and achievements that helped refine his technique. His appearance as a scarred abomination was one that Gavin used most effectively. Gavin's most confusing assignment, at the time, came when the field-lads dumped a strange lad off in the interrogation room. The man was an infiltrator, and Gavin and company caught him in a contradiction soon enough. But he didn't work for the Axis. And he didn't seem to intend to break any time soon. But he was coming close. Gavin decided to try an experiment and asked that his fellow interrogator get some coffee.

Gavin was interrupted by his superior officer, rushing in to stop the interrogation. But Gavin was already asking the question that everyone was avoiding: "what the bloody hell's the Foundation?"

Gavin was given some short-term amnestics and simply told that the prisoner worked for the Italians. Furthermore, he was being re-deployed to France to help the resistance root out infiltrators in their ranks. It wasn't a genuine mission. It was a test-run: the 'resistance' group had been injected with Foundation agents specifically given dummy information and secret means of communications. They expected Gavin to maybe find 4 of the 8. Gavin found 9. The amnestics were administered again and Gavin was recalled, put on pending until the global situation died down.

With the war over, Gavin returned home to Oxfordshire. His old home was still there, if run-down, and it looked as though the blood-stain was still barely visible on the steps to the abandoned house next door. But Gavin was far from capable of blending into a crowd anymore, and fixing up the old place was a good distraction. It was nothing compared to picking up the food skills again.

In town, they called Gavin either "The Carver" or "Gavvy" (he was still too young to be called uncle of anything). Usually, they'd only ever see the bespectacled cyclops when he was wearing a chef's hat at the bakery and sausage-making competitions, or whenever he was invited to help with some big honking meal for a reunion. Gavin enjoyed it. What he didn't enjoy as much was when the parents would bring their errant children and ask him if they were lying to them. Gavin hardly saw the sense of it, but he knew it was what he'd earned for passing out in the tavern despite knowing that he spoke in his sleep. But it was simple enough. Look through the door-hole. See a nervous child and red-faced parent. Take off the scarf. Invite them in. Quietly let the parent know that he needed them to be in the next room for a moment. Give the child the usual "Now if you tell me the truth, (Jimmy, Angela, Turner, William, Alice, etc), your folks will tell you off and that will be the end of that. But if you lie to me, if I go to where you claim to not have [insert misdemeanor here] and find out you have lied, if I ask you a question you fail to answer because you're still trying to keep up with your lie, or if you hide a lie in you and wait to tell the truth later down the road when you think everything's clear, then you will come back through my front door. Then we will be more than telling you off, for a long, long, time." Gavin didn't like getting kids to admit that they had indeed thrown a brick through some conker's window. He did get some mild satisfaction from getting adulterers to admit to their affairs, but otherwise life was a simple matter of living, and he decided to make some other name for himself at the nearby hospital. He'd have to wear a surgical mask at all times of course, but he began to appreciate wire, scalpels and syringes for their true, honest purposes. They looked much better in the medical setting, far better than the light provided by Staaghardt's safehouse. At least until 1959, when the Foundation began rifling through its reserved personnel files.


  • English
  • French


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  • Gavin occasionally has lucid, sleep-walking-inducing nightmares. Ones with Staaghardt in them, and others about the night his father marched over to the neighbor's house.
  • Gavin's a bloody good cook.
  • Gavin is no Staaghardt, although he most certainly looks more frightening. He will exhaust every atmospheric, implicative and verbal trick at his disposal but will not make another version of himself. Gavin does not torture.
  • IA meetings/tribunals/inquisitions with Gavin are more intense than the soft 'interrogations' he used on his neighbors after the war, but far less severe than the sessions he has with enemies. He will effectively use his atmospheric and verbal tricks but will never ever torture or use the threat of torture.
  • Gavin's arranged for a portion of his stipend to go to a private Nazi Hunter in Germany, maintaining an investigation into a one Erich Staaghardt.

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