Garcia Ramos
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A picture of a cleanshaven Agent Ramos in the middle of a CQC exercise.

Player: madness_

Position: Direct Action Specialist

Demeanor: Human napalm.

Nature: Intelligent, if only superficially. Able to pick out essentials in any situation with a quick glance. Not too fond of people that seem devoid of any redeeming quality. Loose on the leash, but will square himself away if the mission calls for it or if Wu's in trouble.

Description: Dog tags and a crucifix share the same chain around his neck. Usually found in a tank top and combat pants with the boots bloused. Black beard and wavy hair parted as bangs on either side of his forehead. Occasionally, a lock might tickle his forehead. When going on DA missions, will shave and adopt a GQ-style crew cut that retains some of his hair’s volume. He has a gait like a loaded spring. On the lighter side of tan, Ramos stands at around 6'2 with 90 pounds bulk in his chest and arms and the other 110 spread evenly between neck and legs. Always a Camel between his lips. Can look professional if you don't expect him to open his mouth.


  • Physical Health: 14
  • Mental Health: 11
  • Strength: 2
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 1
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 2
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm:
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 1
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education:
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • I See What You're Slinging: 3. Ramos, despite what seems like a "shoot first ask questions never" personality, has an analytical mind kept hidden in his thick skull. It usually only comes out to play during tasks that involve cat-and-mouse strategy and when a Ram needs its horns.
    • Ramos has to forgo a combat turn in order for this spec to become active. If an enemy rolls melee against Ramos, he can roll PERC before his defense rolls. Note that the PERC roll does not count as a damage booster.
      • If Ramos is hit with the attack, he does not receive the following bonus. If a teammate engages the enemy in combat with him, he loses any bonus accumulated.
    • Should his perception match/roll greater than the melee roll, Ramos' damage die for melee attacks goes from light to normal. Or from normal damage, to normal damage +2.
      • He can stack the bonus once per enemy. The original light attack damage die will transition from a normal attack to a normal DMG +2. The original normal attack damage die will transition from normal DMG +2 to normal DMG +3.
  • Fire Superiority: 3. It's much easier to deliver an accurate volume of fire when you're not suppressed. Ramos is no slouch when it comes to marksmanship. Neither is he a slouch at delivering longer shots.
    • During a firefight, if there are more shooters from the PC side than on the opposition's, Ramos earns a +2 to hit for Ranged with normal weapons and scoped heavy weapons.
    • When using scoped heavy weapons, Ramos has a +1 to Ranged.
  • Recon Commando: 1. Experience is a good teacher. Ramos has had a few close calls in close quarters in operations spanning hundreds of combat missions and five years experience in Vietnam with fighting off multiple attackers at once.
    • +1 to Acrobatics when three or more enemies target Ramos at a single time. Only applicable every other round of combat.
    • +1 to Stealth in densely wooded environments.
  • Lack of Lactic Acid: 1. Stocky at his height, Ramos does not have trouble with long hikes wearing a hundred pounds of gear or carrying a squad-mate to MEDEVAC.
    • +1 to ATH for checks involving climbing, running for long periods of time without stopping, or carrying a downed teammate.


Fighting Load

  • M733, Normal, Upgraded
    • Aimpoint 1000 attached to carry handle via Weaver rail
    • M7 Bayonet (Cannot be used in tandem with suppressor or light)
    • Surefire Flashlight w/ pressure pad
    • Suppressor
    • Sling
    • 8x-12x 30rnd STANAG magazines
  • Colt 1911 MK IV Series 70 Combat Government, Light
    • Suppressor (Only used at the Range)
    • 4x 7nd Magazines, on his belt by pistol mag pouches.
  • Randall No. #18, Light
    • 5.5in blade, 10.5in overall.
    • Hilt wrapped in 550 cord
  • Pistol Belt/H-Harness
    • Magazine pouches - Standard issue pistol pouches and modified 2qt ALICE Canteen Covers for the M733.
    • Custom Len Dixon Holster
    • Knife Sheath
    • Smoke Grenade 3x
    • Flares 5x
    • Buttpack (Rope, 550 Cord, batteries, flexicuffs, etc.)
    • Radio pouch
  • Urban Tigerstripe (Optional)
  • STABO Harness
  • ERDL (Optional)

Security in a Suit

  • MP5K, Light
    • 2x 30rnd magazines kept in tailored coat.
    • Hangs from a one-point sling.
  • Sig Sauer P220, Light
    • 2x 8rnd magazines kept in shoulder holster pouches.
    • Kept in shoulder holster.
  • ASP Baton, Normal
  • 2x Handcuffs
  • Shoulder padded suit

Sniping Overwatch

  • Remington Model 700, Heavy
    • Leupold Mk 4 Ultra 10x Telescopic Sight
    • 8x 10rnd box magazines in .300 Winchester
    • Cloth wrap to reduce reflection when wet, bipod
    • Sling
  • Glock 17, Light
    • 4x 17rnd magazines
    • Trigger guard mounted flashlight
  • Ghillie suit (Depending on the environment, is optional)
    • Often used by Ramos for practice in the biodome, trading wilting leaves and grass for greener ones.
    • Extremely hot. Impractical in most climates.
  • STABO Harness
  • Gerber "Silver Knight" Knife, Light

Weekend Trip

  • Colt Trooper Mk III, Light/Medium
    • 2x 6rnd Moon clips, .38 Special and .357 Magnum
    • 18x floating .38 Special rnds, six per pocket
    • Custom leather IWB holster, clipped to waistband. Shirt can be tucked between holster and pants due to tick mark design.
    • 3.5in barrel for added concealment.
  • S&W Airweight Centennial, Light
    • Kept in ankle holster.
  • Ek Model 3, Light
    • 6.5in blade, 12in overall, Sandvik steel.
    • Kept in bourbon-hued leather sheath, on belt, preventing movement with a belt-keeper.
  • R. Terzuola ATCF Knife, Light
    • 3.875in blade, 8in overall, ATS 34 steel.
    • Black micarta scales, bead-blasted titanium bolsters, scuffed heavily.
    • Kept clipped to pocket.
  • Leather belt, scotch leather, tapered tip, stainless roller.
  • Wallet
  • Lighter
  • Pager, 2x


Two M1 Helmets.
* One with net webbing in Olive Drab #7.
* One lined with traditional Mitchell Pattern cloth.
Variety of challenge coins.
Photo of his family.
Photo of his unit.
Vietnamese post card.
Former uniform.
Ranger Black beret.

Personal History:

Garcia Ramos was born on March 16th, 1952 to a soldier and a bankteller. His father died early next year in Korea while his mother moved in with her brother to support the next baby on the way. A family of five is difficult to support on a single paycheck.

Not the most studious youth, he barely passed highschool and signed his life away to the Army in 1969 to serve in the Vietnam war. Ramos was shipped off to the 101st after basic training, then chosen for Recondo School. He was then transferred to the 75th Infantry (Ranger) as part of an LRRP team and was sent on over a hundred combat missions until the war's ending. The Black Beret then left the service in 1979 to work odd jobs and be closer to his family.

After having a get together with his old military buddies, he came home to find his house being investigated by strange government spooks. Using a secret entrance, Ramos infiltrated his home to figure out what was happening that warranted police-tape and men in CBRN outfits. While he was gone for the day, his younger sister had been experimenting with rituals usually forbidden in his Catholic family.

What occurred was a possession of his family by a malevolent spirit. Fortunately, the responding task force was briefed on the nature of the ritual before deploying and were able to exorcise it from the family before too much damage occurred. The task force was aided in the restraint of the family members by Ramos.

Combined with the miserableness of his current life and the debt he felt he owed the responding task force (Mu-5, "Dirty Harrys") Ramos offered to join the Foundation instead of taking amnestics. His military record granted him employment not long after turning in the resume in 1980.


Likes to spice up his speech with the occasional injection of Spanish grawlix.
He has a lot of ink, including a black hat on his Achilles.
Fluency in Spanish. Can speak a little bit of Cantonese. Mainly slurs and profanity.
Long time friend of Brendon Wu


Upgraded Weaponry, Psi-7: M733, normal weapon doing 2d3 damage.





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