Florence Elsinger

Basic Info:

Player: GreenWolf

Position: Thaumatechnology Engineer

Demeanor: Florence is friendly, energetic, and outgoing. She enjoy chatting with people, about any subject imaginable. However, as outgoing as she is, she is also cautious, careful, and somewhat shy, having developed a pathological fear of touching people.

Nature: Florence is very similar in nature to her demeanor, if a bit less energetic internally. She is methodical in her approach to problem solving, and takes time to think about solutions without rushing.

Description: Florence is short (5'4") and small (115 lbs), with short, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She tends to wear clothing with long sleeves, and never goes out in public without gloves on.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Ranged: 2
  • Sneak: 2
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 3
  • Engineering: 6
  • Wizard Eyes: 2. As a Type Blue Thaumaturge, Florence is capable of spotting Aspect Radiation and EVE emissions. This allows her to better identify other thaumaturges and certain anomalous objects. Grants +2 PERC to detecting thaumaturges and magical items.
  • Flinch Fast: 3. Suffering extreme pain whenever someone touches you is a great motivator to avoid being touched. Grants +3 AGI when dodging non-surprise, unarmed melee attacks.
  • Arcane Degree: 4. Florence was a star student at ICSUT Zurich – her knowledge of the arcane and occult was nearly unmatched in her graduating class. Grants +2 ACAD and/or +2 SCI when identifying monsters, objects, or events that are magical in nature.
  • Technomancer (Anomalous): 3. Florence has a supernatural affinity for machines and magical technology – to the point where she can even communicate with them to a limited degree. Rolled to glean information from mechanisms and machines, or to command them to do things.
  • Out-of-Touch (Flaw): Florence is unable to make skin contact with other humans or animals without suffering extreme pain. When this happens, roll a 4df+4 (her base MDEF value) against her MDEF to try and resist being paralyzed by pain.


  • Gloves
  • SIG P210 pistol
  • Flashlight
  • Watch


  • Framed degree in thaumatomechanical engineering from ICSUT
  • Books on thaumaturgy and engineering
  • Various different clockwork mechanisms
  • Family photo

Personal History:

Florence Elsinger was born March 25, 1929, in Zurich, Switzerland. The daughter of an automobile mechanic and a thaumatologist, Florence inherited both of her parents' passions at a young age, and displayed an acuity for thaumatomechanical engineering. Both of them encouraged her to pursue her abilities, and Florence developed into a talented young technomancer.

However, her affinity with machines came at a price. As Florence focused more and more on technomancy, she began to lose touch with living things – literally and figuratively – eventually reaching a point where she could no longer touch other people or animals without feeling pain. The thaumatologists all said the same thing: she had irreversibly altered her own Aspect Radiation emissions in such a way that contact with living things caused a feedback loop in her body's EVE aura.

Despite and in-spite of this, Florence continued to study technomancy with even more vigor than ever. She attended the Zurich campus of the International Centre for the Study of Unified Thaumatology, with the goal of eventually working for the Global Occult Coalition. However, her application to the GOC was denied, saying she was "too specialized" and "did not possess the necessary skills" to be a field agent.

Infuriated by this rejection, Florence applied to an agency she knew would be willing to take her: the Foundation.


  • English
  • German


Florence's Notes1

XP: 0

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