Garon Richter

Basic Info:

Player: Lammynatos
Position: Soldier/Engineer.

Demeanor: A slightly arrogant German whose smile never quite reaches his eyes

Nature: A proud German who truly believes in the superiority of the German people who is jaded by years of war and saddened by the fall of his beloved Reich but remains steadfast in his principles of honour and duty.

Description: Garon is 6ft tall gaunt with greying brown hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes. Years of military discipline cause him to stand ramrod straight.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Melee: 4
  • Ranged: 4
  • Science: 3
  • Engineering: 6
  • Wunderwaffe Test Engineer: 3. Garon's time as a test engineer for the German Wunderwaffe has given him a large amount of experience in dealing with new and unusual technology, meaning that he's better able to identify and use such items. (+3 Science and engineering when dealing with unusual technology at the GM's discretion)
  • Ost Front Veteran: 4. Having served on the eastern front from Barbarossa to Kursk, Garon is somewhat jaded to the horrors of war and the biting cold of the Russian winter. (+2 to MDEF for combat shock & +2 to resist the effect of cold temperatures)
  • Wermacht Infantryman: 2. Due to his training and length of service Garon is well versed in the use of most rifles. (+2 when using Rifles)


  • Luger P08 with 4 reloads
  • S84/98 III bayonet
  • Wallet containing several denominations of various European currency
  • Bundeswehr Uniform
  • Torch
  • Two way radio


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  • STG 44 with 7 30 round magazines
  • Wehrmacht Panzergrenadier uniform
  • Civilian clothes

Personal History:

Born in Berlin on the 1st January 1916 as the eldest of three, Garon had a relatively uneventful childhood. He was considered slightly above average in school where he showed a strong interest in machines. In 1930 at the age of 14 his parents, strong supporters of the Nazi party encouraged him to join the Hitler Youth which cemented his beliefs in Hitler's ideology, In 1935 Garon Started university in Berlin studying engineering which was interrupted by his decision to join the army during the Munich Crisis. After the completion of his training he was assigned to a motorised infantry regiment Regiment. His regiment participated in both the invasion of Poland and France, at the end of the latter he was promoted to Unteroffizier. During operation Barbarossa his regiment was part of army group south where he observed an Einsatzgruppen death squad rounding up Soviet Jews, appalled at the treatment of the Jews but unable to aid them he raised a complaint with his platoon commander but was told to turn a blind eye to it unless he wanted to join them. Complying Garon served with distinction in the battles leading up to the battle of Stalingrad.
Shortly after the opening stages of Stalingrad he was granted a field promotion to Feldwebel and command of his platoon to try and compensate for the large losses of officers and NCOs sustained by his battalion. It was in the ruins of that damned city that he gained a grudging respect for the Russian soldier. Midway through september 1942 he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class for courage under fire while a Soviet strongpoint. As the winter closed in his grudging respect of the russian soldier turned into a fierce hatred. On the 1st of December he was awarded the Iron cross 1st class for rescuing several wounded soldiers while under heavy fire. Three weeks later he was shot in the left shoulder and was evacuated back to Germany to recover.
It was while he was recovering he was selected to join a group of soldiers testing the prototype for the STG 44. It was during this testing period he was noticed and slated for work as a Wunderwaffe test engineer for other projects that were being worked on at the time including early infrared scopes and several strange artefacts which were believed to have weaponisable properties.
This work came to an end in early 1945 when he was reassigned to the 18th panzer grenadier division and participated in the battle of Berlin, witnessing the fall of the 3rd Reich. With the Soviets ultimately victorious in Berlin he participated in the attempted breakout of the 18th Panzergrenadier and the 9th parachute. Garon was one of the fortunate few that managed to escape by skulking through hedgerows and ditches before finally swimming the Elbe and making a bee line for his sister's house in Greiben to check on her. After stashing his weapons and equipment in her attic she convinced him to go and surrender to the Americans.
After his capture and the end of the war he was subjected to the denazifcation process which included being shown films of concentration camps, which appalled Garon but did not shake his faith in the idea that Europe should be under German Rule.
After his denazifcation, unable to find other work he became a labourer working to help clear the rubble in the streets of several German cities until 1955 when he joined the Bundeswehr

Garon came to the attention of the Foundation through records of his work with the various Wunderwaffe projects some of which may have been anomalous. Unfortunately the KGB had similar records and were seeking him out. The Foundation got to Garon first and made him an offer of employment, which he accepted.


  • English
  • German


XP: 0

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