Frederick "the Dynamo" Ibel
Frederick Ibel

Basic Info:

Player: Optimal

Position: Censor Specialist

Demeanor: Lately, very conservative in showing happiness. May put down people who are not doing their job optimally.

Nature: Very fragile in his actions. No patience for ignorance.

Description: Dark brown hair (lately with streaks of gray) parted to one side. Has a fascination with stories, and how one event leads to the next. Also fascinated with how the average human thinks. Seems extremely stressed. Likes to wear his raggedy tweed suit and bow tie.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
Basic Skills
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Perception: 6
  • Agility: 2 (+1)
  • Strength: 1
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Bluff: 3
Pseudo-Specialty Skills
  • Melee: 2
  • Survival: 3
  • Academics: 4
  • Science: 2
Specialty Skills:
  • Sleight of Hand: 5. Thanks to years of street magic, Frederick knows how to keep people focused on one hand while he does something completely different with the other.
  • Calm Under Pressure: 3. Frederick has faced danger before with angry theft victims and chases by local police. He is used to the pressure of danger, and acts in swift, accurate motions.
  • Lie Detector: 4. Fred knows when people are lying. He can see right through any attempts at intimidation or persuasion.


Everything Frederick carries.

  • Planner and paper. Kept for spontaneous ideas and remembrance of dates.
  • A gold watch. Doesn't hurt to know what time it is.
  • A switchblade, also given to him by his grandfather.
  • A deck of regular cards.
  • His newer cane. It is a sleek black cane with a shiny metallic dragon head on the top. It's eyes are ruby, and they shine the same red as Frederick's bow tie. It's mouth is open as if it was breathing fire. When pounded on the ground, the mouth will release a smokescreen.

Everything that Frederick keeps in his room at Site 19.

  • His grandfather's cane. The man was an expert carver, and this was the last thing he carved before he reached his demise. Fred swore to protect it with his life.
  • A scrapbook. Remnants of the life he used to live, reminders of the people he used to love.
  • Pages from the space worm mission.

Personal History:

Frederick John Ibel was born on the 3rd of June, 1920. Fred was the older child of two that grew up in a small town in western New York. He had grown up in a household where his parents didn't pay much attention to him, usually sending him off outside if he became too much of an annoyance to his mother. Frederick had always been a bit odd compared to the other children in terms of adolescent thought patterns. At the age of 10, he seemed to have had the wisdom of a 16-year-old, and at 16, the wisdom of a 25-year-old. Being the brightest in his class, he was also the weakest. No matter where he was, he was always the weakest one in the room.

After his dreadful days in high school, he went to college to study neurology, psychology, and other social sciences, all of which he performed extremely well in. He gained a few of his true friends there whom taught Frederick to play the guitar, and a girl that he fell for completely. Her name was Adrienne. The only person in the world he even mildly cared for. Frederick was in love with this girl, yet with all of his knowledge of glibness and persuasion, he could never bring himself to ask her on a date. He regrets this, while trying to repress it.

Since his success in college, Frederick was never able to keep a steady job, and turned to thievery and conning to receive a decent income. Fred found that tricking people was way easier than it should be. The closest Frederick ever came to an honest job was magic. He performed at the local fair under the name "Frederick the Dynamo" where he would perform various illusory tricks with help from the crowd (in order to take their wallets, of course).

After a few years of stealing and sometimes turning to magic for money, the Foundation found him before the feds did, and coerced him into joining. They gave him an ultimatum to either join their ranks as a cover artist for intercepting information and editing the newspapers, or become someone's lover at the state penitentiary. Believe it or not, he choose the first one.


Adrienne ████████: [REDACTED]
Douglass Ibel: Keep him as far away from me as possible before I do something irrational.
Dr. Ivan Zakharov: Lately, he's been very negative about damn near everything, even while he was on the operation in the Wondertainment storage facility. The man probably had a very poor childhood.
Jacob Wexley: The real wolfman. Who knew that the pretty much most useless man in Psi-7 would become a powerful half-man half-beast monstrosity? He's not even that wolf-looking.
Murray Eichmann: Murray's a nice enough guy, considering the conditions in which we met. He's pretty level-headed, hard to break. I have a feeling I can count on him if I ever needed him for anything.
Reed Wambles: The lawyer that consorts with the Commonwealth. Seems to know more than he lets on.
Harley Newclear: He's a cool dude. Known to Fred as the anti-Luvi, even if they do act similar. Fred's a bit jealous of him, but doesn't let him know it.
Luvi M. Harkess: A bit of hard-ass with a soft spot for the Moodies. Seen to Fred as the anti-Harley, with Luvi being a bit more violent. The type of guy you let go ahead of you in a firefight. Feels a bit sorry for him after the Tear Drinker incident. Poor guy went through a window from a crane.
Alexandre Hilbert: As weird as it may seem, Hill is probably the one Frederick trusts the most. Hill was his first good friend in the Foundation and had bonded on a trip to a distant planet. Hill also inadvertently gave Fred LSD which sent him on the trip of his life, but Fred secretly liked it. Even if it did result in him on the roof covered in llama shit. Fred's also grateful for his cane that he rigged with smoke pellets.
John "Lucky" Wilson: Only met him a few times, but if Fred ever planned to get out, Lucky would be the first guy he'd turn to. Wilson worked in about the same area Frederick did, which instantly scores him Dynamo points.
Laura Moodie: Knows her as the mother Luvi fell for. Never had much conversation with her, but respects her due to her situation.
Katie Moodie: Frederick thinks it's ridiculous to bring a child on-site. Nonetheless, she's a very bright young girl and is great for lifting an attitude.
Kendall L. Lewis: Only knows her as that chick that pulled him inside after he learned that stealing is wrong. He's grateful for her help.
Lisabet Aina Tande: Frederick has a strange attraction to this girl. Has from day one. It's not sexual, no. More of a strong curiosity. Maybe it's because of her fast talk.
Mathias 'Miles' Edge: Frederick has considered him a friend and a guy he wants to impress. Miles being a psychologist, Frederick wants to be able to trust him with what really went on with Adrienne.
Captain William Stykes: The ultimate man to have at your side. Viewed as dangerous by Frederick, but a good kind of dangerous. He would be a VERY good man to have at your side in any situation. Even if he is way too damn reckless. At the moment, first thing that comes to mind when he hears Billy's name is "Paperwork Generator".
Danielle Levine: The chick he met in Hill's lab. Seems nice enough. Pretty sane. Wasn't until a couple days ago did he realize that she was French.
Aulis Leinonen: He's a good kid, but he's the typical newbie of the entire team. He seems eager to please.
Albert Van Der Linde: He's a good and proper old gent. With Albert being raised in the ways of the west, Frederick doesn't have much in common with him, but shares a large amount of respect for him. Has been noted that he doesn't bode well when faced with disturbing circumstances.
Randall Clymer: First met him on the mission to Albany. Definitely first guy to turn to if Fred ever needs to be patched up in the field. The man doesn't give orders often, but when he does, it's scary.
Kevin Winsthrop: Seems to enjoy being the leader of things. Not that he's a bad leader, but Fred's always had a thing for authority.


The Dragon Cane
Frederick at the Foundation dress-up party. He came as a cooler version of himself.
Frederick (far left) seen in a staff picture.
  • Llamas have been found to be Frederick's weakness. After spending an extended amount of time with one, he will slip into a mini-coma for about 20 hours.

XP: 12

The Final Frontier: 2
"What Is It With New England and Fish Cults?": 2
Queen of Tears: 2
Best, Finest Surgeon, Come Cut Me Open: 2
Operation: Bugger Ewe: 2
In Which Scantron Is Permitted To Title The Logs However He Wishes: 2

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