Francesco Iaccarini

Basic Info:

Player: Piccione

Position: Parapsychologist/Site Psychologist

Demeanor: His demeanor is generally friendly and helpful, expressing satisfaction when aiding others on any task. He will generally refrain from giving out orders or assuming a leadership position unless forced to do so. However, he has been occasionally rude when discussing subjects he's passionate about.

Nature: Pacifistic, will generally refrain from using violence unless absolutely forced to. Has a strong moral character, and believes the purpose of man is to help other people. Has a strong dislike of selfishness.

Description: 170cm tall, Mediterranean descent, Dark hair, Slightly chubby. Has a soft, non-threatening face.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense:4
  • Mental Defense:5
  • Perception:4
  • Agility:3
  • Strength:2
  • Persuasion:5
  • Melee:3
  • Academics:5
  • Science:2
  • Medical:3
  • Mental Scramble: 4. Through extensive training, Francesco is capable of obfuscating his thoughts. (+4 Mental Defense against Mind Control and Mind Reading)
  • Encouraging Words 4. Francesco can use his words to help his team face the horrors ahead. (Roll Persuasion vs Teammate MDEF. If roll succeeds, +4 MDEF distributed among number of squadmates (4 squadmates get +1 MDEF each etc), can only be used once per run, wears off if Francesco is damaged)
  • Conflict Resolution: 4. Thanks to his studies in Psychology, he's capable of defusing situations through Non-Violent Conflict Resolution. (+4 Persuasion against hostile humanoids, works only if the humanoid in question hasn't been damaged.)


Field Gear:
  • Baton
  • Cattle Prod
  • First Aid Kit
  • Standard Foundation Protective Gear
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • Water Canteen
  • Rope
  • Backpack
  • Blindfolds and Ear Plugs
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Thick Gloves
On Site:
  • Clipboard with Pen
  • Turquoise Sweater
  • Lab coat
  • Silver pocket watch (given by the Foundation to replace his previous one)
  • Deck of cards: Nothing beats boredom like a game of Burraco.

Personal History:

Born on July 29th, 1929 in Naples, Francesco's early life was fairly uneventful, leading to his graduation from the University of Naples at the age of 25.
Francesco first gained the Foundation's attention when he inherited his grandmother's silver pocket watch shortly after his graduation: afterwards, civilians started to report that his image appeared to "lag behind" his actual actions: Doors opened by themselves when Francesco was walking towards them, drinks were spilling themselves on the table while Francesco appeared to be filling a glass, etc.
This caught the attention of a plainclothes agent, who ordered the dispatch of Foundation personnel to detain Francesco: While at first this proved to be difficult because of his condition, Francesco eventually proved cooperative, expressing relief as to finding out "why everyone was acting so weird near me."
It was eventually proven that the watch caused this lag, however Francesco was found to be seemingly immune to it's effect: This, coupled with his willingness to collaborate and his education, netted him an employment offer from the Foundation.


  • English
  • Italian
  • Various Dialects


Dislikes most vegetables, enjoys bad puns, is a Roman Catholic, has an extremely poor sense of orientation and is often forgetful.

XP: 0

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